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Book of flowers, plants, and seeds (1891) (20209281538)


Book of flowers, plants, and seeds (1891) (20209281538)



Title: Book of flowers, plants, and seeds
Identifier: bookofflowerspla1891chaa (find matches)
Year: 1891 (1890s)
Authors: Chaapel's Seed Store; Chaapel, Harry; Henry G. Gilbert Nursery and Seed Trade Catalog Collection
Subjects: Flowers, Catalogs; Vegetables, Catalogs; Plants, Ornamental, Catalogs; Nurseries (Horticulture), Pennsylvania, Catalogs
Publisher: Williamsport, Pa. : Chaapel's Seed Store
Contributing Library: U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Agricultural Library
Digitizing Sponsor: U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Agricultural Library

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3« Harry Chaapel, Williamsport, Pa.
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Sweet Peas. No praise is needed for these lovely, deliciously . perfumed climbers further than to state that they have \ ⢠\ I become unusually popular. They are now " the fashionable \ I ,,,, ^.v V flower," and little bunches of them worn, carried, or in ' ' vases are seen continually. , 'f MISS BLANCHE PERRY. This is a new Sweet Pea of reat merit. Immense pink and white flowers of perfect form, which ; possess deeper, richer coloring and are more fragrant than Painted â =s ' l.ady. Fully ten days earlier than any other sort; of dwarf, com- \ ' pact growth ; a most profuse bloomer, it produces more flowers than any other variety, the vines are completely covered with them. The ^"v^ J llowers have larger stems than other varieties, a point very import- I int to the florist. It continues in bloom longer than any other. All V ..orists who planted it, and thousands of amateurs who tried it unite / in giving it words of unstinted praise. Pkt., lo cts. ; 3 for 25 cts. ; oz.,50cts. ; K lb., $1. ^ ECKFORD'S NEW MIXED SWEET PEAS. This strain of mixed Sweet Peas comprises beautiful new varieties of Mr. Eckford's raising, including many of great merit and various bright colors, making a gorgeous effect. Pkt., 10 cts. ; 3 for 25 cts. ; oz., 50 cts.; 5( bl., $1. SPLENDID MIXTURE, ALL COLORS. A great variety of choice colors. Pkt., 5 cts.; oz., 15 cts.; K lb., 25 cts. ; lb., 75 cts. BUTTERFLY. White, laced blueâa very fine color. Pkt., 5 cts. PAINTED LADY. Rose and White ; a splendid sort. Pkt., 5 cts. PURE WHITE. Pkt., 5 cts.; oz., 15 cts.; K lb., 25 cts.; lb., 75 cts. it Cut and Come Again " Stock. This grows about two feet high if sown early ; it produces from spring to late in the fali pure white, beautifully shaped double flowers. It throws out numbers of side branches, each of which bears a cluster of blossoms, and the oftener they are cut the better they seem to like it. It is splendid for cutting and is c.uite fragrant ; succeeds equally well when grown in pots. Pkt., 25 c. FINE MIXED. Ten Weeks Stock. Pkt., 5 cts. WALLFLOWER. HFA well-known plant, mucli esteemed for its fragrant and pretty flowers. Single Mixed. Pkt., 5 cents. ZINNIA. Zebra Eiiinias. Selected strain; finest blotched and self-colored. Pkt., 15 cts. Zinnia Elegans. Double Fine Mixed. Pkt., 5 cts. PRIMULA. (Chinese Primrose.) Pine Single Mixed Colors. Not fringed. Pkt , 25c Single Large-Flowering Fringed Varieties. White. Pkt., 50 cts. Red. Pkt., 50 cts. Mi.xed. Pkt., 50 cts. Seven Paclsets of Flower Seeds, our selection, for 25 cents CONVOLVULUS. (Morning- Glory.) Useful for covering any trellis work quickly ; common, but good in its place. Mixed. Pkt., 5 cents. COSMOS. Plants four to six feet high, literally covered in the autumn with large single flowers, resembling single Dah- lias. A group in bloom is a gorgeous sight. Colors range through shades of rose, purple, flesh, white, etc. Large Flowering Mixed. Pkt., 10 cents. LOBELIA. Low growing plants, admirably adapted for the front lines of ribbon borders, and for vases or hanging baskets. Finest Mixed Erinus Varieties. Pkt., 5 cts.





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