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Blossom Point Farm, La Plata, Charles County, MD

Blossom Point Farm, La Plata, Charles County, MD



Significance: Although architecturally simple in design, the Ballast House contains exceptionally fine, attractive 18th century style interior woodwork in remarkably good condition. The original kitchen, once a separate structure, contains an original bake oven, which is one of the many varieties of bake oven designs recorded in the region. The house, known locally as the Brick House, is one of the very few pre-1840 buildings still standing in the county that have not suffered extensive physical alterations.
Unprocessed Field note material exists for this structure: FN-80
Survey number: HABS MD-318
Building/structure dates: ca. 1790- ca. 1800 Initial Construction
Building/structure dates: ca. 1825 Subsequent Work
Building/structure dates: ca. 1852 Subsequent Work
Building/structure dates: 1908 Subsequent Work
Building/structure dates: 1993 Demolished
Building/structure dates: after. 1979- before. 1989 Subsequent Work



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Boughton, Richard
Griffen, John
Shuttle, John
McCan, Timothy
Semmes, Bennett
Friar, William
Pye, Charles A
Greer, R Arthur
Society of Jesus
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Henry Diamond Laboratories
Ministers of the Roman Catholic Religion
Anderson, Kenneth L, contractor
Hochuli, Janet, project manager
Graham, William E, field team
Taylor, Douglas, field team
Truart, Paul Baker, historian
Massengill, Rudy, delineator
Bower, Mark A., field team project manager
Benenson, Carol, field team
Cleveland, M. Todd, field team
Kise Franks & Straw, contractor




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