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Bible primer, Old Testament, for use in the primary department of Sunday schools (1919) (14759101386)


Bible primer, Old Testament, for use in the primary department of Sunday schools (1919) (14759101386)



Identifier: bibleprimeroldte00hult (find matches)
Title: Bible primer, Old Testament, for use in the primary department of Sunday schools
Year: 1919 (1910s)
Authors: Hult, Adolf, 1869-1943 Augustana synod. (from old catalog)
Publisher: Rock Island, Ill., Augustana book concern
Contributing Library: The Library of Congress
Digitizing Sponsor: The Library of Congress

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me be a prophet. A prophet meansa preacher of Gods word. There had been for a long timeno prophet in Israel. Eli, the high priest, was Samuelsteacher. Once a year Hannah came to Shiloh to visit Samuel.Each time she brought him a coat. One night as Samuel slept in the Tabernacle, he heard avoice calling, Samuel! Then Samuel rose and went to Eli:Did you call me ? No, said Eli. Samuel lay down again.Once more he heard the call. He went to Eli again. Thethird time Eli said, Go, lie down; and if He calls you, youshall say, Speak, Lord, for your servant hears. A fourthtime God called. Then Samuel understood it was the Lord.He listened to the Lords words. God told him what was tohappen to Elis wicked sons and to Eli himself. God often talked with Samuel after that wonderful night.Samuel grew to be a mighty preacher and a godly man inIsrael. He helped the people in wars. He was a true rulerof the people. In Samuels time Gods word was once morepreached that the people might be saved. / Sam. 3.
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BIBLE PRIMER 73 34. SAUL CHOSEN KING. We want a king! We want a king, like all other nations! Who is crying so? The old men of Israel. They havecome to Samuel, the Judge, to tell him that Israel wants tobe like all peoples. They are tired of having God rule themby judges. Samuel spoke earnestly to them. He said that if they hada king, they would have to build palaces, keep armies, andgive the best they had to the king. But the people would notlisten; they just wanted a king. So God said, Give them aking. But tell them the truth. Who was to be king? A fine young man called Saul. His fathers asses were lost. Saul went to find them butcould not. So Sauls servant said, Come, let us go to Sam-uel, he can tell us where to find them. Before they came, God told Samuel that Saul was the oneto be king. When Saul came, Samuel told him what the Lord had said.And Samuel made Saul king. Then Samuel called all thepeople together and showed them their king. And theygladly took him for their king. He





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