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Bible primer, Old Testament, for use in the primary department of Sunday schools (1919) (14595449828)


Bible primer, Old Testament, for use in the primary department of Sunday schools (1919) (14595449828)



Identifier: bibleprimeroldte00hult (find matches)
Title: Bible primer, Old Testament, for use in the primary department of Sunday schools
Year: 1919 (1910s)
Authors: Hult, Adolf, 1869-1943 Augustana synod. (from old catalog)
Publisher: Rock Island, Ill., Augustana book concern
Contributing Library: The Library of Congress
Digitizing Sponsor: The Library of Congress

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ied in thedesert. Exactly as God said, you remember? Moses was one hundred and twenty years old. But hiseyes were strong. His body was healthy. People lived quitelong then. God knew that a young man was needed to leadIsrael into Canaan. He must be a fighting general of hispeople, and a man of God. Moses asked God to put some one in his place. God said, Take Joshua. Lay your hand on him. Let allthe people obey Joshua. When he speaks, they shall come, orgo. And Moses made Joshua the leader of Israel. When Moses had preached a long farewell sermon toIsrael, he went up on Mount Pisgah to look over into theLand of Canaan. Moses, too, had disobeyed God once in amatter, so he was not permitted to go into Canaan. Then Moses died. God buried him. No one knows justwhere. What a man of God was Moses, like the great Abraham!He was not proud. God spoke to Moses face to face, as aman speaks to his friend. (Ex. 33.) Oh, what honor andglory! Moses is wonderful, — The Law came through Moses.Num. 27.
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BIBLE PRIMER 65 30. CROSSING THE JORDAN. What is this? A procession of twelve white-robed priests carrying thegolden Ark of the Covenant against the waves of the RiverJordan. Oh, no, not against the waves! Look, the waters abovethem pile up like a wall. The river has stopped runningdown stream. Ah, and there stands Joshua, with his staff, saying to thepeople, Come on, take your tents, goods, children, and all.For God is holding back the river until His people, the chil-dren of Israel, have gone over. The priests with the Arkwill stand in the middle of the river, till all have crossed.Then they will also come, bearing the holy Ark of God. So the people did. They walked with dry feet over theriver-bed. And where were they now? In Canaan, the Promised Land, the land that God long agopromised to Abraham and Isaac and Jacob. God never forgets His promises. Yet it was more thanfive hundred years since He gave this land to Abraham bypromise. On that day the people saw what a great Leader God





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