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ARC Identifier 65508 / Local Identifier 342-USAF-17643. Summary: Activities of Berlin Air Lift. Aerial delivery of supplies to Berlin, July, 1948. British and American A/C and personnel hauling supplies. Good coverage of Tempelhof Air Field, Berlin. Arrival of Ambassador Douglas. Unloading of supplies from C-47's and C-54's. Loading of same. Some shots at Frankfurt, Germany. (Reel 5 -- some German news reel shots, with sound). Conference of American and British military representatives. Reel 1. RAFB (British), Gatow, Berlin. SWANEE LAKE A.F.B., BERLIN; TEMPEL HOF A.Y.B., BERLIN. General action at above bases as planes are loaded and unloaded. Good shots of airfields, trucks and man power used to keep the planes moving. A/C in film are the B-17, C-47, C-54 (stationary). B-17, C-47, C-54 (taxiing). B-17, C-47, C-54, (taking off). A/C (British) on the York & Sunderland. Scenes of British a/c stationary, taxiing and taking off. General scenes of unloading activity on all of the above air craft. Mr. Louis Douglas, U.S. ambassador to G.B., arrives at Tempelhof to confer with General Clay. Scenes of his arrival and welcome by Gen. Clay and honor guard. Large and small barges are used to move supply from the Sunderlands. German civilian laborers, British EM and American EM used to keep supplies moving. Officers entering and leaving base operations. Big sign, "USAF Station, Tempelhof". Reel 2: Int: An officer writing on a map; a baker pulling bread out of an oven; women buying bread at a bakery; pastry products on a counter. MLS: C-54's on the ramp. Trucks moving about. MS: C-54's being unloaded at the air dock. Int: Bakers putting bread in ovens to bake. MLS: A C-54 taxiing. Int:Pastry products in a bake shop. MS: Coal being unloaded from a C-54; truck backing up to a C-54. MC: General Lucias Clay greeting Ambassador Douglas. MLS: C-54's parked on the field. MS: General Clay and Ambassador Douglas getting into a car. MLS: C-54's parked on the field; trucks moving about aircraft in bg. Int: Ambassador Douglas talking to a group of men. MS: trucks coming in a gate. MLS: C-54's parked on the field; C-54 taxiing. MS: A trailer truck loaded with supplies moving past camera -- others being unloaded. MLS: C-54's and C-47's being unloaded. ... THE END. Good Department of Defense. Department of the Air Force. (09/26/1947 - ) Made possible by a donation from Jonathan Sandoe





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