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Berglandschap in India - Rijksmuseum public domain dedication image


Berglandschap in India - Rijksmuseum public domain dedication image



The albumen silver print is a photographic printing process that was widely used in the 19th century. It involves coating paper support with a mixture of egg whites and salt, which creates a glossy surface to hold light-sensitive silver salts. The paper is then sensitized in a solution of silver nitrate, and exposed in a camera or under a negative. After exposure, the print is developed in a solution of gallic acid and silver nitrate, which reduces the silver salts to metallic silver and creates the final image. The albumen print process was widely used for commercial and fine art photography in the 19th century and produced high-quality, detailed images with a distinctive glossy finish.

Samuel Bourne was a British photographer best known for his pioneering work in India in the 19th century. Born in Staffordshire, England in 1834, he began his career as an engraver. He soon turned to photography and became one of the most important photographers of his time. In 1863, Bourne travelled to India to photograph the country's landscape and architecture. He spent several years travelling throughout the country, taking thousands of photographs that captured the beauty and diversity of India. His photographs were highly regarded for their technical excellence and artistic quality. Bourne's work was instrumental in shaping Western perceptions of India in the 19th century. His photographs were widely published in books and magazines and helped to create a romantic image of India as a land of exotic beauty and mystery. Bourne continued to work as a photographer until his death in 1912. Today, his photographs are considered some of the most important examples of early travel photography and continue to inspire photographers and artists around the world.



1860 - 1870



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