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AS08-14-2506 - Apollo 8 - Apollo 8 Mission image, Moon

AS08-14-2506 - Apollo 8 - Apollo 8 Mission image, Moon



The original database describes this as:

Description: Apollo 8,Moon, taken during the Transearth Coast (TEC). Image was taken from the Apollo 8 spacecraft at a point above 70 degrees east longitude. Mare Crisium, the circular, dark-colored area near the center, is near the eastern edge of the Moon as viewed from Earth. Mare Nectaris is the circular mare near the terminator. The large, irregular maira are Tranquillitatis and Fecunditatis. The terminator at left side of picture crosses Mare Tranquillitatis and highlands to the south. Lunar farside features occupy most of the right half of the picture. The large, dark-colored crater Tsiolkovsky is near the limb at the lower right. Conspicuous bright rays radiate from two large craters, one to the north of Tsiolkovsky, the other near the limb in the upper half of the picture. These rayed craters were not conspicuous in Lunar Orbiter photography due to the low sun elevations when the Lunar Orbiter photography was made. The crater Langrenus is near the center of the picture at the eastern edge of Mare Fecunditatis. Camera Tilt Mode: High Altitude Moon. Original Film Magazine was labeled B. Camera Data: 70mm Hasselblad. Lens 250mm; Film Type: Kodak SO-368 Color,ASA 64. Flight Date: December 21-27,1968.

Subject Terms: Apollo 8 Flight, Lunar Photography, Craters

Categories: Lunar Observations

Original: Film - 70MM CT

Interior_Exterior: Exterior

Ground_Orbit: On-orbit
Apollo 8 - AS08-12-2044 through AS08-18-2908



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