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Art crafts for amateurs (1901) (14762838602)


Art crafts for amateurs (1901) (14762838602)



Identifier: artcraftsforamat00mill (find matches)
Title: Art crafts for amateurs
Year: 1901 (1900s)
Authors: Miller, Fred, decorative artist
Subjects: Decorative arts Decoration and ornament
Publisher: New York, London, Truslove, Hanson & Comba, Ld.
Contributing Library: Getty Research Institute
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Text Appearing Before Image:
No. 26.—Original Design for Tray or Plaque, suggested by LiliumSpeciosum. The foliage in low relief, while the flowers areintended to be beaten up. The leaves might be merely out-lined, and the basket-work background punched on. is possible, but there is always the danger of breakingthrough the metal when you beat it up to this extent. Thedesign can swell out and retire (one might liken it to the ebband flow of the sea), find itself and lose itself, and by thusjudiciously beating up the metal we give it variety andaccent. We must exercise selection in settling what part 46 ART CRAFTS FOR AMATEURS. of our scheme we beat up in high relief, for the effect of acompleted work largely depends upon the way we leavesome portions in very low relief, while we bring out others,and to one or two features in our design we give consider-able prominence by beating up into still higher relief. In
Text Appearing After Image:
No. 27.— Original Design for Tray. The foliage to be in very low relief,while the frog, chameleon and insects can be in higher relief. No. 26, for instance, the leaves should be only just beatenup, and where one leaf comes behind another it need onlybe outlined, or at all events kept lower than those in front.The petals of the flowers nearest the centre might be in fullerrelief, while the stamens are only punched in on the front. BEATEN METAL WORK OR REPOUSSE. 47 ! The animal forms in No. 27 need be the only ones in anything like relief. In the copper panel No. 28 the relief ispretty much the same all over, and such adesign would be a very suitable one for abeginner to beat up, a flat panel beingmuch more easily manipulated than a potor cup such as No. 29, which is a verygood instance of a repeating geometricaldesign being employed in the decora-i , iSj tion of a round surface. The other example of work wrought by■HR9B; the Yattenden class, which has made aspeciality of copper rep





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art crafts for amateurs 1901
art crafts for amateurs 1901