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Art crafts for amateurs (1901) (14740313696)


Art crafts for amateurs (1901) (14740313696)



Identifier: artcraftsforamat00mill (find matches)
Title: Art crafts for amateurs
Year: 1901 (1900s)
Authors: Miller, Fred, decorative artist
Subjects: Decorative arts Decoration and ornament
Publisher: New York, London, Truslove, Hanson & Comba, Ld.
Contributing Library: Getty Research Institute
Digitizing Sponsor: Getty Research Institute

Text Appearing Before Image:
FRETWORK. 165 work gives character as well as supports the designs, and toshow more distinctly the floral portion I have left the trelliswhite. At an artist friends house I saw the top portion ofa recess which he had filled with shelves, occupied withupright lattices, forming a receptacle for canvasses andother artists clutter. It occurred to me that to add a fret
Text Appearing After Image:
No. 112.—Design for sides of Portfolio suggested by the Peacock. to these lattices would be a very attractive feature in a room.The grape portion might be cut out of pine, and then thelattices, say of mahogany, might be glued on to the back orfront, or if the design be cut out all in one piece, then I seeno reason why the grape portion should not be stained, theleaves in green, the stems in brown, and grapes in purple. ART CRAFTS FOR AMATEURS. Transparent oil-colours, such as Prussian blue, raw sienna,burnt sienna, Vandyke brown, gamboge, vermilion andmadder brown, thinned down with turpentine, would do, oryou can get liquid stains. Such a design as this grape oneshould be carried out fully natural size, above rather than





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art crafts for amateurs 1901
art crafts for amateurs 1901