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Architect and engineer (1933) (14804473603)


Architect and engineer (1933) (14804473603)



Identifier: architectenginee11333sanf (find matches)
Title: Architect and engineer
Year: 1905 (1900s)
Subjects: Architecture Architecture Architecture Building
Publisher: San Francisco : Architect and Engineer, Inc
Contributing Library: San Francisco Public Library
Digitizing Sponsor: San Francisco Public Library

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enuated symbol ofcongestion, though it stand in the middleof a prairie. Could we but express archi-tecturally in our cities their subtler differ-ences of spirit, distinct and varied person-alities would result. It is largely owing tovarying degrees of this quality that someare possessed now of character and ap-peal, whereas others are devoid of either. Granting that a large number of ourcommunities owe their existence to the ex-igencies of commerce and have had singu-larly sterile backgrounds against which todevelop a personality, I believe most peo-ple acquainted with the cities of the worldbeyond our borders will agree that bycomparison we have made, for the mostpart, rather a sorry mess of the distinctivearchitectural traditions, with which manv by ANSON BAILEY CUTIS, I. I. of our older communities originally wereendowed. Analysis discloses the fact thatwhat they possess of charm, of individual-ity, of glamour, is most often a heritagefrom generations several times removed or Zh fn
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ONE OF GOODHUE S PLAZAS. EXPOSITION GROUNDS. SAN DIEGO Sketch by A. B. Cutts ^ 47 ► from some locally-adapted culture. Age alone can not account for the innate beauty and diversity of certain New England cities, not to mention innumerable architectural centers often of kindred allegiance abroad. Nor can it explain the extraordinary spell New Orleans Vieux Carrehas cast over visitor and citizen alike throughout two centuries of change and which has lost any considerable part of itsattraction only through the encroachments of lavishly modern but altogether alien constructions within the last decade and ahalf. New York. Washington, Charleston,Santa Fe, and Santa Barbara, almost alone among the cities of the nation, have devel-oped consciously within their traditions.And the birthplace of these United States—one of the most perfect specimens ofAmericanized Georgian, IndependenceHall—is decaying for want of paint andrepair while on every side its beauties arenullified by the eclectic enormit

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architect and engineer 1933
architect and engineer 1933