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Apple Harvest, c. 1880-1900



Photographer: Reuben R. Sallows (1855 - 1937)..Description: .Black and white photograph of six men harvesting apples. The first man on the left is thought to be James R. (Jim) Hackett of Ashfield Township. There is a large table full of apples in front of the men, some of the apples are in baskets. The man on the far right is pressing apples into a barrel using an apple press. An apple orchard is in the background. The photo was taken in West Wawanosh at either the Cameron Orchard or the Joynt Orchard. ..Object ID : 2017.0027.002...Order a higher-quality version of this item by contacting the Huron County Museum (fee applies). ( )

At the turn of the 20th century, most cameras and photographers operated out of a studio, Ontario-based photographer Reuben R. Sallows took his camera out in his black Ford Model A truck, in a canoe and on the newly installed trains. From a collection of 240 photographs by Huron County photographer, R. R. Sallows housed at the Huron County Museum & Historic Gaol. These images were digitized in 2004 as part of the Reuben R. Sallows Digital Library, which contains over 1000 images from various institutions.



1880 - 1900


Huron County Museum and Historic Gaol

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