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Anatomy, physiology and hygiene (1900) (14592533708)


Anatomy, physiology and hygiene (1900) (14592533708)



Identifier: anatomyphysiolog00walk (find matches)
Title: Anatomy, physiology and hygiene
Year: 1900 (1900s)
Authors: Walker, Jerome, 1845-
Subjects: Physiology Health
Publisher: Boston, Allyn and Bacon
Contributing Library: The Library of Congress
Digitizing Sponsor: The Library of Congress

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Fig. 62.Front View of the Organs of Circulation. - Veins, black ; arteries, with transverselines Parts on the right side of figure are removed to show some of the deepvessels, while the left side shows superficial vessels. THE CIRCULATION. —BLOOD. —LYMPH. 145 of the breast bone, at which point we can usually bestfeel the impulse of the organ. Its broad attached end,
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Fig. 63.Heart, Front View. 1, right ventricle. 2, left ventricle.4, right auricle.6, left an ride. 7, pulmonary artery. 8, the aorta. 9, superior vena cava. 10 and 11, front coronary artery andvein which In part control the blood-supply of the substance o( the heart. 12, lymphatic vesSels. or base, is directed upwards and backwards and to theright. Owing to its surroundings, this end of the hearthas comparatively little motion. 146 THE CIRCULATION. — BLOOD. — LYMPH. 148. The whole organ, with about two inches of thegreat blood-vessels which arise from it, is enveloped in afibrous sac known as the pericardium.1 This sac is linedwith a smooth, glistening membrane, which secretes alubricating fluid called serum, thus permitting the heartto move freely and without friction. The interior of theheart is also lined with a smooth, serous membrane, calledthe endocardium? which is similar to and continuous withthe lining membrane of the blood-vessels. J)V... AV





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