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American cookery (1915) (14597823079)


American cookery (1915) (14597823079)



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Title: American cookery
Year: 1914 (1910s)
Publisher: New York (etc.) : Whitney Publications (etc.)
Contributing Library: Boston Public Library
Digitizing Sponsor: Boston Public Library

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ofdischarge is an unexplained mystery. This is one of the first evils to attack.Absolutely fair and square dealings be-tween capital and labor is the only hopeof harmony. Regular hours for workand for freedom, standard wages, betterventilated kitchens, properly lighted andequipped, better ventilated bedrooms andsleeping conditions, are the humane de-mands of labor upon capital. Womens clubs should take the matterseriously under consideration; it is alarge contract to remedy these condi-tions, but concerted action on their partmight do it. Turn the light of publicityon the subject which has festered indarkness for more years than one caresto admit, and see if a right standardraised wont bring about the desiredresult. See if the girls who have looked downon housework as degrading, with its lackof standard, and who have left it forthe less protected factory and evenworse, will not return to a professionthat can be made honorable and dignifiedby right-minded employers. 314 ADVERTISEMENTS
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Buy advertised Goods — Do not accept substitutes.315 The Silver Lining When Love Relented With mood attuned to tender griefShe touched her harp with soulful zeal; Love loitered for an instant brief—Then turned upon his heel. She opened wide the garden gate; Within was bloom in rich array.Love yawned—hed risen rather late— And passed upon his way. With chastened heart she sought retreat,And turned to plain, domestic arts; Lo, Love returned with flying feet,Lured by her matchless tarts. Harriet Whitney Symonds.





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american cookery 1915
american cookery 1915