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American art and American art collections; essays on artistic subjects (1889) (14780805414)


American art and American art collections; essays on artistic subjects (1889) (14780805414)



Alexander Anderson (1775-1870) ?
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Title: American art and American art collections; essays on artistic subjects
Year: 1889 (1880s)
Authors: Montgomery, Walter
Subjects: Art Artists Art
Publisher: Boston, E.W. Walker & co
Contributing Library: Smithsonian Libraries
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on might have learned the art. I believe this also to be only rumor, based on the fact of Andersons having been acquainted with-the man, a miniature-painter and copper-engraver, and having engraved on copper with and for him. The first knowledge of box-woodbeing used for engraving may perhaps have been gained from Roberts, the date of his arrivalin this country being that of Andersons first attempts upon wood. It would not subtract fromAndersons merit. Lossing does not intimate even the likelihood of such a beginning. ToLossing I am mainly indebted for the biography of Anderson. Nearly all I can give concern-ing him, except some dates of books, and of course my own criticisms (only applied to workI have seen), I have learned from his Memorial, prepared for the Historical Society of NewYork, read to the members on the 5th of October, 1870, and printed for the Society in 1872,—prepared from materials gathered from Dr. Anderson himself, from his daughter, his grandson,and other friends.
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Alexander Anderson, aged 92. Drawn by August Will. Engraved by Elias J. Whitney for the Childs Paper, 1867, published by the American Tract Society. Alexander Anderson was born on the 21st of April, 1775, two days after the battle ofLexington, in the same year that Bewick (then twenty-two years of age) received the premiumof the Society of Arts, in London, for his engraving of The Huntsman and Hound, afterwardsprinted in an edition of Gays Fables. Andersons father was a printer, a Scotchman, but a





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