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Allen's strawberry catalogue for 1900 (1900) (17919340810)


Allen's strawberry catalogue for 1900 (1900) (17919340810)



Title: Allen's strawberry catalogue for 1900
Identifier: allensstrawberry19alle (find matches)
Year: 1900 (1900s)
Authors: Allen Co. (Salisbury, Md. ); Henry G. Gilbert Nursery and Seed Trade Catalog Collection
Subjects: Nurseries (Horticulture) Maryland Salisbury Catalogs; Nursery stock Maryland Salisbury Catalogs; Strawberries Maryland Salisbury Catalogs
Publisher: Salisbury, Md. : Allen Co.
Contributing Library: U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Agricultural Library
Digitizing Sponsor: U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Agricultural Library

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ALLEN'S STRAWBERRY CATALOGUE. 25 UP TO DATE—Is supposed to be a seedling of Haverland fertilized by Jes- sie, possessing the good qualities of both. Fruit of largest size and very regu- lar in shape, being long, conical and slightly necked ; dark red to the centre, retaining its fine color and size better than any other berry when canned mak- ing it the moEt desirable variety for canning purposes ; fruit of a most delight- ful flavor, being a very mild sub acid. Will remain perfectly solid on the vines several days after ripening and does not get soft and rot in wet seasons like most varieties. Large staminate blossoms containing a very large amount of pollen, commenci s to bloom early and continues very late, making it one of the best fertilizers for medium early to very late pistillate varieties. . r.^ Up to Date, grown by the side of Warfield, Crescent, Bubach, Bedarwood, Haverland, Greenville, Parker Earle, Enhance and Jeseie, under same condi- tions, last season produced more quarts of berries, of larger size more uniform in shape and of better quality than any of the other varieties. The plant is a strong, healthy grower, makes plants freely, but does not mat in the row like the Crescent oV Warfield"—Originator. LOVETT—A good standard sort, medium to late, firm, productive. BRANDYWINE—This variety has been reported upon by the experiment stations, written up by horticultural papers and talked of by fruit growers everywhere until it has become as well known as any of the older kinds. I believe it will bear out the claims that have been made for it. The fruit and plant very much resemble Gandy but is more productive and a better grower. I marketed quite a good many crate? of Brandywine last season and they were very fine. Almost every crate would bear the mark oi fancy or extra and always brought the highest mark- et price. TUBBS—This is a good berry of Crescent type. In size it runs through the season about like the first picking of Crescent, does not run down toward last part of season like the Crescent. Very productive. In Anne Arundel county, where it originated, it is con- sidered the best berry grown. It has a perfect blossom and is a vigorous grow- er. Those who have neverj grown it should not fail to give it a trial, I think it will please them. BARTON'S ECLIPSE-This is a reliable standajd that always gives sitisfaction. It is a splendid grower and a heavy yielder of large sized and good flavored berries. It is as large as Bubach, equally as productive and a much better shipper. It is positively one of the best of the standard sorts I always plant largely of this and have never yet had occasion to regret doing so. BEDAR WOOD-Very productive early, quite soft, popular in some sec- tions. CYCLONE—Early, very produc tive, medium size, scarlet color, firm rank healthy growth.
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U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Agricultural Library

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allens strawberry catalogue for 1900
allens strawberry catalogue for 1900