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Alexandra Ruuth

Alexandra Ruuth



Alexandra Ruuth. Oil painting on stretcher bar and board, 75 x91 cm.
Svenska: Alexandra Ruuth. Oljemålning på kilram och skiva, 75 x91 cm.
Suomi: Alexandra Ruuth. Öljymaalaus kiilakehys ja levy 75 x91 cm.

Johan Erik Lindh was indeed a Swedish painter, famous for his landscape paintings. He was born on 18 December 1793 in Stockholm, Sweden and died on 8 November 1865. Lindh focused primarily on depicting the Swedish countryside, often capturing the serene beauty of rural landscapes with a keen eye for detail and atmosphere. Although not widely recognised outside Sweden, Lindh's work contributed to the development of landscape painting in his country during the 19th century. His paintings are characterised by their tranquil scenes, soft colours and meticulous attention to natural elements.





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