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Alexander and some other cats (1929) (17761772758)


Alexander and some other cats (1929) (17761772758)



Title: Alexander and some other cats
Identifier: alexandersomeoth00eddy (find matches)
Year: 1929 (1920s)
Authors: Eddy, Sarah J
Subjects: Cats
Publisher: Boston : Marshall Jones Co.
Contributing Library: ASC - York University Libraries
Digitizing Sponsor: York University - University of Toronto Libraries

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^Alexander and Some Other Qats recommence the assault. The mother sat looking at her, as if betwixt tolerance and admiration to see how far the spirit of the family was inherited or improved by her sprightly off- spring. At length, however, the " little Pickle " presumed too far, and the mother, lifting her paw, and meeting her at the very nick of the moment, gave her one of the most unsophis- ticated boxes of the ear we ever beheld. It sent the kitten rolling half over the room, and made her come to a most ludicrous pause, with the oddest little look of premature and wincing meditation. Leigh Hunt Teaching Kittens BY allowing kittens to play with their fingers many persons teach kittens to bite and scratch. It may be amusing for little kittens to do this but when they become older and bite harder, cats are likely to be punished for what may only be intended for play. In that way the cat's disposition may be injured as cats resent any rough treatment. It is better to take a string or paper in playing with kittens and to teach them that hands are used only in stroking them gently. Then they will rub their heads against your hands and purr to show their pleasure. ^ TO S-J-E.
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alexander and some other cats 1929
alexander and some other cats 1929