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Albert Prince Consort, c.1859.



By Camille Silvy (1834-1910).....A carte-de-visite of Prince Albert (1819-1861), taken by an unknown photographer in about 1858. This rather informal portrait of Queen Victoria's husband shows him as thoughtful and scholarly. Albert was the first cousin of Queen Victoria, they married when he was 20 and went on to have 9 children. .....A carte-de-visite is a photograph mounted on a piece of card the size of a formal visiting card of the 1850s - hence the name. The format was introduced by the French photographer Andre-Adolphe-Eugene Disdéri (1819-1889) in 1854. .....As well as family portraits, commercial cartes of celebrities such as politicians, Royalty and popular personalities were published. The craze for collecting celebrity cartes-de-visite in albums reached its peak during the 1860s but the format remained popular until the beginning of the twentieth century. .....This photograph is from the collection of the Royal Photographic Society......We're happy for you to share this digital image within the spirit of The Commons. Certain restrictions on high quality reproductions of the original physical version of apply though; if you're unsure please visit the National Media Museum website ( ) ......For obtaining reproductions of selected images please go to the Science and Society Picture Library ( ) .

Victorian Times London. Victoria was born May 24, 1819, Kensington Palace, London, United Kingdom, and was Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland from 20 June 1837 until her death, January 22, 1901,

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