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A study of calorimetric methods together with a critical study of the peroxide calorimeter (1902) (14781553884)


A study of calorimetric methods together with a critical study of the peroxide calorimeter (1902) (14781553884)



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Title: A study of calorimetric methods together with a critical study of the peroxide calorimeter
Year: 1902 (1900s)
Authors: Kofoid, Reuben Nelson
Subjects: Calorimetry Calorimeters Peroxides Theses
Contributing Library: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Digitizing Sponsor: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

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ct in precisely the sane wayas the potassiun compound, no variable being introduced h:/ thepresence of nitroc^n which inight natv^rally he expected to o::^idir:ejat lo.?.st to none extent, to nitric acid# The residues of severalcoiUDUStions were tested oy the usual qualitative methods for hothnitrates and nitrites, but none were found, even where the heathad heeii extrei.iely high. As to utlizing the azinonium persulphatein place of the potassium persulphate, it ?;o.s found to be oojec-tionahle for several reasons, although the combustion v/ere as good with the potassiun persulphate. The reasons arc: tlie tendencyof uninoniun persulphate to absorb water was very c^eat, and spon-taneous combusticns vrere liable to be the result; T/hen a largeaiiiount of the accelerator v/as up, it apparently decoj-posed to cone extent, -cting on the tartaric .acid; It was foung imposeible to powder tlio aruAoniun persulpliate fine enoUt^h. In connection with the behavior of potasniuin persulphate
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PeroxideCalorimeterMopiFiED For EUECTRIO leMTTIONConnecTfons ^hotrn. / thc action of tiio fused i-osidue v/as tested as an accelerator, to-gether T/itli tartaric acid* Tliis ?/as do^io v: ordir to avoid theexcessive pressure produced with the use of the persulphate - itii-iiout fusio2i, which althoufrh not iutroducing any nev/ variable, caused trouble by hloTTing the fused ash up into the threadsand sealing the cartridge up. Tlic residue from the fusion oftiie potassiuaTi persulphate might be one of tTro things, a nechani- I, cal r.ixture of potassiun sulphate, vritli sulphur trioxide and ;joxygen held in suspension, or nearly pure potacsiuiii disulphate,^2^2^7 --^ eit/icr case tr.e free oxygen is o-ataincd from the ( But the pressure seened to be just as ^^roat, but tlie nixture gavevery good coLibust io>is, oven with sugar carbon. This T;ould indi-cate tiiat v;ith both there is a very large excess of free oxygen.This is also she*:, , the f^act that Trhen a glowing sp





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