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A manual of practical medical electricity - the Röntgen rays and Finsen light (1902) (14597183927)


A manual of practical medical electricity - the Röntgen rays and Finsen light (1902) (14597183927)



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Title: A manual of practical medical electricity : the Röntgen rays and Finsen light
Year: 1902 (1900s)
Authors: Turner, Dawson
Subjects: X-Rays Electrophysiology Electrosurgery Electric Stimulation Therapy Electrotherapeutics X-rays Electrophysiology Electrosurgery
Publisher: New York : William Wood & Company
Contributing Library: Francis A. Countway Library of Medicine
Digitizing Sponsor: Open Knowledge Commons and Harvard Medical School

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should be given ; the patientwill rarely complain of anything but a slight tingling orpricking ; there is no haemorrhage, and there is, for allthese reasons, less shock or chance of subsequent rise oftemperature. It has been stated that antiseptics are notrequired, because the process itself is aseptic ; but thiscan scarcely be the case, for we saw (p. 182) that thenegative pole, the one always used in urethral electrolysis, 236 A Manual of Practical Medical Electricity has no antiseptic action at all. Rigorous antiseptic pre-cautions are as much required in this as in any otheroperation on the urethra. Stricture of the Urethra. Requisites : A battery of ten Leclanches or other cells,a milliampere meter, rheophores, an indifferent pad elec-trode, and a case of different-sized urethral bougie elec-trodes (Fig. 121). The latter should be of gum elastic, with olivary-shapednickel-plated ends ; as the negative pole is the only oneused internally, platinum is not necessary. A wire passing
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Fig. 121.—Case of Urethral Electrodes. along, and insulated by the stem of the electrode, connectsthe exposed olivary-shaped end with a terminal binding-screw. Mode of Procedure. With the patient lying down with the indifferent pad,which should be attached to the positive pole of thebattery, beneath him, the size of the stricture, and thedistance it is from the meatus, should be ascertained bymeans of an ordinary bougie, proper antiseptic precautionsbeing taken. An electrode, one or two sizes larger thanthe calibre of the stricture, should be chosen, and the dis-tance it will have to pass to reach the stricture marked Electro-vSurgery 237 upon its stem. It should now be gently passed along theurethra until it rests by its weight merely against thestricture, and should then be connected by means of thebinding-screw and rheophore with the negative pole of thebattery. By using the cell-collector the current is nowturned gradually on, and brought up to between three andfive milliamperes

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a manual of practical medical electricity
a manual of practical medical electricity