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A history of painting (1911) (14803445763)


A history of painting (1911) (14803445763)



Entombment (Michelangelo)
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Title: A history of painting
Year: 1911 (1910s)
Authors: Macfall, Haldane, 1860-1928
Subjects: Painting Painters
Publisher: London and Edinburgh : T.C. and E.C. Jack
Contributing Library: University of California Libraries
Digitizing Sponsor: Internet Archive

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ely due toRaphael, did exert a baleful influence throughout thecoming ages. The stupendous genius of Michelangelo,and the vogue which grew about the weaker art ofRaphael, became a curse for centuries to all artistic en-deavour—a curse compelled upon the artists by the criticsand aesthetic writers, as I shall show. But of that morelater. We are come to the art of one who stands for all thatis sublime, gigantic, stupendous in Italian art—who by thegrandeur of his conception, of his design, and his masteryof the human form, for the high emotions aroused by thesense of immensity, stands head and shoulders above thewhole achievement of his race—Michelangelo Buonarroti. 204 XXV MICHELANGELO THE ENTOMBMENT (National Gallery) This masterly work is of enormous interest to the art-world as showingthe methods by which the giant of Italy wrought his undying master-pieces. The darkness of the Sistine Chapel makes it difficult to reproducein colour the supreme works of his genius in painting.
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CHAPTER XXIII WHEREIN THERE PASSES BY, IN THE STREETS OF ROME,UNHAILED, THE GIANT OF THE RENAISSANCE MICHELANGELO 1475 - J564 Michelangelo was the son of Ludovico Buonarroti WHEREIN Simone, a Florentine of consequence, since he was Governor THERE (podesta) of Chiusi and Caprese, thereto appointed by PASSES BY, Lorenzo de Medici but a few months before his child was ctdf trnpc born, as Messer Ludovico Buonarrotis own diary bears _ „~. „,. OF ROME witness in the year 1475 : To-day there was born unto ttt\jt_t att pf) me a male child, whom I have named Michelagnolo. He THE saw the light at Caprese, whereof I am Podesta, on Monday GIANT OF morning, 6th March, between four and five o the clock. THE RE- So it came by a strange whim of fortune that the child, NAISSANCE destined to become the supreme giant of the Renaissance, was born under the shadow of the Sasso della Verna, where St. Francis of Assisi had seen visions, not in the Florence that was the Athens of the Renaissance, wherein





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