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A history of painting (1911) (14803444203)


A history of painting (1911) (14803444203)



Identifier: historyofpaintin01macf (find matches)
Title: A history of painting
Year: 1911 (1910s)
Authors: Macfall, Haldane, 1860-1928
Subjects: Painting Painters
Publisher: London and Edinburgh : T.C. and E.C. Jack
Contributing Library: University of California Libraries
Digitizing Sponsor: Internet Archive

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OF PAINTING and Venice. Of Peruginos pupils also was Francesco WHEREINUbertini, better known as II Bacchiacca (1494-1557). WE SEE We have seen the Umbrian School of Painters display- ART FLITine a rich sense of colour, and a style and significance in INIO 1HE f 1 • * 4-u «. tr ir • a C c- tu UMBRIAN art, akin to that 01 V enice and or Siena. 1 hey are receptive to many influences, and eagerly adopt them.They are inclined to be what the pedants call eclectic— borrowers, choosers of the best out of everything, makersof fine mixtures. The art of Florence of the fifteen-hundreds is henceforth, also, to become eclectic, borrow-ing from the best that has gone before, both in Florence andin Venice and in Umbria—except only one majestic genius,a very giant, Michelangelo, who stands out alone, headand shoulders above the whole magnificent achievement ofTuscany. But of the splendid borrowers, the mightiestand largest was Raphael, lord of the school of Umbria—indeed, for several centu





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