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A history of art in ancient Egypt (1883) (14586165257)


A history of art in ancient Egypt (1883) (14586165257)



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Title: A history of art in ancient Egypt
Year: 1883 (1880s)
Authors: Perrot, Georges, 1832-1914 Chipiez, Charles, 1835-1901 Armstrong, Walter, Sir, 1850-1918
Subjects: Art -- Egypt History Egypt -- Antiquities
Publisher: London : Chapman and Hall
Contributing Library: Robarts - University of Toronto
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e long processions which are figured upon the walls ofMedinet-Abou (Fig. 172).^ His tomb was a cavern like that ofhis subjects. Fashion and the physical conditions of the countrygoverned him as well as his inferiors in rank. From the reign ofSeti I. onwards, the kings chose for their place of sepulture thewild and deserted valley in which Belzoni found the tomb of thatconqueror. In the time of the Ptolemies it contained the bonesof no less than forty Egyptian monarchs. It would be difficult toImagine any site better calculated for the isolation and conceal-ment of the mummy than this valley, where the rocks split andcrumble under the sun, and the sand blown hither and thither bythe winds from the desert fills up every crevice in the cliffs. ^ Fig. 172 reproduces only a part of the long plate given in Wilkinson. In orderto bring the more important groups within the scope of one page, we have beencompelled to omit the central portion, which consists principally of columnsof hieroglyphs.
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a history of art in ancient egypt 1883
a history of art in ancient egypt 1883