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A comic history of the United States (1880) (14577414379)


A comic history of the United States (1880) (14577414379)



Identifier: comichistoryofun01hopk (find matches)
Title: A comic history of the United States
Year: 1880 (1880s)
Authors: Hopkins, Livingston, 1846-1927
Publisher: New York American book exchange
Contributing Library: The Library of Congress
Digitizing Sponsor: Sloan Foundation

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A BATTLE PIECE. 169 sanguinary, as the reader will admit on ref-erence to our illustration, which, aside fromits historical value, gives those of us whohave never served our country an excellentopportunity of seeing how a battle is con-ducted without incurring any unneccessaryrisk. Whoever can look upon this fearfulscene of carnage without having the coldchills run down his back must be stonyhearted indeed. We would not like toboard in the same block with such a person.Even as we write we fancy we can smellthe sulphuric vapors of burning pow-der, but that after all may be only theGerman restaurant below getting dinnerready. With the exception of certain little ec-centricities of character, (hardly worthmentioning,) Mr. Polk proved a very
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AN IMPORTANT MEASURE. 171 desirable tenant of the White House, andon retiring left it in good repair.Taylor—Fillmore. Zachary Taylor took the White Houseoff Mr. Polks hands, but only survived sixmonths. Vice-President Millard Fillmore succeed-ed liim, and having by accident discoveredthat there was a good deal of gold secretedabout California, recognized the importanceof admitting her into the Union lest someforeign Power should take it into its headto carry off the rich territory some darknight. There was special danger to be ap-prehended from China, which had alreadybegun to make excavations from below.President Fillmore lost no time in takingCalifornia in, and many ambitious younggentlemen of culture went there and grew





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a comic history of the united states 1880
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