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A "boss" molly moocher found on Hazy Creek by Dave Bailey

A "boss" molly moocher found on Hazy Creek by Dave Bailey



David Bailey found this huge molly moocher across from the Wolf Pen Hollow. Charles Bradford wrote the following account of and incident that happened near Wolf Pen Hollow, as he heard it from his mother, Sylvia Bradford: "I was seven years old. Mom had sent me to Edwight to get medicine for my brother Arthur. It was lat October or early November. There was a big, full moon out. Returning home, I was playing a little game, hopping from one railroad tie on one leg, then hopping to the next tie on the other leg. At a point somewhere between the Road Hollow and the Wolf Pen Hollow, I looked up. To my utter amazement, running directly at me, coming as fast as a freight train, was a huge silver dog or wolf. Its eyes were shining like headlights. My heart was in my throat! I thought of running, but it was way too late. I cringed, knowing I would be badly mauled or even killed. I looked out for what might be the last thing I would ever see. I looked, but where was it? I looked down the road, where I had come from. Nothing. I looked on both sides, and up the road. Nothing. That animal had vanished without a trace. Now there was no thought of any game in my mind. I walked a fast pace home. Since that night, I've occasionally heard about people seeing things on that stretch of road. To this day, I think there is a connection between the place known as the "Wolf Pen Hollow" and that big animal I saw that fall night when I was seven." Charles Bradford, who grew up in Edwight at the mouth of Hazy Creek, teaches Spanish to high school students in Parkersburg.
Event: Molly mooching season on Coal River.





Hufford, Mary, 1952- (Photographer)




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