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A book of caricaturas (BM 1920,1012.7.1-60 5)


A book of caricaturas (BM 1920,1012.7.1-60 5)



Volume of caricature studies of heads with sixty plates:
1. Title page
2. Etched lettering: 'Difference between Character & Carricatura / Carricatura is the burlesque of Character, or an exaggeration of nature, when not very pleasing its a manner of drawing that has & still is held in great esteem both by the Italiens & French, some of our Nobility & Gentry at this time do equal, if not excel any thing of the kind that ever has been done in any other country, tis the most diverting species of designing & will certainly keep those that practise it out of the hippo [i.e., hypochondria], or Vapours & that it may have such an effect on her friends is the wish of M[ar]y Darly'
3. Etched lettering: 'Rules for Drawing all sorts of Carricaturas./ Observe what sort of a line forms the Phiz or Carrick, you want to describe wither its straight lind, externaly circular, internaly circular, or Ogee'd, when you have found out the line, then take notice of the parts as to their situation, projection & sinking, then by comparing your observations with the samples in the book delineate your Carrick giving it the proper touches till finish'd. keep constantly practising from this book till drawing in this manner becomes familiar & easy & is attended with pleasure.'
4. 'Noses': sixteen examples
5. 'Mouths': twelve examples
6. Three large male heads in profile with five smaller profiles
7. 'Straightlind Carrics': six examples of exaggeratedly vertical profiles to right
8. 'Angular Carrics': six examples of profiles to right with large noses and receding chins
9. 'Ogee Carrics': six examples of profiles following curving outlines
10. 'External circular Carrics': six circles each with a profile looking outwards on either side
11. 'Internal Circular Carrics': six circles each with a profile looking inwards on either side
The remainder of the pages contain examples of caricatured heads in a variety of styles, some evidently copied from other prints, e.g. nos 21, 26 and 27, after prints by Hollar copying caricatures by Leonardo (see 1858,0626.278, 1858,0626.272 and 1858,0626.273), and no.31 after one of Pierleone Ghezzi's caricatures in 'A Drawing Book of six Italian charicaturas' published in 1743by John Bowles (see 1928,1210.400).

Etchings, bound with tooled leather spine and boards covered with marbled paper.





British Museum

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