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A bar of song (1914) (14595183620)


A bar of song (1914) (14595183620)



Identifier: barofsong00harm (find matches)
Title: A bar of song
Year: 1914 (1910s)
Authors: Harman, Henry Elliot, 1866-1928
Publisher: Columbia, S.C., State Company
Contributing Library: The Library of Congress
Digitizing Sponsor: Sloan Foundation

Text Appearing Before Image:
And yet ye go, like gods of liherty-—laggard or fieet/^ LONESOME PINE Have you no friendships you may call your own?No comrades, who with you may face the windAnd to the storm-gods restless fury bend.When all the heath with wreckage has been strown? Nature has served you with a pauper hand.Far to the East runs on the leagueless mainWhence come the winds and Autumns ceaseless rain.Your sustenance is from the lifeless sand. And yet how brave, through all the years youve been.You lift a scanty form against the skyAnd kiss the mists that float in langor byAnd wisdom teach the selfishness of men. GUILT Bowed and bare to the lashs cutThe slave Itent low to take his punishment;And when he sought repose within his hutEven amid his pain, somehow, he found content.But in a mansion where the conscience stingSent through a soul its taunting of unrestAlas! the l)ird of guilt would not take wingBut made its home within the victims breast. 70
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Nature has served you with a pauper hand/





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