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53rd annual catalog - 1931 (1931) (16045798443)


53rd annual catalog - 1931 (1931) (16045798443)



Title: 53rd annual catalog : 1931
Identifier: 53rdannualcatalo1931jtlo (find matches)
Year: 1931 (1930s)
Authors: J. T. Lovett Company; Henry G. Gilbert Nursery and Seed Trade Catalog Collection
Subjects: Berries Catalogs; Flowers Catalogs; Plants Catalogs; Horticulture Catalogs; Fruit Catalogs; Commercial catalogs New Jersey Little Silver
Publisher: Little Silver, N. J. : Lovett's Nursery
Contributing Library: U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Agricultural Library
Digitizing Sponsor: U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Agricultural Library

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Lovetfs GAGO GRAPE Awarded a Medal by The American Insti- tute of New York—the Highest Honor ever con- ferred upon a new grape. The deciding factors in favor of Caco are its hardi- ness and its unusually rich and sugary flavor, which alone would mark it as a superb discovery. No other grape grown out-of-doors or under glass can surpass Caco in quality, beauty, dependabil- ity, or as a combination of all % these qualities. It stands uniq^ue among the hardy grapes of to- day. Color, red and amber, beautifully overlaid with bloom. Prices, 2=year=oId, each, 75c; dozen, $7.50; 100, $50.00. Heavy fruiting age vines, each, $1.50; dozen, $15.00. Cultural Directions Where space permits, the vines may be set 8 feet apart each way, though, in limited space, the rows can be as close as 4 feet apart with the plants 8 feet apart in the rows. After the first year's growth, each vine should be re- duced to three strong branches 18 to 24 inches long. After that, each season's growth should be pruned back, leaving only the strongest branches and bearing three to four buds or "eyes" each. Standard Varieties of GRAPES The Pick of the Choicest AQAWAM—Red. A large grape, ripening with Concord. Sweet, with rich, aromatic flavor. A rank grower, and very productive. 2 years, each, 50c; doz., $5.00. Heavy fruiting age vines, each, $1.00; doz., $10.00. BRIGHTON —Until the introduction of Caco, this was regarded as the high- est in quality of all hardy grapes. The medium-sized are wine - red, and the bunches r/un somewhat larger than those of Caco. Ripens in midseason. 2 yrs., each 50c; doz. $5. CAMPBELL'S EARLY — A new variety of strong, vigorous growth ; very hardy and very early. The ber- ries are large, dark blue, skin thick and tough, making it a good shipper; flesh sweet, with slight aroma. Since this variety is lacking in pollen, it should be planted rather near a vine or vines of some other variety, other- wise, the fruit produced is liable to be in small poorly shaped bunches. 2=year, each, 50c; dozen, $5.00. CATAWBA—Red. One of the latest grapes, and for this reason should be planted in every garden and every vineyard, to pro- long the season. Size large; firm and sweet. 2- year, each, 50c; doz. $5.00. CHAMPAGNE—Excep- tionally prolific in amber colored clusters of sweet, sugary grapes, ideal for wine or grape-juice, and a good table variety. Of iron- clad constitution, very dis- ease-resistant, and has never been known to win- terkill. Price, 2 years, each, 75c; dozen, $7.50; 100. $5J). Heavy fruiting age vines, each, $1.50; dozen, $15.00. CONCORD—Best known and most popular variety in America. It succeeds practically everywhere. Its large black berries are borne in large bunches and, being covered with a de- cided bloom, they are of most attractive appear- ance. Of good quality. 2 years, each, 25c; doz= en, $2.50; 100, $12.00; 1,000, $95.00. Heavy fruiting age vines, each 75c; dozen, $7.50. DELAWARE —An old-time red variety. Bunch and berry small, refined, high quality. Prolific, but a rather weak grower and some- what subject to mildew. 2 years, each, 50c; dozen, $5.00. DIAMOND (Moore's)—Bunches large and compact. Berry large, greenish white, juicy and of good quality. A vigorous grower and pro- lific. Ripens early. 2 years, each, 50c; doz. $5. GOETHE—Red, ripens late, one of the finest flavored red grapes under cultivation; we are sure that gardeners will like it. 2 years, each, 50c; doz., $5.00. Heavy fruiting age vines, each, $1.00; doz. $10.00





U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Agricultural Library

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53rd annual catalog 1931 1931
53rd annual catalog 1931 1931