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4Fi00036 1821 Garneray vue d'ensemble de la Penfeld


4Fi00036 1821 Garneray vue d'ensemble de la Penfeld



Français : Penfeld. - Port : vue d'ensemble depuis l'entrée rive droite, à droite le château.

Set of images depicting various harbors, ports, and piers together with ships, fishing and sailing boats, and all types of haven-like places and views. All large image sets on are made in two steps: First, we picked a set to train AI vision to recognize the feature, and after that, we ran all 25M+ images in our database through an image recognition machine. As usual, all media in the collection belong to the public domain. There is no limitation on the dataset usage - educational, scientific, or commercial.

Jean-François Garneray (1755-1837) was a French painter known for his marine and naval scenes. He was born in Paris and trained under the renowned marine painter Joseph Vernet. Garneray's works often depicted naval battles, ships and seascapes with great detail and realism. Garneray's career was closely linked to the French Navy, as he served as a naval artist and travelled extensively on board various ships, including those involved in the Napoleonic Wars. His first-hand experience at sea lent authenticity to his depictions of maritime life and naval engagements. In addition to his marine scenes, Garneray also painted portraits and landscapes.





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