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1973 spring flower and vegetable calendar and guide to successful gardening (1973) (16670247542)


1973 spring flower and vegetable calendar and guide to successful gardening (1973) (16670247542)



Title: 1973 spring flower and vegetable calendar and guide to successful gardening
Identifier: 1973springflower19fwbo (find matches)
Year: 1973 (1970s)
Authors: F. W. Bolgiano & Co; Henry G. Gilbert Nursery and Seed Trade Catalog Collection
Subjects: Nurseries (Horticulture) Catalogs; Bulbs (Plants) Catalogs; Seeds Catalogs; Trees Catalogs; Gardening Equipment and supplies Catalogs; Vegetables Catalogs
Publisher: Washington, D. C. : F. W. Bolgiano
Contributing Library: U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Agricultural Library
Digitizing Sponsor: U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Agricultural Library

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10 days) A medium-sized Pumpkin developed especially for the Halloween trade Stands 9 inches high and measures 7 to 8 inches in diameter, with smooth skin and firm, even-textured flesh Just the right size and shape for easy carving Pkt, 25it ; oz 60c,; 'A lb $1 80. postpaid. King of the Mammoths or Potiron. (120 days) Averaging 60 pounds, specimens often weigh over 100 pounds- Although largely used for stock feed the quality is good and makes a splendid pie Pkt 25c , oz 60c,, '/4 lb $180. postpaid. Sugar or New England Pie. (108 days ) The ideal home Pumpkin, weighing 6 to 8 pounds each The roundish fruits are deep orange with bright orange, thick, sweet, dry flesh of high quality Pkt 25c , oz 60c,: 'A lb $1 80, postpaid. POTATOES SELECTED MAINE SEED vhich have proved satisfactory i A U S Department of Agriculture origination maturing a few days later than Irish Cobbler It is disease- resistant and a heavier yielding than Cobbler. A smooth Potato with light skin Irish Cobbler. This great extra-early Potato is smooth and has creamy white skin and white flesh of top eating quality A vigorous grower, the tubers ripening uniformly and keeping well Handsome, shallow-eyed, white-skinned tubers maturing earlier than Green Mountain Desirable cooking qualities Disease-resistant and does best on light soils. ighly resistant to late blight and wild mosaic Very vigorous growing, high yielding, late maturing Crisp white flesh Red Norland. One of the earliest varieties grown Popular because of its great productiveness, handsome color, and resistance to disease Sweet Potatoes Plants ready in May and should be planted m May or Porto Rico. A large yielder of deep i tubers Nancy Hall. Well known and popular RAPE Dwarf Essex. A hardy, quick-growing, smooth-leaved variety. While young it is very sweet and growth is so rapid that leaves may be cut in three weeks from seeding Sow in succession from early spring through the fall. Pkt 25c. oz 60it, 'A lb. $1.80. postpaid. RADISHES CULTURE Radishes require light rich soil and must have plenty of moisture to be crisp and tender Plant as early as ground is workable, sowing thinly in rows or broadcast in borders: repeat every two weeks for succession Sow seed Early Varieties (24 days ) The brightest cherry-red Radish. Pull It small or let it grow as big as a silver dollar and it will still be crisp and solid. True ball shape with thin tap-root. Good- sized top makes it a good buncher. Recommended for home and market gardens. Pkt. 25c, oz. 45e; 'Alb.$1.25. postpaid. Cherry Belle. (24 days.) This Radish has a short top and short tap-root. Solid, crisp and especially good for forcing Round, and red as a cherry. Pkt. 25c. oz. 40c: 'Alb $1.00 postpaid. Early Scarlet Globe. (24 days ) A handsome small oval Radish of brilliant scarlet It has a small top and forces perfectly without becoming pithy or spongy The flesh is tender, juicy, and mild Equally good for garden or forcing Pkt. 25c. oz 45c.. '/4 lb $1 25. postpaid. Sparkler White-Tip. (25 days ) Nearly round, carmine-red roots have a small white tip Flesh white, crisp, and mild Pkt 25c. oz 45c, '/,lb $1 25. postpaid. White Icicle. (27 days.) Transparent white roots. 5 inches or longer, with brittle flesh of mild, inviting flavor Remains in good condition a long time after it is ready to pull Pkt 25c. oz 45c.: 'A lb $1 25. postpaid.
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Winter Varieties Long Black Spanish. (58 days.) Cylindrical, somewhat roughened, black-skinned roots with solid, white, pungent flesh A fine keeper Pkt 25c: oz 45c.: 'A lb.$125. postpaid. RHUBARB One ounce will produce 500 plants CULTURE Sow seed 1 inch deep in rows and thin to stand 6 inches apart By fall, plants should be moved to their permanent location, in heavily manured ground, and spaced 3 to 4 feet apart A heavy manure mulch around the crowns each winter will furnish extra-quality stalks Victoria. A vigorous variety with i of excellent quality Pkt 25c: postpaid. ROOTS DIVISION: doz $4 25 postpaid. SALSIFY or OYSTER PLANT One ounce will sow 50 feet or row; 8 to 10 pounds, an acre CULTURE Does best in a light, rich, mellow soil and requires about same treatment as parsnips: can be left in ground all winter Sow 1 inch deep in rows early tn spring Thin to stand 6 inches apart- delicious vegetable and really has an oyster h. (120 days) Roots 8 to 9 inches long and 1 Vi to 2 inches in diameter. Flesh is almost white and the oyster flavor is excellent Pkt. 25c: oz 70c '/. lb. $1.35. SPINACH One ounce will sow 100 feet or row; 15 pounds, an acre Spinach is an excellent source of supply for vitamins A and C and for iron An important vegetable for everyone's diet CULTURE Use well-manured ground, and sow in rows, covering 1 inch deep, later thinning to 5 inches apart. Sow every two weeks from early spring until hot weather Sow again in September for a fall crop Selected Bloomsdale Savoy. (40 days) A first-early vigorous variety producing fast-growing plants which are hardy and attractive Leaves are dark glossy green in color and are heavily savoyed. Pkt 25c, oz 45c,: /sib,$1.25. postpaid. Long-standing Bloomsdale Savoy. (45 days ) Remain m cutting condition long after earlier types have gone to seed Highly crumpled and blistered dark green leaves Pkt. 25c. oz 45c.: 'Alb. $1.25, postpaid. New Zealand (Tetragonia expansal. (55 days ) The thick dark green foliage can be picked repeatedly throughout the summer and fall and cooked like Spinach Seeds are hard and should be soaked for some time in warm water and planted in warm soil Thrives in hot weather Pkt 25c, oz 45c.. 'A lb $1.25. postpaid.





U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Agricultural Library

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1973 spring flower and vegetable calendar and guide
1973 spring flower and vegetable calendar and guide