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1944 Passover for members of the Armed Services in Washington, DC


1944 Passover for members of the Armed Services in Washington, DC



"When I got to the barracks, the first thing I was told was that I was in charge of the Jewish girls for Friday night services. My mother was very happy when I told her. We had Passover Seder at the Hotel Hamilton. I was a laboratory technician."..Collection of The Jewish Historical Society of Greater Hartford..We're happy for you to share this digital image within the spirit of The Commons. Certain restrictions on high quality reproductions of the original physical version of apply though; if you're unsure please visit the Jewish Women's Archive ( ) website...For obtaining reproductions of images from The Jewish Historical Society of Greater Hartford, please visit the JHSGH website ( ) .

Images of American Jewish Women and World War II: The stories and documents of American Jews who lived through World War II, as well as the materials they saved from the war years, are in danger of being lost forever. The Jewish Women’s Archive is dedicated to uncovering, chronicling, and transmitting to a broad public the rich history of American Jewish women. One of the first Jewish organizations to recognize and invest in the potential of the Internet for academic, cultural, archival, and educational purposes, JWA continues to use technology to collect and share Jewish women's stories. Its innovative website,, provides free access to a wide range of resources on American Jewish women, past and present, celebrated and unknown.






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