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1908 Scott Motorcycle Patent - Drawing. Public domain image.


1908 Scott Motorcycle Patent - Drawing. Public domain image.



The image of the general layout of the Scott motorcycle taken from the patent GB190816564 (1908)
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The Scott motorcycle layout was novel at the time and has many features used today. "The present invention relates to improvements in open frame motor cycles, and has for its object to provide a motor cycle with a very low centre of gravity." The central fuel tank mounted low down is something found on the latest racing motorcycles, the step through frame is found on scooters and commuter machines, the water-cooled two stroke twin cylinder engine (subject to a separate patent) was smooth and powerful, and the bike won hill-climbs and races to the point where the governing body had to handicap it to allow other makes a chance.

Unfortunately Wikipedia doesn't have a tag for GB patents, though it does have one for US patents "PD-US-patent". This needs to be extended to other countries. From the British Library : "A patent is a contract between an inventor and a state. The inventor puts a detailed description of his invention into the public domain and in return the state grants him the right to prevent anyone else exploiting his invention for a limited period of time." So if not a generic PD-patent, then a PD-GB-patent tag is required ?





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