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1895 annual descriptive catalogue of seeds (1895) (16479046590)


1895 annual descriptive catalogue of seeds (1895) (16479046590)



Title: 1895 annual descriptive catalogue of seeds
Identifier: 1895annualdescri1895alfr (find matches)
Year: 1895 (1890s)
Authors: Alfred Bridgeman (Firm); Bridgeman, Alfred; Henry G. Gilbert Nursery and Seed Trade Catalog Collection
Subjects: Nursery stock New York (State) New York Catalogs; Vegetables Seeds Catalogs; Flowers Seeds Catalogs; Gardening Equipment and supplies Catalogs; Fruit Seedlings Catalogs
Publisher: New York : : Alfred Bridgeman
Contributing Library: U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Agricultural Library
Digitizing Sponsor: U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Agricultural Library

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SHARPLESS STRAWBERRY. CUMBERLAND TRIUMPH STRAWBERRY. HARDY GRAPE-VINES, continued. Isabella. Medium-early; large, purplish black ; with little pulp. 30 cents each. Lady Washington. White; bunches and berries quite large and of good flavor. 75 cts. Lindley (Rogers'No. 9). Light bronze; berries medium size; of rich aromatic flavor. 50 cents each. Martha. Very early, large, pale yellow ; pulpy and very sweet. 35 cents each. Merrimac (Rogers' No. 19). Early, large, black; one of the most vigorous and pro- ductive. 40 cents each. Moore's Early. Berries large, black; bunches large and very compact. 50 cents each. Prentiss. Bunch large; berry of medium size, yellowish green, sometimes tinted rose color. 75 cents each. STRAWBERRIES. Strawberries may be grown in any soil that will produce good garden vegetables. A light clay loam, well enriched with rotten barn-yard manure, is the most favorable soil for most varieties. (Prices are for pot-grown plants. Layer-plants at one-half the prices affixed.) Per doz. Per 100 Bubach. Pistillate. A leading variety ; berries large and handsome ; plant of strong growth, and exceedingly productive $0 50 $3 00 Charles Downing. A well-known and popular family berry of fine flavor; the plants do well in most soils and locations 50 3 00 Cumberland Triumph. An excellent early variety ; berries of fine color, large and of a delicious flavor 50 3 00 Dayton. (New.) The plants are robust, compact growers ; fruit of a crimson color, large size, uniform shape; very productive. Early to medium 75 4 00 Golden Defiance. Pistillate. This variety is very strong and hardy ; fruit of a beautiful crimson ; season late 50 3 00 Gandy. The berries are of mammoth size and shape, of a bright crimson color ; one of the best and finest late sorts ; flavor of superior quality 75 3 50 Jessie. A fine-flavored, firm, early berry ; requires rich soil and good cultiva- tion ; mid-season 50 2 50 Jersey Queen. One of the best late varieties ; fruit large, bright crimson, firm, and of fine quality 50 2 50 Lovett's Early. A vigorous, healthy grower; fruit large, firm, enormously productive; blossoms perfect 75 4 50





U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Agricultural Library

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1895 annual descriptive catalogue of seeds
1895 annual descriptive catalogue of seeds