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1855 Colton Map of Washington and Oregon - Geographicus - WashingtonOregon-colton-1855


1855 Colton Map of Washington and Oregon - Geographicus - WashingtonOregon-colton-1855



A beautiful 1855 first edition first state example of Colton's map of the territories of Washington and Oregon. This is one of the rarest and most desirable of all Colton atlas maps. Based on earlier wall map produced by Colton and D. Griffing Johnson, this map details the regions between the Pacific coast and the Continental Divide. Covers territorial Washington and Oregon including the modern day state of Idaho. Colton identifies a number of important emigrant and exploratory routes including Fremont's Route and the route proposed by Governor Stevens for the Pacific Railroad. On the right hand side of the map, the ephemeral Nebraska territory is drawn at its fullest extent reaching to the border with British America (Canada). This map further identifies various forts, rivers, mountain passes, fords, and an assortment of additional topographical details. Map is hand colored in pink, green, yellow and blue pastels to define territory and state boundaries. Surrounded by Colton's typical spiral motif border. Colton's mapping of Washington and Oregon was extremely transitory and changed significantly from year to year. A full run of these maps are considered an essential addition to any serious Pacific Northwest collection. Dated and copyrighted to J. H. Colton, 1853. Published from Colton's 172 William Street Office in New York City. Issued as page no. 53 in volume 1 of the first edition of George Washington Colton's 1855 Atlas of the World .





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