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Röntgen rays and electro-therapeutics - with chapters on radium and phototherapy (1910) (14571499768)


Röntgen rays and electro-therapeutics - with chapters on radium and phototherapy (1910) (14571499768)



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Title: Röntgen rays and electro-therapeutics : with chapters on radium and phototherapy
Year: 1910 (1910s)
Authors: Kassabian, Mihran Krikor, 1870-1910
Subjects: Electrotherapeutics X-rays Phototherapy Radiology Radiotherapy
Publisher: Philadelphia & London : J.B. Lippincott Company
Contributing Library: Francis A. Countway Library of Medicine
Digitizing Sponsor: Open Knowledge Commons and Harvard Medical School

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nes a compression diaphragm, a stereoscopic apparatus, and anauto-condensation couch for high-frequency currents, whilst the glassshield acts as a protective to operator and patient. C. Hoffmans Measuring Stand and Examining Frame. This consists of two uprights firmly secured to a platform, and sup-porting the square or rectangular shaped measuring frame which can beshifted up and down or to the right or left, by turning a few thumb-screws.The adjustable frame is subdivided into smaller squares. The dividingcross-bars are so constructed as to permit of their being shifted into anyposition and their exact location noted by reading the metric scales atthe sides. Accessory frames are placed at the outside of the ui^rights;one of these acting as a plate-receiver for a skiagram, another supportsthe fluoroscopic screen for a visual examination. Lately I devised a table that meets the requirements for skiagraphy,stereo-skiagraphy, and X-ray treatment. (See Figs. 183 and 184.) It is Plate IV.
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SELF REGULATING X-RAY TUBE. PUNCTURED OR CRACKED.BULB PARTIALLY FILLED WITH AIR. (Tig. 97.) THE EONTGEN EAY APPAEATUS. 191 made of wood, and upon the two parallel horizontal metallic tubes, twovertical metallic rods move to and fro, the latter supporting a horizontalsliding bar of wood, from which is suspended the tube-holder. For skia-graphy the tube can be placed under the table, over the table, or in anyposition in relation to the patients body. The table is provided withan adjustable j)late-holder. The device can be regulated so as to beadapted to any sized plate ; it is attached to the vertical rods. This plate-holder with the plate is placed over the iDart, with the tube beneath thetable, or in the sitting posture the plate is placed against the part, andthe tube behind the patient. In stereo-skiagraphy the plates can bechanged without employing the usual drawer. For treatment, the tubeis placed in a leaden lined wooden box, having an adjustable diaphragm,with any required sized





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