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Zoology Book Scans NYPL 1830s

Zoology books scans from New York Public LibraryCreated by: PICRYLDated: 2016
Masked Paradoxurus,  Paradoxurus (Viverra) Larvatus.
Zoology books scans from New York Public Library
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Baska Terrapin, Emys Baska.
Black Cobra Capella, Naia tripudians, var. nigra.
Murine Dysopes, Dysopes Murinus.
Beautiful Cat, Felis ornata.
Allied Cat, Felis affinis.
Bengal Civet, Viverra Bengalensis.
Brown long nosed Civet, Viverra? fusca.
Collared Civet Bear, Mydaus collaris.
Collared Civet Bear, Mydaus collaris. Skull and head.
Collared Hedge Hog, Erinaceus collaris.
Musk Shrew, Sorex myosurus.
Indian Gerboa Rat,  Gerbillus Indicus.
Indian Field Mouse, Arvicola Indica.
Indian Antelope, Antilope cervicapra. 1. Young in month of January 1822; 2.  ... same Individual in end of Oct. 1823; 3. Adult.
Indian Antelope, Antilopa cervicapra. Head and horn. 1. Young, 2. Adult.
White-backed Vulture, Vultur leuconota.
Bengal Vulture, Vultur Bengalensis. 1 Head of  Vultur Pondicherianus; 2. Head of Vultur monarchus [monachus].
White Dotted Eagle, Aquilla punctata.
White-banded Eagle, Aquilla bifasciata.
Lined Fishing Eagle, Haliætus lineatus.
Plain Fishing Eagle, Haliætus unicolor.
Coromandel Owl, Strix Coromandra.
Chinese Owl, Strix Sinensis.
Almorah Jay, Garrulus Vigorsii.
1. Gular Jay, Garrulus gularis; 2. Beautiful Jay, Garrulus ornatus. Natural size.
Hunting Crow, Kitta venatorius.
Weigler, Rufons Magpie, Pica Vagabunga. Natives of Calcutta.
Chinese Magpie, Pica Sinensis.
Small Paradise Bird, Paradisea minor.
Sirkeer Cuckoo, Centropus Sirkee.
1. Almorah Woodpecker, Picus dimidiatus; 2. Rufus Indian Woodpecker,  Picus rufus.
1. Crimson Woodpecker, Picus mineatus; 2. Indian three-toed Woodpecker, Picus Tiga; 3. A head of Female.
1. Nepaul Woodpecker, Picus Nepaulensis; 2. Moustache Woodpecker, Picus barbatus.
Lesser spotted Woodpecker, Picus Macei. 1. Male, 2. Female, 2a. Wing, 2b. Tail.
1. Brown Woodpecker, Picus Molluccensis. Male and Female; 2. Mahratta Woodpecker, Picus Mahrattensis. Male and Female.
1. Indian Goat Sucker, Caprimulgus Indicus; 2.  Bombay Goat Sucker, Caprimulgus Asiaticus.
1. Balassian [Balastian] Swift, Cypselus palmarum. 1a. Male, 1b. Female, 1c. Young, 1d. Nest;  2. Allied Swift, Cypselus affinis; 3. Chinese Martin, Hirundo Sinensis.
Argus Pheasant, Argus Paeoninus [Pavoninus]. China, 2/3 Natural size.
Hardwicke's Polyplectron, Polyplectron Hardwickii.
Lineated Peacock Pheasant, Polyplectron lineatum.
Reeve's Pheasant, Phasianus Reevesii.
Pucras Pheasant, Phasianus Pucrasia.
Lineated [Nepaul] Pheasant, Phasianus Hamiltonii.
Puple Pheasant, Phasianus purpureus.
1. Javan Hen, Gallus furcatus; 2. Lord Stanley's Hen, Gallus Stanleyi; 3. Bank's Hen, Gallus Bankiva.
Malabar Cock, Gallus gigantea. Natural size.
Malabar Hen, Gallus giganteus. Common in Doab. 4/5 Nat. size.  A. Foot Nat. Size.
Black head Horned Pheasant, Satyra melanocephala. Adult male.
Black headed Pheasant,; Phasianus? melanocephalus. Young male of former.
Black headed Pheasant, Phasianus? melanocephalus. Female.
Pennant's Horned Pheasant, Satyra Pennatii.
Chinese Horned Pheasant, Satyra Temminckii. 3/4 Nat. length.
Bengal Horned Pheasant, Satyra Lathami.
Curria Partridge, Perdix Hardwickii.
1. Concentric Francolin (female), Perdix concentrica;  2. Javan Peacock, Pavo muticus. (Head)
Chuckar Partridge, Perdix chukar. India. Natural size.
1. Hepburn's Francolin, Perdix Hepburnii; 2. Perdix Hepburnii, var. Pallida odypore.
1. Wood Partridge, Perdix gularis; 2. Oriental Partridge, Perdix orientalis.
Olive Partridge, Perdix olivacea.
Eyed Partridge, Perdix oculea. Natural size. Bengal.
Edward's Bustard, Otis Edwardsii. 1/2 Natural length.
Marbled Bustard, Otis marmorata.
Delicious Bustard, Otis deliciosa. Male. 2/3 Natural size.
Delicious Bustard, Otis deliciosa. Female. 2/3 Natural size.
Spur Winged Plover, Charadrius ventralis. Male and Female.
Tetaar Jabiru, Ciconia (Mycteria)  Australis.
Indian white Heron, Ardea orientalis.
1. Cinnamon Heron, Ardea cinnamonea; 1. Yellow necked Heron, Ardea flavicollis.
Spotted Billed Duck, Anas poecillorhyncha.
Girra Teal, Anas girra. Male and Female.
1. Waved Tern, Sterna brevirostris; 2. Orange Billed Tern, Sterna aurantia.
1. Javan Tern, Sterna Javanica; 2. Allied Tern, Sterna similis; 3. Brown Bellied Tern, Sterna acuticauda.
Javan Cormorant, Crabo [Carbo] Javannica.
Eaved Terrapin, Emys tectum.
1. Thugi Terrapin, Emys Thugi.
Kachuga Terrapin, Emys Kachuga.
1. Spotted Terrapin, Emys Guttata [Emys Hamiltonii]; 2. Thicknecked Terrapin, Emys crassicollis.
1, 2. Spinose Terrapin, Emys spinosæ; 3, 4. Amborna Box Tortoise, Cistuda amboinensis.
Eyed Trionyx, Tryonix ocellatus.
Flat Trionyx, Tryonix subplanus.
Egyptian Trionyx, Tryonix  Ægyptiacus, var. Indica. Ganges, called Sewteree, sometimes grows to 240 lbs.
Blue spotted Cophias, Trigonocephalus purpurcornaculatus [purpureo-maculatus]. Singapore.
1, 1a. Spotted Tree Frog, Hyla maculata; 2, 2a. Bengal Frog, Rana Bengalensis.
1. Keeled Nosed Toad, Bufo carinatus; 2, 2a. Doubtful Toad,  Bufo dubius. Bengal.
1. Coach Whip Sisor. Sisor Rabdophorus. Janma. 1/6 Natural size ; 2. Bearded File Fish,  Balistes (Anacanthus) barbatus.
1. Cuvier's Acanthonotus, Silurus (Acanthonotus) Cuvieri; 2. Bengal Ailia, Malapterus (Ailia) Bengalensis; 3. Hamilton's Coilia, Engraulis (Coilia) Hamiltonii. n. Rivers Bengal, nat. size.
1. Hamilton's Carp, Cyprinus (Bangana) Hamiltonii. Nat. size ; 2. Goha Carp,  Cyprinus (Leuciscus) Goha. Natural size. Kosi & Son River.
1. Beautiful Diplopterus, Diplopterus pulcher. Natural size ; 2. Smooth-headed Tetraodon, Tetraodon leiopleura. Indian Ocean. Natural size; 3. Chedra Carp, Cyprinus Chedra. Rivers of Bengal. Natural size.
1. Bruce's Balitora, Balitora Brucei. Mountain Stream. India ; 2. Spotted Balitora, Balitora maculata. Mountain Stream. India ; 3. Gotyla Rock Carp, Cyprinus Gotyla. Mountain Stream. India.
1. Carce Pipe Fish, Syngnathus Carce; 2. Banded Pipe Fish, Syngnathus faciatus; 3. Harwicke's Pipe Fish, Syngnathus Hardwickii; 4. Deokata Pipe Fish, Syngnathus Deocata.
1. Eyed Balistes, Balistes oculatus; 2. Amboina Balistes, Balistes Ambomensis [Amboinensis]; 3. Armed Balistes, Balistes gubarmatus [subarmatus].
1. Chitala Mystus, Mystus Chitala; 2. Kapirat Mystus, Mystus Kapirat.
1. Hardwicke's Julis, Julis Hardwickii;  2. Short-rayed Paradise Fish, PolynemusTeria.
1. Mosal Carp, Cyprinus Mosal; 2. Morala Carp, Cyprinus Morala.
1. Tileo Carp, Cyprinus Tileo; 2. Richardson's Carp, Cyprinus Richardsonii; 3. Beautiful Loach, Botia grandis.
1. Bora Ophisurus, Ophisurus Boro; 2. Harancha Ophisurus, Ophisurus Hurancha [Harancha]; 3. Linear Moringua, Moringua linearis; 4. Hardwicke's Rataboura, Rataboura Hardwickii; 5. Bengal Conger, Muræna Bengalensis.
Allied Herring, Clupea affinis. Penang.
Deformed Hog Fish, Synanaceia grossa. Singapore.
1. Spotted Bearded Shark, Scyllum [Scyllium] maculatum. India, Mus. Brit.; 2. Ornamented Bearded Shark, Scyllum [Scyllium] ornatum. China, Mus. Brit.
Ornamented Trygon, Trygon ornatus. Singapore.

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