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Women of 1880s-1920s

Women Portraits 1900s-1920s, Glass Negatives. Created by: PICRYLDated: 1911
Stine, Sable, Gilliland, Baston, Snow ready for race
The beginning of the twentieth century was a period of dramatic change for women in the West. In the late Victorian period women were constricted by a patriarchal social structure.
But the early twentieth century saw the creation of the Suffragette movement, the catalyst for the rapid social change that occurred over the rest of the century. With career options other than marriage and motherhood opening up to them, women engaged with politics, served in the two world wars, made an impact on the artistic and literary worlds and experienced social and sexual liberation.
Between 1880 and 1910, the number of women employed in the United States increased from 2.6 million to 7.8 million. Women's organizations in towns and cities across the U.S. were working to promote suffrage, better schools, the regulation of child labor, women in unions, and liquor prohibition.
By emphasizing traditional traits, female social reformers created new spaces for themselves in local and then national government even before they had the right to vote.
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Bathing beach beauty contest, [1920], Eliz. Roache (most beautiful suit)
Edith Bolling (married Woodrow Wilson)

Edith Bolling (married Woodrow Wilson)

Photograph shows half-length portrait of Edith Bolling Galt Wilson, seated, facing right. Title from negative sleeve. Forms part of: C.M. Bell Studio Collection (Library of Congress).

Maude by G.P. J. Hood [Jacomb Hood]

Maude by G.P. J. Hood [Jacomb Hood]

Photograph shows Maud Franklin, full-length portrait, standing, facing front, near a doorway. Title from negative sleeve. Film copy negative: LC-J201-11. James and Elizabeth Robins Pennell Collection of Whistleriana.

Miss Alice Hay, Frances Benjamin Johnston collection

Miss Alice Hay, Frances Benjamin Johnston collection

Photograph shows three-quarter length portrait of Alice Hay (Mrs. James Wolcott Wadsworth), seated in chair, facing front. She was the daughter of ambassador and statesman John Milton Hay. Title from negative s... More

Dewey, Mrs. Wife of Adm. seated in home presented by public, about 1902
Evans, Mrs. George (Mary Handy) grand niece of Mathew Brady. May 2, 1934
Helen Hay, Frances Benjamin Johnston collection

Helen Hay, Frances Benjamin Johnston collection

Photograph shows three-quarter length portrait of poet, writer and philanthropist Helen Julia Hay (Mrs. Helen Payne Whitney), seated in front of door, facing front. She was a daughter of ambassador and statesm... More

Arnold Genthe - Three women on Kearney Street, Chinatown, San Francisco
Arnold Genthe - A slave girl in holiday attire, Chinatown, San Francisco
Arnold Genthe - The little mandarin, Chinatown, San Francisco
Arnold Genthe - Chinese girl, Chinatown, San Francisco
Arnold Genthe - Dressed for the feast, Chinatown, San Francisco
May Scheider
Mrs. Carter Harrison
Luella Duys & Eleanor Horrmann
Louise Falconer, Margaret French, Mrs. John C. Powers, Ruth Roberts, Mrs. F.W. Chesebrough, Emilie Brown, Mrs. Nina Duryea and Grace Bristed
Mary Johnston, seated with magazine
Paquin Morning Gown
Mrs. John DeKoven Bowen seated
Grand Duchess Olga, leaning against chair
One of King Sisters
Mae Murray (chinchilla coat)
Kyrle Bellew in "Scandal"
Italian opera singer Galli - Curci
Mrs. O.H.P. Belmont
May Yohe
Farrar in full length fur coat
Italian opera singer Galli-Curci
Fannie Crosby
Olga Petrova
Lady Hamar Greenwood
Italian opera singer Galli - Curci
Mary and Herbert Rawlins
Cora Chase
Alma Francis
Florence La Due
Sally Milgrim
Infanta Eulalie
Mrs. Va. Pearson
Betty Carsdale
Miss May Schneider
Prince Charles of Belgium
Mrs. Martha M. Rogers
Mrs. Gertrude Gilmour
Mrs. A.G. Vanderbilt (Mrs. Margaret Emerson McKim)
Czar of Russia as a child, with unidentified woman
Ruth St. Denis
Farrar in full length fur coat
Tobacco - saleswoman [Dorothy Leonard]
Louise Mayer
Princess Ruprecht of Bavaria & Prince Luitpold
Nellie Melba
Frau Stritt, Miss Carmichael, and Miss MacMillan
Arthur Gordoni, Nora Bayes and child
B. Gimbel and wife
Hulda Guthner
Hilger sisters (Mary, Elsa, Marg.)
Harriet Hoctor
Dr. Elsa Lagergren
Elizabeth R. Wylie
Countess Markiewicz
Countess Clancarty
Connie Regan & "Glorious Me"


Photo shows opera singer Sophie Braslau (1902-1935), a contralto who performed with the Metropolitan Opera, New York City. (Source: Flickr Commons project, 2009 and Jewish Women: A Comprehensive Historical Encyclopedia)

Italian opera singer Galli - Curci
Queen of Belg.
Annette Kellerman
Mary Garden
Maude [i.e. Maud] Powell
Larrmore (seated at table)

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