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Animals Prints NYPL 1800s

Naturalists books scans from New York Public LibraryCreated by: PICRYLDated: 2016
Spectacle Snake.
Naturalists books scans from New York Public Library
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Dancing monkeys
Narwhal; Skull with two teeth (from Leverian Museum).
Adam and Eve among the animals in Paradise
Varie specie di animali quadrupedi.
Cacciatore, provvisioni di caccia, e cani.
Varie specie di animali quadrupedi.
Added title page
Phalæne Vinula.
Dionæa Muscipula.
Polypes (the middle figure magnified)
Chesnut coloured Oran Otan.
Black Oran-Otan. (from Tyson)
Black long-armed  Gibbon;  White long-armed Gibbon.
Dog-faced Baboon.
Variegated Babbon.
Coaita or Spider Monkey.
Ring-tailed Macauco, Slow Lemur
Colugo or Flying Lemur.
Vampyre Bat in two attitudes.
Three-toed Sloth.
Three-banded Armadillo; Nine-banded Armadillo.
Manis tetradactyla or Long-tailed Pangolin;  Manis pentadactyla or short-tailed Pangolin.
Great Ant-Eater.
Two-toed Ant-Eater; Porcupine Ant-Eater.
Duck-billed Platypus.
Beak and feet of the Platypus of their Natural size.
Striped Hyæna.
Leopard; Panther.
Striated Var of Mephitic Weasel; Egyptian Icheneumon.
Virginian Opossum. (from the Leverian Museum).
Petaurine Opossum;  Lemurine Opossum.
Pygmy Opossum. (natural size)
Blueish-grey or Silver Kanguroo.
Common Porcupine.
Common Beaver.
Common Flying Squirrel.
Hamster; Blind Rat.
Common Jerboa.
Syrian Hyrax; Cape Hyrax.
Arabian camel.
Common Antelope (male & female).
Single-horned Rhinoceros.
Common Seal, Pied Seal, var.
The arctic walrus.
Great Mysticete.
Blunt-headed  Cachalot.
Dolphin; Porpesse.
Skeleton of Turkey.
Golden Eagle.
Great horned owl.
Toco; Rhinoceros Bird.
Great Scarlet Maccaw.
Psittacus Augustus.
Picus Pileatus.
Great or Common Paradise Bird.
Common Kingfisher.
Common Cuckow.
Red-throated Humming Bird.
Trochilus Minimus or Least Humming Bird.
Great crowned Pigeon.
Mocking Thrush.
Ultramarine Ampelis.
Coccothraustes ot Grossbill.
Small Taylor-Bird.
Argus Pheasant.
Casuarius Australis; Casuarius Galeatus.
New Holland Jabiru;  Common Jabiru.
Bittern; Stork.
Scarlet Ibis.
Outline of an Ibis from an Egyptian Obelisk;  Egyptian Ibis.
Curlew; Guarauna.
Variable Jacana; Trumpeter.
Turnstone; Long-legged Plover.
Black Swan.
Common Pelican.
Great Awk; Patagonian Penguin.
Wandering Albatross.
Phaeton Æthereus.
Added title page, vol. 2
Title page, vol. 2
Common Tortoise.
Gold Cost animals. Thomas Astley, 1759, publisher
Fierce Tortoise; T. rostrata (Thunberg)
Imbricated Turtle.
Common Frog.
Common Toad.

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