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Victorian Era American Trade Cards

The Charles and Laura Dohm Shields Trade Card Collection is housed in the Walter Havighurst Special Collections Library at Miami University. Donated in 1987 by Charles Dohm Shields the collection contains several thousand advertising trade cards dating from the late 19th and early 20th Century.

The collection was started by Charles's mother Laura Dohm Shields. Trade Cards were typically used to advertise products and services including such items as patent medicines, thread, sewing machines, food and beverages, farm equipment and others.

Trade cards reached the height of their popularity during the 1880's and 1890's. Reduced postal rates and the rise of magazine publishing led to the eventual decline in popularity of this unique American form of advertising.
Woolson Spice Co.
499 Media in collectionpage 1 of 5

S.T.W. Sanford & Sons

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3665 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3665 ) .. Subject (TGM): Patent medicines; Hearts; Lighthouses; Seas; Ships; Storms; Pharmacists;

Lewando's French Dye House

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,4577 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,4577 ) .. Subject (TGM): Palettes; Artists' devices; Artists' materials; Paints & varnishes; Ani... more

Tarrant's Seltzer Aperient

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3905 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3905 ) .. Subject (TGM): Men; Card games; Alcoholic beverages; Tobacco; Extravagance; Smokeless toba... more

Ross W. Weir & Co.

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3914 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3914 ) .. Subject (TGM): Coffee industry; Children; Grandparents; Chairs; Family;

Arbuckle Bros. Coffee Company

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3764 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3764 ) .. Subject (TGM): Coffee industry; Maps; Camels; Palms; Dates; Obelisks; Sphinxes; Hippopotamuses;

Max Strouse

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3558 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3558 ) .. Subject (TGM): Children playing musical instruments; Wind instruments; Poor persons; Cloth... more

Famous Opera Clothing House

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3381 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3381 ) .. Subject (TGM): Children sailing boats; Rowers; Rowboats; Children playing in water; Animal... more

H. Ahronson

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3375 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3375 ) .. Subject (TGM): Children; Girls; Child laborers; Children doing housework; Clothing & d... more

Arbuckle Bros. Coffee Co.

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3887 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3887 ) .. Subject (TGM): Coffee industry; Humorous pictures; Servants; Interviews; Satires (Visual w... more

Arbuckle Bros. Coffee Company

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3761 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3761 ) .. Subject (TGM): Coffee industry; Humorous pictures; Satires (Visual works); Ethnic groups; ... more

J. D. Larkin & Co. (Manufacturers)

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3635 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3635 ) .. Subject (TGM): Presidents; Household soap; Hygiene; Dressing & grooming equipment; Premiums;

C. D. Kenny Tea Dealer and Coffee Roaster

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3830 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3830 ) .. Subject (TGM): Coffee industry; Women; Portraits; Hats; Tea industry; Sugar;

B. T. Babbitt

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3650 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3650 ) .. Subject (TGM): Children; Girls; Boys; Animals; Pets; Dogs; Puppets; Household soap; Laundr... more

John Church Company

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3725 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3725 ) .. Subject (TGM): Pianos; Pianists; Musical instrument industry; Performances; Musicians;

Woolson Spice Co.

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3809 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3809 ) .. Subject (TGM): Coffee industry; Holidays; Easter cards; Children; Girls; Sheep;

C. A. Jackson & Co.

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3782 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3782 ) .. Subject (TGM): Men; Tobacco products; Smokeless tobacco; Poetry; Caricatures; Aged persons... more

New Home Sewing Machine Co.

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,4454 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,4454 ) .. Subject (TGM): Sewing machines; Sewing machine industry; Sewing equipment & supplies; ... more

Higgins German Laundry Soap

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,4496 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,4496 ) .. Subject (TGM): Children playing adults; Boys; Girls; Sailing ships; Sailors; Ship captains... more

Clark's Spool Cotton

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3546 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3546 ) .. Subject (TGM): Thread industry; Sewing equipment & supplies; Children playing musical ... more

Arbuckle Bros. Coffee Company

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,4214 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,4214 ) .. Subject (TGM): Coffee industry; Silver mining; Mining equipment; Smelters; Statehood; Maps;

C. K. Chase

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,4604 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,4604 ) .. Subject (TGM): Children; Infants; Bonnets; Dry goods stores; Flowers;

Hallet & Davis Piano

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3722 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3722 ) .. Subject (TGM): Pianos; Musical instrument industry; Musical instruments; Flowers; Roses;

Grand Union Tea Co.

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,4001 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,4001 ) .. Subject (TGM): Coffee industry; Baking powder; Tea industry; Premiums; Men; Women; Couples... more

Arbuckle Bros.

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3902 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3902 ) .. Subject (TGM): Coffee industry; Sports; Tennis; Fencing; Animal teams; Horses; Carriages &... more

5A Horse Blankets

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3420 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3420 ) .. Subject (TGM): Animals; Horses; Animal teams; Carts & wagons; Farmers;

Arbuckle Bros. Coffee Co.

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3896 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3896 ) .. Subject (TGM): Coffee industry; Animals; Cattle; Bullfighters; Bullfighting; Bulls; Maps;

Woolson Spice Co.

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3854 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3854 ) .. Subject (TGM): Coffee industry; Children; Infants; Birds; Swallows; Flags; Handkerchiefs; ... more

Arbuckle Bros. Coffee Company

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3947 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3947 ) .. Subject (TGM): Coffee industry; Maps; Statehood; Agriculture; Animal teams; Ox teams; Plowing;

Brown Chemical Co.

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3450 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3450 ) .. Subject (TGM): Women; Patent medicines; Medicines; Pharmacists; Drugstores;

James Pyle

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3647 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3647 ) .. Subject (TGM): Children; Girls; Children playing adults; Children doing housework; Household soap;

Hill Brothers

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3528 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3528 ) .. Subject (TGM): Women; Clothing & dress; Hats; Umbrellas; Gloves; Clothing industry; Cl... more

Woolson Spice Company (Manufacturers)

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3797 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3797 ) .. Subject (TGM): Coffee industry; Holidays; Christmas cards; Saints; Fictitious characters;

Arbuckle Bros. Coffee Company

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3986 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3986 ) .. Subject (TGM): Coffee industry; Maps; Statehood; Wine; Wine cellars; Wine industry; Fruit;... more

D. C. Park (Dealer)

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,4655 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,4655 ) .. Subject (TGM): Birds; Plants; Grocery stores; Flour & meal industry; Food; Dry goods stores;

H. N. Ayres

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3537 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3537 ) .. Subject (TGM): Children; Insects; Costumes; Shoes; Shoe industry; Shoe stores;

Lautz Bros. & Co. (Manufacturers)

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,4502 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,4502 ) .. Subject (TGM): Girls; Children sewing; Children's clothing & dress; Knitting; Hosiery;... more

Thomson & Taylor Spice Co.

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3827 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3827 ) .. Subject (TGM): Coffee industry; Explorers; Indians of North America; Historical events; History;

Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3695 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3695 ) .. Subject (TGM): Patent medicines; Women; Autographs; Photographs; Drugstores; Pharmacists;

J. D. Larkin & Co. (Manufacturers)

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3617 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3617 ) .. Subject (TGM): Presidents; Household soap; Hygiene; Dressing & grooming equipment; Premiums;

Arbuckle Bros. Coffee Company

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3875 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3875 ) .. Subject (TGM): Coffee industry; Livestock; Animals; Sheep; Shepherds; Rain; Umbrellas; Rec... more

White Sewing Machine Co.

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,4457 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,4457 ) .. Subject (TGM): Women; Sewing equipment & supplies; Sewing machine industry; Sewing mac... more

J. H. Crane Furniture

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,4505 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,4505 ) .. Subject (TGM): Children; Girls; Servants; Child laborers; Children doing housework; Furnit... more

Arbuckle Bros. Coffee Co

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,4220 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,4220 ) .. Subject (TGM): Coffee industry; Pioneers; Wagon trains; Carts & wagons; Covered wagons... more

C. D. Kenny Tea Dealer and Coffee Roaster

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3836 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3836 ) .. Subject (TGM): Coffee industry; Children; Girls; Rabbits; Flowers; Tea industry; Sugar;

Brosius and Bell

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3236 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3236 ) .. Subject (TGM): Animal teams; Birds; Pigeons; Doves; Angels; Cupids; Shoes; Chariots; Carts... more

Dayton Spice Mills Co.

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3932 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3932 ) .. Subject (TGM): Coffee industry; Children; Boys; Children eating & drinking;

Max Strouse, (Reliable One Price Clothier)

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3339 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3339 ) .. Subject (TGM): Children; Boys; Child labor; Child laborers; Children doing housework; Chil... more

Acme Soap

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,4574 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,4574 ) .. Subject (TGM): Animals; Birds; Chickens; Birds' eggs & nests; Fairies; Clowns; Fantasy... more

Heinrich Franck Soehne & Comp.

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3758 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3758 ) .. Subject (TGM): Coffee industry; Elves; Dwarfs; Fictitious characters;

Superior Drill Company

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3414 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3414 ) .. Subject (TGM): Fruit; Plants; Apples; Apple trees; Agricultural machinery & implements... more

Arbuckle Bros. Coffee Co.

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,4022 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,4022 ) .. Subject (TGM): Coffee industry; Maps; Elephants; Spices; Canals; Cities & towns;

Arbuckle Bros. Coffee Co.

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,4380 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,4380 ) .. Subject (TGM): Coffee industry; Ships; Piers & wharves; Shipping; Waterfronts; Animals... more

Woolson Spice Co.

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3740 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3740 ) .. Subject (TGM): Coffee industry; Landscapes (Representations); Country life; Houses; Chimneys;

Arbuckle Bros. Coffee Company

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3773 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3773 ) .. Subject (TGM): Coffee industry; Animals; Lions; Mountains;

E. W. Hoyt & Co. (Proprietors)

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3531 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3531 ) .. Subject (TGM): Women; Children; Infants; Fountains; Ablution fountains; Roman temples; Per... more

Dayton Spice Mills Co.

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3863 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3863 ) .. Subject (TGM): Coffee industry; Photolithographs; Rock formations; Railroads; Rivers; Valleys;

Allen's Lung Balsam

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3480 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3480 ) .. Subject (TGM): Women; Children & adults; Girls; Fireplaces; Patent medicines; Sewing; Thread;

Arbuckle Bros.

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,4283 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,4283 ) .. Subject (TGM): Ethnic groups; Costumes; Clothing & dress; Animals; Tigers; Elephants; ... more

L. E. Henry, Manufacturer

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3435 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3435 ) .. Subject (TGM): Children playing musical instruments; Children & animals; Children sing... more

Belding's Superior Silks

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3387 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3387 ) .. Subject (TGM): Winter; Snow; Holidays; Visiting; Sleds & sleighs; Animals; Horses; Ani... more

Arbuckle Bros.

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,4425 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,4425 ) .. Subject (TGM): Ethnic groups; Musical instruments; Guitars; Children misbehaving; Children... more

Couch & Woodruff Fine Shoes

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3534 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3534 ) .. Subject (TGM): Flowers; Shoes; Shoe stores; Shoe industry;

Lovering the Shoe-Man

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3245 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3245 ) .. Subject (TGM): Mosques; Boats; Sailboats; Lakes & ponds; Bodies of water; Palms; Shoes... more

Arbuckle Bros.

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,4374 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,4374 ) .. Subject (TGM): Coffee industry; Ranchers; Ranches; Pioneers; Explorers; History; Waterfall... more

J. D. Larkin & Co. (Manufacturers)

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3600 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3600 ) .. Subject (TGM): Presidents; Household soap; Hygiene; Dressing & grooming equipment; Premiums;

Herm. Gremmels

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3447 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3447 ) .. Subject (TGM): Women; Feathers; Clothing & dress; Cigarette cards; Tobacco products; T... more

Arbuckle Bros.

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,4353 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,4353 ) .. Subject (TGM): Coffee industry; Statehood; Indians of North America; Indigenous peoples; L... more

Higgins German Laundry Soap

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,4580 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,4580 ) .. Subject (TGM): Women; Mothers & children; Bathing; Wash tubs; Household soap; Ethnic g... more

Arbuckle Bros. Coffee Company

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3935 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3935 ) .. Subject (TGM): Coffee industry; Maps; Sugar industry; Corn; Statehood;

W.F. McLaughlin & Co.

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3800 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3800 ) .. Subject (TGM): Coffee industry; Women; Actresses; Celebrities; Singers;

Arbuckle Bros. Coffee Company

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,4112 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,4112 ) .. Subject (TGM): Coffee industry; Statehood; Mining; Steel industry; Iron industry; Iron min... more

Arbuckle Bros. Coffee Company

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3911 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3911 ) .. Subject (TGM): Coffee industry; Statehood; Indians of North America; Bison hunting; Horses... more

Singer Manufacturing Co.

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,4419 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,4419 ) .. Subject (TGM): Portraits; Women; Puns (Visual works); Singers; Opera singers; Celebrities;... more

Arbuckles Stores

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3495 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3495 ) .. Subject (TGM): Buildings; Factories; Harbors; Ships; Women; Agricultural laborers; Plants;... more

Curtis, Davis & Co.

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,4544 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,4544 ) .. Subject (TGM): Children & animals; Pets; Dogs; Estates; Dwellings; Household soap; Chi... more

E. W. Hoyt & Co.

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3283 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3283 ) .. Subject (TGM): Flowers; Roses; Perfumes; Dressing & grooming equipment; Cosmetics & soap;

National Horse and Carriage Mart Moses Colman & Son, Proprietors

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3408 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3408 ) .. Subject (TGM): Women; Animals; Horses; Saddles; Watering troughs; Auctions; Auctioneers; C... more

Arbuckle Bros.

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,4115 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,4115 ) .. Subject (TGM): Coffee industry; Statehood; History; Historical events; Indians of North Am... more

Arbuckle Bros.

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,4133 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,4133 ) .. Subject (TGM): Coffee industry; Beaches; Bathhouses; Opera houses; Children playing with toys;


Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3662 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3662 ) .. Subject (TGM): Patent medicines; Children playing with toys; Girls; Jack-in-the-boxes;

William J. Stitt & Co.

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,4163 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,4163 ) .. Subject (TGM): Coffee industry; Spices; Children; Girls; Rope skipping; Bonnets;

Clark's Spool Cotton

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3369 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3369 ) .. Subject (TGM): Infants; Children playing musical instruments; Children playing soldiers; M... more

Arbuckle Bros. Coffee Company

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3956 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3956 ) .. Subject (TGM): Coffee industry; Maps; Statehood; Sugar plantations; Cotton industry; Steam... more

J. D. Larkin & Co. (Manufacturers)

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3629 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3629 ) .. Subject (TGM): Presidents; Household soap; Hygiene; Dressing & grooming equipment; Premiums;

Tarrant's Seltzer Aperient

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3938 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3938 ) .. Subject (TGM): Women; Dressing tables; Boudoirs; Mirrors; Patent medicines;

Eureka Silk

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3393 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3393 ) .. Subject (TGM): Men; Children & adults; Boys; Fish; Fishermen; Fishing; Eels; Sea monst... more

Arbuckle Bros.

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3890 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3890 ) .. Subject (TGM): Coffee industry; Archery; Knights; Horses; Armor; Jousting;

Kenton Baking Powder

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3215 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3215 ) .. Subject (TGM): Animals; Birds; Plants; Starch industry; Flowers; Tree limbs; Trademarks; M... more

Woolson Spice Co.

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3752 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3752 ) .. Subject (TGM): Coffee industry; Landscape drawings; Winter; Snow; Flowers;

Arbuckle Bros. Coffee Company

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3941 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3941 ) .. Subject (TGM): Coffee industry; Animals; Pandas; Raccoons;

J. D. Larkin & Co. (Manufacturers)

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3632 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3632 ) .. Subject (TGM): Presidents; Household soap; Hygiene; Dressing & grooming equipment; Premiums;

Empress Range

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,4463 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,4463 ) .. Subject (TGM): Animals; Birds; Chickens; Eggs; Birds' eggs & nests; Stoves; Stove indu... more

Geo. E. Hayden, (Costumer)

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3372 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3372 ) .. Subject (TGM): Fairies; Cupids; Costumes; Theatrical productions; Cosmetics & soap; De... more

T.E. Moseley & Co.

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3230 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3230 ) .. Subject (TGM): Animals in human situations; Primates; Monkeys; Flowers; Shoes; Boots; Shoe... more

Woolson Spice Co.

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,4064 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,4064 ) .. Subject (TGM): Coffee industry; Children kissing; Mistletoe; Stairways;

Burns [Restaurant]

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3221 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3221 ) .. Subject (TGM): Insects; Butterflies; Flowers; Oysters; Restaurants; Seafood; Eating & drinking;

Jas. W. Hamblet (Manufacturers)

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,4085 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,4085 ) .. Subject (TGM): Tea industry; Coffee industry; Animals in human situations; Primates; Monke... more

Edwin C. Burt Fine Shoes

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3656 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3656 ) .. Subject (TGM): Children; Boys; Insects; Bees; Birds; Flowers; Plants; Shoes; Shoe industry... more

T.E. Moseley & Co.

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3233 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3233 ) .. Subject (TGM): Animals in human situations; Tobacco pipes; Shoes; Animal feeding; Stools; ... more

Arbuckle Bros.

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,4226 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,4226 ) .. Subject (TGM): Men; Women; Children; Oceans; Seas; Islands; Drums; Clothing & dress; C... more