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Victor Talking Machine

The Victor Talking Machine Company was an American flagship record company headquartered in Camden, New Jersey.Created by: PICRYLDated: 1921
In dear old Georgia
The Victor Talking Machine Company was an American flagship record company headquartered in Camden, New Jersey. In 1915, the "His Master's Voice" logo was rendered in immense circular leaded-glass windows in the tower of the Victrola factory building.
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Advertisement: Victor Records: the Benson Orch. of Chicago
[Victor Record Shop]
Advertisement for Victor Records: Enrico Caruso sings Largo from "Xerxes"
The Star Spangled Banner
The night alarm
A trip to the circus
Home, sweet home
Second Connecticut march
Hu-la hu-la cake walk
Maryland, my Maryland
Monarch Minstrel, first part, no. 3
The sleighing party
First comes your duty to your flag
Second Connecticut march
The passing of a circus parade
In the sweet bye and bye
Steal away
Home, sweet home
United Service passing in review
Levee revels
Down in the subway
Vesti la giubba
Yankee Doodle
General Hard Tack
Babes in Toyland march
Meet me in St. Louis, Louis
Down on the Brandywine
Amour et printemps
Sleighride party
Babes in Toyland medley
Entry of the gladiators march
Medley of Broadway hits
I can' I cant do that sum
The old oaken bucket
In the evening by the moonlight
Sing allelluia forth
The waltz must change to a march, Marie
In dear old Georgia
Give my regards to Broadway
Manila waltz
Home, sweet home
El mar sin playas
Stor-Olas Maja
La golondrina
Come take a skate with me
Hail Columbia!
Parodies on popular songs (1, 2 & 3)
Flickorna i Nerike
Rosie and Rudolph at the skating rink
Praise ye
Some time we' Some time well understand
Down on the Brandywine
Tramp, tramp, tramp
Marching through Georgia
Budweiser' Budweisers a friend of mine
My old Kentucky home
My old Kentucky home
Unknown Take
' A serenata d' 'e trose
How much I love you
Torna a Surriento
Viene a vucà' Viene a vucà
Teddy bears' Teddy bears picnic
Hannibal Hope and the circus parade
Pesca d' Pesca dammore
Serenata napulitana
In the evening by the moonlight
The man who fanned Casey
Old folks at home (with variations)
The vacant chair
Up in my aeroplane
Come take a swim in my ocean
Casey at the bat
The cakewalk in the sky
Little David, play on yo' Little David, play on yo harp
Manila waltz
Come Josephine, in my flying machine
The barn dance
Young America
Down on the Mississippi
The military ball
Any place the old flag flies
Nie szukaj Prawdy
Waiting down by the Mississippi shore
March of the toys
National airs of all nations
Alexander' Alexanders ragtime band
Massa' Massas in de cold, cold ground
That aeroplane glide
Fascinating base-ball slide
The subway glide

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