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History Literacy. Social Studies: Grade-2

In the second grade, the student will examine the lives of notable Americans who expanded peoples’ rights and freedoms in the American system of government.
Students participate in shared and individual research using biographies and informational text historic examples of honesty, courage, patriotism, self-sacrifice, and other admirable character traits seen in citizens and leaders including Abigail Adams, Francis Scott Key, Harriet Tubman, Abraham Lincoln, Chief Joseph, Eleanor Roosevelt, Fred Korematsu, Jackie Robinson, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks, César Chávez, and Senator Daniel Inouye.
Students analyze the significance of historic places including the White House, the United States Capitol, the United States Supreme Court, the Washington Monument, and
The Lincoln Memorial.
Students commemorate months designated to the contributions the American nation of significant groups to the history of including National Hispanic History Month, Native American Heritage Month, Black History Month, Women’s History Month, and Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month.
Students understand chronological sequencing and the connection between historic events and individuals through the creation of basic timelines.
A life-size bronze statue of African-American civil-rights stalwart Rosa Parks, sitting on a bus bench, the focal point of a plaza at a Dallas Area Rapid Transit, or DART, station that was completed in 2009 in Dallas, Texas
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Francis Scott Key, 1780-1843

Portrait, bust, facing front.

Key Mansion

Francis Scott Key mansion in Georgetown. Despite local efforts to save the building, it was razed in 1948 to make way for a ramp connecting the Whitehurst Freeway to the Key Bridge

Key Mansion

Built in 1802 by Thomas Clark, this house is where Francis Scott Key and his family lived while he was a lawer in Georgetown from 1805 -1833. The house was located at 3518 M Street, NW and despite several effor... more

[Select views:] HUD historical highlights. [Secretaries, Presidents, events]

Photographer: HUD Staff; White House Photo Creation Date: 2/11/1961 - 10/13/2009 [Select views:] HUD historical highlights. [Secretaries, Presidents, events]

Abigail Smith Adams

James Sharples (ca. 1751–1811)

Abigail Smith Adams wife of John Adams / photo of portrait by Gilbert Stuart.

Photograph showing Mrs. John Adams, head and shoulder portrait, facing right.

Abraham Lincoln and his son Thad

Abraham Lincoln and his son Thad looking at album.

[Abraham Lincoln on battlefield at Antietam, Maryland, cropped version that highlights McLellan and Lincoln]

Abraham Lincoln with, from left: Col. Alexander S. Webb, Chief of Staff, 5th Corps.; Gen. George B. McClellan; Scout Adams; Dr. Jonathan Letterman, Army Medical Director; an unidentified person; and standing be... more

Abigail Smith Adams

1/2 length, facing right.

[Abraham Lincoln, presidential candidate, half-length portrait, facing right]

Photo of Lincoln made from a negative taken in Springfield, Illinois, by Alexander Hesler on June 3, 1860. One of several poses from that day. "Wrote Lincoln's law partner, William H. Herndon, 'There is the pec... more

Chief Joseph, Nez Perces, from the American Indian Chiefs series (N2) for Allen & Ginter Cigarettes Brands

Trade cards from the "American Indian Chiefs" series (N2), issued in 1888 in a series of 50 cards to promote Allen & Ginter Brand Cigarettes. Issued by Allen & Ginter (American, Richmond, Virginia)

Chief Joseph, Nez Perces, from the American Indian Chiefs series (N36) for Allen & Ginter Cigarettes

Trade cards from the "American Indian Chiefs" series (N36), issued in 1888 in a set of 50 cards to promote Allen & Ginter brand cigarettes. Series N36 reproduces the cards from N2 in a larger size. Issued by Al... more

Chief Joseph, from the Indian Chiefs series (N681) promoting Old Fashion Fine Cut Tobacco

Trade cards from the "Indian Chiefs" series (N681), issued ca. 1888 to promote Old Fashion Fine Cut Tobacco.

[Abraham Lincoln, presidential candidate, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing slightly right]

Photo shows Lincoln in a print made from a negative taken by Alexander Hesler, Springfield, Illinois, June 3, 1860. Lincoln said of this portrait: "That looks better and expresses me better than any I have ever... more

The Old Kitchen in Cottage of John & Abigail Adams

Two rocking chairs by fireplace with cooking pots.

Chief Joseph, Nez Perces

Reproduction of bust-length portrait painting by E.A. Burbank.

Chief Joseph, Nez Percé

Chief Joseph, half-length portrait, seated, facing slightly left, wearing headdress.

[Chief Joseph, ca. 1840-1904]

Half lgth., facing front.

Eleanor Roosevelt Chatting with Injured Naval Man

This photograph depicts Eleanor Roosevelt chatting with Private First Class Robert Kiernam and Private First Class Robert Coles, who were joking about their injuries. Publicity Interviews

[Jackie Robinson and Roy Campanella with manager Leo Durocher]

Front cover illustration showing baseball players Roy Campanella and Jackie Robinson of the Brooklyn Dodgers, with manager Leo Durocher standing between them and pointing with his left hand.

Eleanor Roosevelt Visits U.S. Information Center in Stockholm, Sweden

Original caption: Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt chatting with Miss Dorothy Spofford, librarian at the U.S. Information Center in Stockholm, Sweden. Photographs of Information Center Service Activities in Foreign Countries