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Smithsonian Portraits of Women Scientists

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Alice Brown (1857-1948)

Description: Alice Brown (1857-1948) studied anatomy at Cornell University. When she published The Black Drop (1919), a novel with scientific themes, the publisher emphasized that its "main character inhe... more

Frances Densmore (1867-1957)

Description: Ethnologist Frances Densmore (1867-1957) spent much of her career working in collaboration with the Smithsonian Institution's Bureau of Ethnology and the Library of Congress, as she collected and p... more

Louise Pearce (1885-1959)

Subject: Pearce, Louise 1885-1959. Stanford University. Johns Hopkins University. Rockefeller Institute. Drexel University College of Medicine. Wilson College (Chambersburg, Pa.). Beaver College. Skidmore Colle... more

Mary Agnes Chase (1869-1963), sitting at desk with specimens

Description: Mary Agnes Chase (1869-1963) specialized in the study of grasses and conducted extensive field work in South America, often personally funding her research trips, as it was considered inappropriate... more

Margaret Clay Ferguson (1863-1951)

Description: Plant physiologist Margaret Clay Ferguson (1863-1951) earned her Ph.D. at Cornell University (1901) and taught at Wellesley College from 1893 to 1932. In 1929, she was elected president of the Bot... more

Kathleen Mary Drew-Baker (1901-1957)

Description: British botanist Kathleen Mary Drew-Baker (1901-1957), born in Leigh, Lancashire, is best known for her research on the edible seaweed Porphyra laciniata (nori). Her analysis of the nori lifecycle ... more


90-105, 9, "Greig, Mary- Griffith, Igor"; "Mary Greig was an assistant in the department of public health, American Museum of Natural History, New York."


90-105, 11, "Portraits, Kin-Kiq"; "Eleanor Anthony King (1901-1949) editor of Audubon Magazine and author of Bible Plants for American Gardens (Macmillan, 1941)."


90-105, 10, "Portraits, Jones K-Z"; "Phyllis Jones, May 7, 1935. Because her photograph was attached to a resume, this 28-year-old woman may have been applying to be a Science Service correspondent. Jones had... more


90-105, 11, "Portraits, Ker-Kez"; Geneticist Wilhelmine Marie Euteman Key (b. 1872) was the author of Heredity and Social Fitness (1920).


90-105, 8, Portraits Gar; "Lucretia Rudolph Garfield (1832-1918), wife of President James A. Garfield. The caption to this photo notes that ""Lucretia Garfield lived to the ripe old age of 85."""

Katherine J. Scott Bishop (1889-1976)

Creator: Scott, Julian P..Subject: Bishop, K. Scott (Katharine Scott) 1889-1976. Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine..Type: Black-and-white photographs..Topic: Anatomy. Vitamin E. Women scientists..Loca... more

Ingeborg Schmidt (b. 1899)

Subject: Schmidt, Ingeborg 1899-. Aeromedical Institute. University of Texas. Columbia University. Indiana University..Type: Black-and-white photographs..Date: 1952. Jul-52..Topic: Medicine. Women scientists. O... more


90-105, 9A, "Portraits, Has-Hau"; "Winifred Phillips Hathaway (1870?-1954), Associate Director, National Society for the Prevention of Blindness, had just received the Leslie Dana Gold Medal at the June 1937 As... more


90-105, 9, Portraits Hall (only); "Sophronia Brooks Hall (1827-1885), an 1850 graduate of Oberlin College, was mother of scientist Charles Martin Hall, who endowed an Oberlin auditorium in her honor."


90-105, 13, "Portraits, Maca-Macz"; "Pauline Gracia Beery Mack (1891-1974) was a chemist-nutritionist who moved to Texas Women’s University from Penn State in the early 1950s. Skilled at administration and at o... more

Ava Josephine McAmis (1897-1991)

Subject: McAmis, Ava Josephine 1897-1991. Randolph-Macon Woman's College. University of Texas. Yale University. San Antonio College..Type: Black-and-white photographs..Topic: Chemistry. Women scientists..Local ... more

Annie Jump Cannon (1863-1941)

Subject: Cannon, Annie Jump 1863-1941. Harvard College Observatory..Type: Black-and-white photographs..Topic: Women scientists. Variable stars. Astronomy..Local number: SIA Acc. 90-105 [SIA2008-0648]..Summary: ... more

Matilda Moldenhauer Brooks (b. 1890)

Description: Botanist Matilda Moldenhauer (b. 1890) was completing graduate work at Harvard University (Ph.D., 1920) when she met biologist Sumner Cushing Brooks. During their marriage, Matilda and Sumner cond... more

Mildred Adams Fenton (1899-1995)

Description: Mildred Adams Fenton (1899-1995) trained in paleontology and geology at the University of Iowa. She coauthored dozens of general science books with her husband, Carroll Lane Fenton, including Reco... more


90-105, 12, "Portraits, Leakey, Louis S.B."; "British archeologist and anthropologist Mary Douglas Nicol Leakey (1913-1996) and her husband Louis Seymour Bazett Leakey (1903-1972), 1962."

Willey Glover Denis (1879-1929)

Description: Pioneering biochemist Willey Glover Denis (1879-1929) studied at Sophie Newcomb College (Tulane University), and received a Ph.D. from University of Chicago in 1907; after research which included a... more

Katharine J. Scott Bishop (1889-1976), sitting in lab

Description: Trained as an anatomist, Katharine J. Scott Bishop (1889-1976) graduated from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in 1915 and, working with Herbert M. Evans, discovered the importance of Vi... more


90-105, 9B, Portraits Hin-Hjo-Hl; "Marie Agnes Hinrichs (b. 1892) received her Ph.D. in zoology from the University of Chicago in 1923. After teaching at the university from 1926 to 1934, Hinrichs received an ... more

Jane Stafford (1899-1991)

Description: Although she majored in chemistry at Smith College, Jane Stafford (1899-1991) spent most of her career communicating about medicine. Stafford worked at the American Medical Association before join... more

Mary Isabel McCracken (1866-1955)

Subject: McCracken, Mary Isabel 1866-1955. Stanford University..Type: Black-and-white photographs..Topic: Entomology. Women scientists..Local number: SIA Acc. 90-105 [SIA2008-5634]..Summary: California native a... more

Kathleen Beyer Blackburn, (1892-1968) seated

Subject: Heslop-Harrison, John William 1881-1967. Blackburn, Kathleen Beyer 1892-1968. King¡s College (University of Durham)..Type: Black-and-white photographs..Topic: Women scientists. Botany. Chromosomes. Cyt... more

Mary Lura Sherrill (1888-1968)

Subject: Sherrill, Mary Lura 1888-1968. Mount Holyoke College. Randolph-Macon College. University of Chicago..Type: Black-and-white photographs..Date: 1947..Topic: Chemistry. Women scientists..Local number: SIA... more

Marguerite Stagira Wilcox

Subject: Wilcox, Marguerite Stagira. United States Bureau of Plant Industry. Botanical Society of Washington (Washington, D.C.)..Type: Black-and-white photographs..Topic: Botany. Women scientists..Local number:... more

Mary Knight Dunlap (1910-1992)

Description: Mary Knight Dunlap (1910-1992), daughter of the psychologist Knight Dunlap (1875-1949), was the founder of the Association for Women Veterinarians...Creator/Photographer: Julian Scott..Medium: Blac... more

Florence Peebles (1874-1956)

Subject: Peebles, Florence 1874-1956. Bryn Mawr College. California Christian College..Type: Black-and-white photographs..Topic: Biology. Women scientists. Zoology..Local number: SIA Acc. 90-105 [SIA2009-1445].... more


90-105, 9A, "Portraits, Hav-Haz"; Lillian Josephine Hawes (b. 1905) graduated from Stanford University in 1928 and first served as a public health nurse in Los Angeles. This photograph was distributed when she... more

Mildred Clare Scoville (1892?-1969)

Subject: Scoville, Mildred Clare c. 1892-1969. National Committee for Mental Hygiene..Type: Black-and-white photographs..Topic: Social workers. Mental health..Local number: SIA Acc. 90-105 [SIA2009-2701]..Summa... more

Florence Rena Sabin (1871-1953)

Subject: Sabin, Florence Rena 1871-1953. Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine..Type: Black-and-white photographs..Topic: Medicine. Anatomy..Local number: SIA Acc. 90-105 [SIA2009-2629]..Summary: Florence... more


90-105, 9B, "Portraits, Hoa-Hog"; "Marian G. Hogan was described on the reverse of the photograph as ""President of Weatter [or Wealter] Services, Inc., 41 Mt. Vernon St., Boston, Massachusetts."""

Nora Mae (Mrs. Clifton D.) Lowe

Creator: International Commercial Photo Company, inc..Subject: Lowe, Nora Mae. American Veterinary Medical Association..Type: Black-and-white photographs..Date: 1940. 10/28/1940..Topic: Veterinary medicine. Wom... more

Nelli Elizabeth Presho

Subject: Presho, Nelli Elizabeth. Stanford University School of Medicine..Type: Black-and-white photographs..Topic: Pharmacology. Medicine. Women scientists..Local number: SIA Acc. 90-105 [SIA2009-1679]..Summar... more

Jane Blankenship Gibson

Description: The caption accompanying this 1961 image reads: "Mrs. Carl Gibson who as Jane Blankenship won high science honors in school, combines her scientific work with advanced studies and homemaking.&... more

Kathleen Beyer Blackburn (1892-1968), sitting in chair

Description: The distinguished British botanist Kathleen Beyer Blackburn (1892-1968) taught at Armstrong College, Newcastle upon Tyne. In 1926, Science News Letter reported that "plants as well as animals... more

Irène Joliot-Curie (1897-1956), c. 1935

Creator: Science Service..Subject: Joliot-Curie, Irène 1897-1956. Joliot-Curie, Frédéric..Type: Black-and-white photographs..Date: 1935..Topic: Physics. Women scientists. Nobel Prizes..Local number: SIA Acc.... more


90-105, 12, "Portraits, Kol-Koz (2)"; "Ethel R. Kovach Scott (1918?-2004), fourth chief nurse of the U.S. Air Force, helped write the first flight nurse manual and establish the aerospace nursing course to supp... more

Mary Stuart MacDougall (b. 1885)

Subject: MacDougall, Mary Stuart b. 1885. Randolph-Macon College. University of Chicago. Columbia University. Agnes Scott College. Marine Biological Laboratory (Woods Hole, Mass.)..Type: Black-and-white photogr... more


90-105, 9, Portraits Gui-Guz; Helen Cowen Gunsaulus (1886-1954) was curator of Japanese prints at the Art Institute of Chicago.


90-105, 10, "Portraits, Jones K-Z"; "This photograph of Anne S. Jones was distributed in connection with her appointment in April 1965 as a research associate at the Institute for Cancer Research in Philadelphi... more

Mary Steichen Calderone (1904-1998)

Description: The physician Mary Steichen Calderone (1904-1998) became a prominent public figure as the Director of Sex Information and Education Council of the United States, a post she held from 1954 to 1982..... more

Irene Amy Patchett Smith (1887-1989)

Subject: Smith, Irene Amy Patchett 1887-1989. University of California (1868-1952)..Type: Black-and-white photographs..Topic: Anatomy. Women scientists..Local number: SIA Acc. 90-105 [SIA2009-3528]..Summary: Un... more


90-105, 9A, "Portraits, Hav-Haz"; Margaret Alger Hayden (b. 1884) was a professor of chemistry at Wellesley College during the 1920s.

Agnes Mary Claypole Moody (1870-1954)

Subject: Moody, Agnes Mary Claypole 1870-1954..Type: Black-and-white photographs..Topic: Women scientists..Local number: SIA Acc. 90-105 [SIA2009-1024]..Summary: Agnes Mary Claypole Moody (1870-1954), zoologist... more

Olive Swezy (b. 1878)

Subject: Swezy, Olive b. 1878. Scripps Institution for Biological Research. University of California (1868-1952)..Type: Black-and-white photographs..Topic: Zoology. Women scientists..Local number: SIA Acc. 90-1... more


90-105, 9B, "Portraits, Howard (various)"; "Janet Moore Howard was the daughter of entomologist and Science Service board member Leland Ossian Howard (1857-1950). In the late 1920s, Janet Howard worked on the ... more

Elizabeth M. Bright, sitting in lab

Description: Between 1918 and 1924, physiologist Elizabeth M. Bright, then affiliated with the Laboratory of Physiology, Harvard Medical School, worked on the effects of radiation, publishing in such journals a... more

Emma Perry Carr (1880-1972)

Description: After earning her Ph.D. at the University of Chicago, Emma Perry Carr (1880-1972) taught in the department of chemistry at Mount Holyoke College until becoming professor emeritus in 1946. A pionee... more

Nellie A. Brown (1876-1956)

Description: A plant pathologist, Nellie A. Brown (1876-1956) was a member of Torrey Botanical Club while doing postgraduate work at University of California. She began working for U.S. Department of Agricultu... more

(clockwise from left): Agnes J. Quirk, Helen Morgenthau Fox (1884-1974), Florence Hedges (1878-1956), unidentified woman, and Edna H. Fawcett (b. 1879)

Subject: Hedges, Florence 1878-1956. Quirk, Agnes J. Fox, Helen Morgenthau 1884-1974. Fawcett, Edna H. 1879-. United States Dept. of Agriculture..Type: Black-and-White Prints..Topic: Women scientists. Botany. P... more

Priscilla Montgomery

Subject: Montgomery, Priscilla. Marine Biological Laboratory (Woods Hole, Mass.)..Type: Black-and-white photographs..Topic: Women librarians..Local number: SIA Acc. 90-105 [SIA2009-0971]..Summary: Priscilla Mon... more


90-105, 12, "Portraits, Edith Kroupa"; "Austrian research chemist Edith Kroupa, 1934. The original caption dated September 18, 1934, reads: ""While revolution upset Vienna, Miss Edith Kroupa, research chemist ... more

Patricia Brown (b. 1928)

Description: In 1963, when this photograph was taken, Patricia Brown (b. 1928) was a chemical engineer working at Texas Instruments and had just been elected president of the Society of Women Engineers...Creato... more

Rachel Louise Carson (1907-1964)

Description: Biologist Rachel Louise Carson (1907-1964) began her career with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service but achieved fame and social influence with publication of such popular books as The Sea Around U... more


90-105, 9B, "Portraits, Howard (various)"; "Janet Moore Howard was the daughter of entomologist and Science Service board member Leland Ossian Howard (1857-1950). In the late 1920s, Janet Howard worked on the ... more


90-105, 11, "Portraits, Kella-Kelln"; "New England industrialist Vivien Kellems (1896-1975) co-founded Kellems Cable Grips Inc., in 1927, with her brother, who had patented a special grip design that became wid... more

Flora May Slosson Wuellner

Subject: Wuellner, Flora Slosson. University of Michigan. University of Chicago..Type: Black-and-white photographs..Date: 1945..Topic: Congregationalists..Local number: SIA Acc. 90-105 [SIA2009-3421]..Summary: ... more

Elizabeth Shull Russell (1913-2001)

Creator: American Association of University Women..Subject: Russell, Elizabeth Shull 1913-2001. University of Michigan. Columbia University. University of Chicago. Jackson Laboratory (Bar Harbor, Me.)..Type: Bl... more

Sofia (Sophia) Alexsandrovna Satina (1879-1975)

Subject: Satina, Sophia 1879-1975. Carnegie Institution of Washington. Women's College of Moscow..Type: Black-and-white photographs..Topic: Cytology. Botany..Local number: SIA Acc. 90-105 [SIA2009-2661]..Summar... more

Gladys Rowena Henry Dick (1881-1963)

Description: Pathologist Gladys Rowena Henry Dick (1881-1963), shown in this 1927 photo, was co-developer of a vaccine for scarlet fever with her husband George Frederick Dick (1881-1967). Born in Nebraska, Gl... more

Anna Baker Yates Rapport (b. 1891)

Subject: Rapport, Anna Baker Yates 1891-. Mount Holyoke College. Columbia University. Bryn Mawr College. St. Elizabeth's Hospital and Home (Utica, N.Y.). Duke University..Type: Black-and-white photographs..Topi... more

Pearl McIver (1893-1976)

Subject: McIver, Pearl. United States Public Health Service. United States Dept. of Health, Education, and Welfare Office of the Secretary..Type: Black-and-white photographs..Date: 1955..Topic: Nursing. Women s... more

Agnes J. Quirk

Subject: Quirk, Agnes J. United States Dept. of Agriculture..Type: Black-and-white photographs..Date: 1932..Topic: Plant diseases. Women scientists..Local number: SIA Acc. 90-105 [SIA2009-1767]..Summary: Agnes ... more

Marjorie MacDill Breit (1896-1987)

Subject: Breit, Marjorie MacDill 1896-1987. Science Service..Type: Black-and-white photographs..Topic: Journalism, Scientific. Zoology. Ecology. Women scientists..Local number: SIA Acc. 90-105 [SIA2008-5654]..S... more

Lillian Moller Gilbreth (1878-1972)

Description: Lillian Moller Gilbreth (1878-1972) earned a Ph.D. in psychology from Brown University but is best known, along with her husband Frank Bunker Gilbreth, for revolutionizing management techniques. I... more

Nathalia Clara Ruth Crane (1913-1998)

Description: Famous as a child prodigy, Nathalia Clara Ruth Crane (1913-1998) published her first book at age ten and later became a professor of literature. This photograph was used to illustrate a news story... more

Frederika Vern Blankner (1901-1989)

Description: A distinguished poet, scholar of Italian classics, and chronicler of Scandinavian literature, Frederika Vern Blankner (1901-1989) was a graduate of the University of Chicago. For many years, she c... more

Arlene Frances Fung

Description: Arlene Frances Fung was a native of Trinidad who had attended medical school in Ireland and in 1968 was doing chromosome research at the Institute for Cancer Research in Philadelphia...Creator/Phot... more

Willey Glover Denis (1879-1929)

Subject: Denis, Willey Glover b. 1879. Tulane University. University of Chicago..Type: Black-and-white photographs..Topic: Chemistry. Women scientists..Local number: SIA Acc. 90-105 [SIA2008-0989]..Summary: Pio... more

Eleanor Plunkette Brown (b. 1887)

Description: During the 1930s, when this photograph was taken, Eleanor Plunkette Brown was National Secretary of the Society for the Prevention of Blindness; by 1944, now married, Eleanor Brown Merrill was the ... more

Marjorie Van de Water (1900-1962)

Description: From 1929 until 1962, Marjorie Van de Water (1900-1962) covered advances in psychology and sociology for Science Service, winning several journalism awards and the admiration of social scientists f... more

Florence Rena Sabin (1871-1953)

Subject: Sabin, Florence Rena 1871-1953. Anatomy. Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine..Type: Black-and-white photographs..Topic: Medicine..Local number: SIA Acc. 90-105 [SIA2009-2628]..Summary: Florence... more

Willey Glover Denis (1879-1929)

Subject: Denis, Willey Glover b. 1879. Tulane University. University of Chicago..Type: Black-and-white photographs..Topic: Chemistry. Women scientists..Local number: SIA Acc. 90-105 [SIA2008-0987]..Summary: Pio... more


90-105, 7, Portraits Dos-Doz; "Wyoming native June Etta Downey (1875-1932) was a professor of philosophy and psychology at the University of Wyoming, 1915-1932. She became close friends with chemist E.E. Sloss... more

Marion Winifred Sheahan, R.N. (1892-1994)

Creator: Wain & Baruch..Subject: Sheahan, Marion Winifred 1892-1994. National Committee for the Improvement of Nursing Services. American Public Health Association. National Organization for Public Health N... more


90-105, 9A, "Portraits, Har"; "From 1916 to 1957, Harvard College astronomer Margaret Harwood (1885-1979) directed the Maria Mitchell Observatory on Nantucket Island, and ran its female-founded and female-run n... more


90-105, 9B, "Portraits, Howard (various)"; "Janet Moore Howard was the daughter of entomologist and Science Service board member Leland Ossian Howard (1857-1950). In the late 1920s, Janet Howard worked on the ... more


90-105, 9B, Biog. Hus-Hy; "Libbie Henrietta Hyman (1888-1969) graduated from the University of Chicago in 1910 and earned a Ph.D. degree from Chicago in 1915. She stayed at the university with an appointment a... more

Ethel Ronzoni Bishop (1892-1975)

Subject: Bishop, Ethel Ronzoni 1892-1975. Washington University (Saint Louis, Mo.) Medical School. Mills College. Columbia University. University of Missouri. University of Minnesota. University of Wisconsin..T... more

Vera Katherine Charles (1877-1954)

Description: A graduate of Mt. Holyoke, mycologist Vera Katherine Charles (1877-1954) earned a Ph.D. at Cornell University in 1903 and then became a scientist at Bureau of Plant Industry, U.S. Department of Agr... more

Carolina Amor de Fournier

Description: Carolina Amor de Fournier was associated with the Mexican journal La Prensa Médica Mexicana and was editor of Hummingbirds and Orchids of Mexico (1963)...Creator/Photographer: Watson Davis..Medium:... more

Wiktorja S. Dembowski

Description: In 1927, biologist Wiktorja S. Dembowski worked at the M. Nencki Institute in Warsaw, Poland...Creator/Photographer: Unidentified photographer..Medium: Black and white photographic print..Persisten... more

Hazel Gay

Description: When she retired in 1961, Hazel Gay had served for 45 years as head librarian at the American Museum of Natural History in New York...Creator/Photographer: Unidentified photographer..Medium: Black ... more


90-105, 9A, "Portraits, Hea-Hed"; "Florence Hedges (1878-1956) was a pioneering plant pathologist who worked for most of her career at the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Plant Industry."

Catherine Macfarlane (1877-1969)

Subject: Macfarlane, Catharine 1877-1969..Type: Black-and-white photographs..Date: 1940. C. 1940s..Topic: Gynecology. Cancer--Research. Women scientists..Local number: SIA Acc. 90-105 [SIA2008-5682]..Summary: C... more

Lina Solomonova Stern (1878-1968)

Subject: Shtern, L. S (Lina Solomonovna) 1878-1968. University of Moscow. International Congress of Psychology..Type: Black-and-white photographs..Date: 1929..Topic: Biochemistry. Women scientists. Blood-brain ... more


90-105, 11, "Portraits, Kin-Kiq"; Zoologist Elizabeth T. Kinney was at the University of Pittsburgh when this photograph was taken.


90-105, 9, "Griffith, M. E.- Gros, Edmund L."; "Mary Smith Griffith was author of Gardening on Nothing a Year, which had just been published by Hale, Cushman & Flint in 1937, when this photograph was distributed."


90-105, 9B, "Portraits, Howard (various)"; "Janet Moore Howard was the daughter of entomologist and Science Service board member Leland Ossian Howard (1857-1950). In the late 1920s, Janet Howard worked on the ... more


90-105, 13, "Portraits, Mac-Mc L-Z (2)"; "Mary Alice McWhinnie (1922-1980) was a professor of biology at DePaul University and a world-renowned authority on krill when she began working on research ships off-sh... more

Josephine G. Fountain

Description: During the early 1960s, Josephine G. Fountain, a registered nurse who worked at the University of Florida Teaching Hospital and Clinics, invented the "Direct Suction Tracheotomy Tube" (U.... more

Ruth May Tunnicliff (1876-1946)

Subject: Tunnicliff, Ruth May 1876-1946. Memorial Institute for Infectious Diseases (Chicago, Ill.). Vassar College. Rush Medical College..Type: Black-and-white photographs..Topic: Bacteriology. Women scientist... more

Ethel Mary Doidge (1887-1965)

Description: Born in England, the botanist Ethel Mary Doidge (1887-1965) immigrated to South Africa as a child, was educated at the University of the Cape of Good Hope, and became one of the pioneers in South A... more

Roxana Judkins Stinchfield Ferris (1895-1978)

Description: After Roxana Judkins Stinchfield Ferris (1895-1978) received an A.M. in botany from Stanford University (1916), she joined the research and curatorial staff of the university's Dudley Herbarium. T... more

Tennessee v. John T. Scopes Trial: George Washington Rappleyea

Description: Taken during the time of the Tennessee v. John T. Scopes Trial. July 1925..Creator/Photographer: Watson Davis..Medium: Black and white photographic print..Dimensions: 4.25 in x 3 in..Culture: Amer... more