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San Angelo Rodeo

San Angelo Stock Show and RodeoCreated by: PICRYLDated: 2017
High school horse and his owner-trainer at the rodeo of the San Angelo Fat Stock Show. San Angelo, Texas
The San Angelo Stock Show was established in 1932 to promote agriculture in West Texas. The show started with cattle and breeding sheep classes. The idea of the Rodeo was first thought up by J. Culberson “Cub” Deal, who was serving as the elected manager of the San Angelo Board of City Development. The first event was held at the Polo Field on February 29, 1932.
Over the years, numerous improvements and renovations were made to the facilities on the fairgrounds. The rodeo changed to a professional rodeo in 1955 and a men’s breeding sheep division was added. The San Angelo Coliseum was completed in 1959, and special entertainment was brought in for the annual events.
The improved facilities have helped in continuing to grow the San Angelo Stock Show and Rodeo into one of the largest livestock shows in the nation. This provides an excellent opportunity to continue to attract visitors from other areas into San Angelo and help drive the local economy.
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