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Retro VR - Stereoscope

"The first effect of looking at a good photograph through the stereoscope is a surprise such as no painting ever produced. The mind feels its way into the very depths of the picture. The scraggy branches of a tree in the foreground run out at us as if they would scratch our eyes out. The elbow of a figure stands forth as to make us almost uncomfortable." Oliver Wendell Holmes, an affordable stereo viewer inventor for the American market. Atlantic Monthly, June 1859.
Vacation sports at the seaside
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Stereoskopfotografi (300)

Ljusbilder med motiv från bl.a. Stockholmsbilder och bilder ifrån Trollhättan, Köpenhamn, Berlin m.m. samten en bild från Londonutställningen 1862.

Military on Broadway

Photograph shows soldiers resting during a parade; spectators line the street and some men watch from a tree.

His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales, with Mayor Howard of Portland on his left; photographed just prior to departure on board his fleet, at Portland, Maine, October 20, 1860 / by George Stacy, 143 Madison Street, New-York.

Stereograph shows the Prince of Wales (later Edward VII) with Mayor Joseph Howard of Portland, Maine in a carriage in the street as a crowd watches, on October 20, 1860 in Portland, Maine.

War views -- Army of the Potomac -- the way they cook dinner in camp

Photograph shows five Union soldiers, including one African American soldier, sitting and eating in front of tents.

War views. No. 1501, Camp life, Army of the Potomac - writing to friends at home

Stereograph shows Union soldiers sitting at a long table, writing letters, one man, in the foreground, appears to be sewing.

Broadway, near Bowling Green

Stereograph shows bunting on buildings along Broadway for President Lincoln's funeral procession, New York City, N.Y.

The Funeral of President Lincoln, New-York, April 25th, 1865

Stereograph showing bird's-eye view of soldiers with rifles marching down Broadway in New York City during Lincoln's funeral procession.

War views. No. 1997, Ruins of P.M. Gen'l M. Blair's residence, MD

Stereograph shows several citizens standing among the ruins of Postmaster General Montgomery Blair's home, which was destroyed by Confederate forces during a raid on July 12, 1864.

War views. No. 2042, Bounty brokers looking out for substitutes

Stereograph shows a group of men standing next to a sign offering a "Bounty" of "$500! Prize Money!" in front of a recruitment office for the U.S. Navy; they are looking for men to enlist in the navy for the bo... more