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Punishment and Torture in China

Illustrations of punishments in China, 1800sCreated by: PICRYLDated: 2017
Burning a man's eyes with lime.
The punishments of China published back in 1800s: rice paper paintings with explanations of various punishments and torture methods and more...
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One of the modes of punishment in China - a Boxer prisoner, Peking, China
Feeding a prisoner in the cangue, China
Tying him to a stone.
Beheading--the capital punishment in China.
An offender undergoing the bastinade.
Ling Ch'ee (i.e. cutting off the flesh of the criminal piece by piece.
Hamstringing a malefactor.
Punishment by cangue, or wooden pillory.
Four figures; one man leads another by chain around neck.
A malefactor in a cage.
Man is tied to cross-shaped frame; another man kneels.
Conducting an offender into banishment.
Man is trapped inside a large barrel.
A malefactor conducted to execution.
Twisting a man's ears.
A culprit conducted to trial.
Four figures; one man beats another who is chained to a weight.
Trial scene; [?] thrree people kneel in front of man who reads from a paper.]
Punishment of the swing.
The manner of beheading.
Torture by pressing the ancles [sic] of criminal with wooden poles.
Burning a man's eyes with lime.
Woman is led by another woman by chain around neck.
The rack.
Punishment of criminal by parading him in the street.
Two guards lead a man bound with chains.
Slapping the mouth for telling lies.
Scene of beheading.
Punishment of the wooden collar.
Man is laid in coffin and pierced through the neck with a sword.
Punishment of a wooden tube.
Two men placing severed heads in cages.
Punishing a boatman.
Punishing an interpreter.
A malefactor chained to an iron bar.
Magistrate in court.
Arrest of criminals.
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Close confinement.
Large group conducting a trial [?]]
Two men carry a man in a basket.
Bambooing his breeches.
A culprit conveyed to prison.
Two prisoners, bound hand and foot, are led by two guards.
The capital punishment of the cord.
Torturing the fingers.
Punishment by stretching the criminal on a wooden bench[.]
A man fastened to a block of wood.
Man is bound to low platform on which a piece of wood secures his head.
Man is tied to cross-shaped frame and bled; another man carries severed head in cage.