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Puck Magazine Covers

Puck was founded by Austrian-born cartoonist Joseph Keppler and his partners as a German-language publication in 1876. Puck’s first English-language edition in 1877. The magazine name came from Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream: “What fools these mortals be!”
Puck used lithography instead of wood engraving and offered three cartoons vs. one of competitors. The cartoons were initially printed in black and white, but soon it changed into full, eye-catching color. Within a few years, Judge supplanted Puck as the leading humor magazine.
The pig has the pull / Gillam.
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The hoaxer hoaxed / J.A. Wales.

Print shows New York Herald editor James Gordon Bennett, holding a shotgun and carrying a bag labeled "Game Bag for Sensations J.G. Bennett", standing next to a scarecrow labeled "$500.00 Herald Cheque" and "Th... more

More money wanted - O'Connor's charity craft / F. Opper.

Print shows an Irishman sailing in a top hat with a sail labeled "Money Wanted Fur to Free the Ould Country!" mounted on a clay tobacco pipe; his coattails are labeled "Land League" and "Free Ireland". He is ju... more

Where Justice will have to look for jurors who have not formed an opinion in the Guiteau case / J. Keppler.

Print shows Justice holding a large sword and carrying a lantern, with a cloth labeled "Justice" over her mouth, searching a cemetery, among tombstones labeled "Formed no opinion died 1660, Formed no opinion 16... more

An end to all disagreement / F. Opper.

Print shows a group of men, probably President Garfield's physicians, exiting Francklyn Cottage where Garfield died. The men hold slips of paper that state "Self Exoneration" Three men standing on the left hold... more

An uncompleted task / J.A. Wales.

Print shows I. Wayne MacVeagh wearing a workman's apron and holding papers labeled "Wayne McVeagh Resignation", standing in front of a brick wall with a large star on it labeled "To be Bricked up for Star Route... more

Puck's perplexing position - between two evils / D.K.

Print shows Puck standing between John Kelly, on the left, in front of "Tammany Hall", holding a flag that states "Down with the Bloated Monopolists!!", he has F.B. Thurber in his coat pocket, and on the right,... more

Unwelcome passengers / J.A. Wales.

Print shows a coach labeled "Rural Democracy" filled with "Rural Regulars" carrying their farm tools, racing "To the State Convention", driven by Samuel J. Tilden, with John Kelly representing "Tammany Hall" an... more

The food of our youth / J.K.

Print shows a mean-spirited infant boy in a cradle labeled "Infant Indian Exterminators", armed with a rifle, knives, and handguns, feeding from a large bottle filled with "Dime Novel" and "5 ct. Paper[back]" l... more

Gone to meet John Kelly

Print shows Hugh McLaughlin with a label that states "Boss McLaughlin Hades", thrown from a pitchfork labeled "Resignation" toward John Kelly who is roasting on a grill over flaming coals in "Hades".

A way out of President Arthur's dilemma / Gillam.

Print shows Ulysses S. Grant recommending to President Chester A. Arthur some "friends" of his as political appointees; all the men shown were involved in scandals during Grant's administration.

The agony of the assessed - between two terrors / F. Graetz.

Print shows "G.W. Curtis" and "Jay Hubbell" as executioners, each wearing a mask and holding large axes labeled "Civil Service Reform Association" (Curtis) and "Republican Congressional Committee" (Hubbell). Cu... more

Self-supporter Sammy / F. Opper.

Print shows two images of Samuel J. Tilden, dressed identically, to the left and right of a barrel full of coins, labeled with monogram "SJT"; papers extending from their pockets state "For President, S.J. Tild... more

Too weak to fight - too old to run / F. Graetz.

Print shows the British Lion carrying William E. Gladstone, dressed as a woman, on his back, as they head into the sea after departing the "British Consul" in advance of "Anarchy, Riot, [and] Bloodshed"; the li... more

The irrepressible log / Gillam.

Print shows a bear labeled "N.Y. Democracy" climbing a tree labeled "New York" and "N.Y. State Patronage Hive" to get at the honey, however a block of wood labeled "Tammany Kelly" suspended by a rope labeled "6... more

Will he cast his sword into the balance? / Gillam.

Print shows John I. Mitchell labeled "Independent Reps." standing on one side of a balance scale labeled "Republican Scales" and "Penn"; he outweighs James D. Cameron who sits on the other side of the scale in ... more

Between two evils / Gillam [spelled backwards].

Print shows a shabbily dressed man labeled "Intemperate Drunkard" on the left, a well-dressed man labeled "True Temperance" drinking a mug of beer at center, and a man labeled "Intemperate Teetotaler", wearing ... more

The living president's tribute to the dead president / G.

Print shows a statue of Roscoe Conkling, with cloven hooves, seated on a bench labeled "Supreme Bench" atop a monumental tomb labeled "Sacred to the Memory of J.A. Garfield"; the monument is signed "Guiteau sculpt."

A sunday show - profit for pagan and preacher / F. Opper.

Print shows Robert G. Ingersoll speaking from a stage in an auditorium filled with an audience whose heads are half-dollar coins; dangling from a cord at the edge of the stage is Thomas De Witt Talmage as a mar... more

The moths and the candle / F. Graetz.

Print shows Cyrus W. Field and Jay Gould as parts of a candle holder labeled "Wall Street" with a candle burning the flame of "Speculation" which draws moths with their savings to the light, as they get too clo... more

"With thee to support me, I defy the whole world!" / J. Keppler.

Print shows George M. Robeson dressed as a sailor and labeled "Leader of the Republican Party" and Republican Champion", leaning on a large duffle bag labeled "Surplus $150,000,000"; a group of men standing on ... more

A sop to Cerberus / Gillam.

Print shows Chester A. Arthur offering a "Bill Excluding Chinese for 10 Years", in the shape of a Chinese man's face, to a three-headed Cerberus labeled "Western Vote" with the heads labeled "Demagogue, Hoodlum... more

Democracy's opportunity / J. Keppler.

Print shows a man labeled "Republican War Record" standing in a pond labeled "Republican Corruption Water", yelling to an Irishman wearing a hat labeled "Democracy", gathering up the Republican's clothing label... more

John Kelly galvanizes the corpse of Tammany / F. Graetz.

Print shows John Kelly trying to bring Tammany Hall back to life by turning an electrical apparatus labeled "Deal with the Republicans" connected to an "Anti-Monopoly" device, then with wires spelling "Patronag... more

Another restorer of antiquities à la Cesnola / Gillam.

Print shows Charles A. Dana as an archaeologist who has just excavated a statue labeled "S.J.T." and "Buried in 1876" from "Greystone", behind which Henry Watterson, on the left, and John Kelly, on the right, g... more

British benevolence / J. Keppler.

Print shows an oversized British Lion wearing boxing gloves labeled "Army" and "Navy", standing over its most recent victim labeled "Egyptian", trailing off to the left are other victims labeled "Ashantee, Afgh... more

Arthur's awkward "white elephant" / Gillam.

Print shows President Chester A. Arthur sitting on a rock with a large white elephant that looks like Roscoe Conkling standing next to him; Arthur is wondering how to get rid of the elephant. Uncle Sam, holding... more

Forgotten on purpose / Gillam.

Print shows a man labeled "Tax Payer" fallen on steps labeled "Congress", he has a large boulder labeled "War Taxes on Iron on Sugar on Cloth Salt Leather [and] Linens" strapped to his back. On the steps is a s... more

For sale again / F. Graetz.

Print shows John Kelly carrying a basket labeled "27,000 Votes For Sale", accosting passengers on a "New York Train", seeking buyers; around the car, men are seated beneath windows labeled "Democratic Nominatio... more

The only Chinese bill that the president cannot veto

Print shows a Chinese laundry ticket that states "Clothes are given to the person showing the check - all responsibility then ceases. None given without a check; if lost, goods cannot be claimed. Not responsibl... more

Hyenas at work / Gillam.

Print shows a pack of hyenas labeled "N.Y. Commercial, N.Y. Sun, N.Y. Herald, Washtn. Post, The Rosecrans Letters, [and] 306" crowded around a sepulchral monument to James A. Garfield labeled "Fame"; those hyen... more

Getting hot enough for him / F. Graetz.

Print shows Chester A. Arthur sitting on a chair at a beach on the seashore, he is perspiring heavily and using a fan labeled "Stalwart Method" to cool himself, as the sun, labeled "Disunion-of-the-Republican-P... more

The innocents / F. Opper.

Print shows a group of African American men, one, standing at center, is wearing a hat labeled "Judge Whitewashed", and the others are wearing hats labeled "Whitewasher No. 1, No. 2, No. 3, No. 4, No. 5, No. 6,... more

The mighty meeting of the Masons / J. Keppler.

Print shows four elderly men wearing Masonic uniforms, standing between the Masonic pillars labeled "Boaz" and "Jachin" that look like barber poles; the men are performing a song and dance routine.

Jay Gould's private bowling alley / F. Opper.

Print shows Jay Gould bowling on Wall Street using bowling balls labeled " Private Press, General Unscrupulousness, False Reports, [and] Trickery" to knock down pins labeled "Banker, Small Operator, Speculator,... more

Justice's "jimmy" / Gillam.

Print shows New York State Supreme Court justice Theodoric R. Westbrook wearing the white robe of Justice and his head mostly bound with cloth, with the balance scale of justice at his feet, handing a crowbar, ... more

Dorsey, the American "informer" - he finds one willing ear / F. Opper.

Print shows the interior of the "N.Y. Sun Editorial Rooms" where "Political Scandals [are] Promptly Attended to", also "Post Mortem Scandals Especially Desired", with elderly editor Charles A. Dana sitting at a... more

Spoiling their slide / F. Opper.

Illustration shows Benjamin F. Butler spreading ashes labeled "Censure, Exposure, Desire for Reform, [and] Criticism" on a slide in the snow labeled "Slide of Public Mismanagement" to the dismay of a group of c... more

Set a -- to catch a -- / F. Graetz.

Print shows a policeman labeled "Gov. Foster" grabbing the arm of a diminutive man labeled "Hoadly" who is holding a piece of fruit labeled "Dem. Nomination 83" that he has stolen from a street vendor who is an... more

The whitwash is too thin / Gillam.

Print shows George F. Hoar standing in front of a monument that states "To the Eternal Shame of Massachus'tts - Conceived in Corruption Erected in Humanity [?] Tewkesbury"; his hat labeled "Republicans" is unde... more

Congressional contempt / F. Opper.

Illustration shows a "Republican" Congressman ice skating with a "Monopolist" on the "Capitol Skating Pond", together they hold a stick labeled "Money Interests"; skating nearby is a man labeled "Democracy". Be... more

The recruiting-sergeant and the tough subject / Gillam.

Illustration shows Benjamin F. Butler as a "Recruiting-Sergeant" holding a paper that states "Join the Butler Army OH! - Victory and Spoils in 1884", appealing to a man sitting on a chair, holding a "Southern V... more

Bravo! Señor Clevelando!! / Gillam.

Illustration shows Grover Cleveland, former mayor of Buffalo and current governor of New York, as a bullfighter standing with his right foot on the head a bison labeled "Buffalo Democracy" with one dart labeled... more

A destructive worm / F. Graetz.

Illustration shows a caterpillar labeled "Communism" on a grape leaf showing "$" and labeled "Capital"; also a bunch of grapes, some of which are labeled "Law, Order, Rights, Talent, Worth, Industry, Education,... more

The harder he pumps, the dirtier his case gets / F. Opper.

Illustration shows Robert G. Ingersoll, attorney in the Star Route trials, pumping Montfort C. Rerdell, depicted as a pump, for more "Evidence" as Thomas J. Brady and Stephen W. Dorsey stand in the "Prisoners Box".

The Irish declaration of independence that we are all familiar with / F. Opper.

Illustration shows a scene in a kitchen with a petite woman imploring her muscular Irish cook to continue in her duties; the cook shakes her fist in defiance.

The old partners in the new navy job / Gillam.

Illustration shows John Roach and George M. Robeson dressed as 16th century soldiers, doing a song and dance routine on a stage; Roach is holding a paper that states "Contract for new U.S. Cruisers $2,440,000 a... more

The same old boom / F. Graetz.

Illustration shows Charles A. Dana blowing a large bubble that shows the face of Samuel J. Tilden; Dana is using "Sun Soap", "Iroquois Club Suds", and a pipe labeled with a "$"; in the background, the sun is vi... more

Celestial wrath / F. Opper.

Print shows startled French soldiers in rice paddies confonting an angry blazing sun rimmed with cannon barrels and bayonets, and stating "Population 500,000,000", also signs labeled "Malaria, Disease, [and] Fe... more

Justice out of a job / F. Opper.

Illustration shows Justice as an old woman, asleep at a desk, with cobwebs, spiders, and mice taking over the courtroom; outside a window an armed group of vigilantes have broken down the door to a jail and rem... more

An apparatus by means of which suicides can get the better of the "penal code" / F. Graetz.

Illustration shows a man whose offer of marriage has been rejected and is now determined to kill himself as a means of ending his suffering; he is sitting in a chair with two handguns, aimed at his chest, mount... more

The feuds of the dudes / F. Opper.

Illustration shows two dandies walking with their bodyguards who are large, muscular men carrying boxing gloves, one wears a "Champion Belt".

The latest novelty / F. Opper.

Illustration shows a mechanical wind-up toy railroad set, with large key, where Jay Gould circles on tracks that lead through a tunnel labeled "Court House" with openings labeled "Front Door" and "Back Door"; a... more

The prodigal's return - a cold reception / F. Opper.

Print shows Chester A. "Arthur" as a wealthy sheikh holding a rope attached to a fat cow labeled "Federal Patronage"; he turns away William "Mahone", as an old man, acestic or hermit, who has returned home from... more

In a critical condition / F. Opper.

Print shows a domestic scene with Benjamin F. Butler as the mother of a sick child labeled "Butler Boom" who is being examined by Puck as a physician; various medicines labeled "Grand Reforms, Tewksbury Investi... more

The goose that lays the golden eggs / F. Opper.

Print shows Jeremiah O'Donovan Rossa spoon-feeding a promissory note that states "Pay the Bearer $5 When Ireland is Free" to an Irish servant girl labeled "Bridget"; on the floor between them is a hat labeled "... more

Our congressman / J. Keppler.

Illustration shows a richly dressed man standing in the street in a neighborhood of lavish homes, with two large bags of money hanging at his sides, they are labeled " Profits as Attorney at Law" and "Profits a... more

The only Democratic presidential candidate who stands a chance of election in 1884 / F. Opper.

Illustration shows a man with hooks for hands and with labeles over his ears and mouth that state "Deaf" and "Dumb", hanging from one hook is a paper that states "Elected". Drowning in paper in the background a... more

A weak combination suspension bridge / F. Graetz.

Print shows John A. Logan wearing a military uniform with plumed hat labeled "Anti-Arthur" and carrying a large sword labeled "Pension Swindle", walking across a bridge comprised of three monkeys with the faces... more

Rotten to the core / J. Keppler.

Print shows Uncle Sam with a toothache labeled "Mormonism!", sitting on a chair in the office of "Washington Dental Association" offering "S.S. Cox's Laughing Gas - Mild & Harmless", as two arms labeled "Senate... more

Driven to desperation / F. Opper.

Print shows William S. Holman holding up a page from the "The Sun" newspaper that shows his portrait above the caption "Our Candidate for President - W.S. Holman"; his hat and coat are on a chair and he is roll... more

The result of the Star Route trials / F. Graetz.

Illustration shows a well-dressed Robert G. Ingersoll carrying two large bags of money labeled "Counsel Fees" as he departs the "Washington Court House"; exiting on the right side, wearing tattered clothing, ar... more

An appalling attempt to muzzle the watch-dog of science / F. Graetz.

Illustration shows Herbert Spencer as a statue of a large dog at the entrance to a public building emitting rays of light labeled "Science"; many diminutive men, wearing oversized top hats, scamper about with l... more

Old-school etiquette / F. Graetz.

Illustration shows a woman appealing to a man holding a cane labeled "Allopath" and topped with a skull who has turned his back on a sick child lying in a bed; on the far side of the bed is another man with pap... more

Anything for popularity! / J. Keppler.

Print shows James G. Blaine slipping off a cask labeled "Whiskey"; under his arm is tucked a paper that states "Distribution of Surplus - Jim Blaine".

Going to the bicycle tournament / F. Opper.

Illustration shows Puck riding a bicycle, carrying crutches and a large book labeled "Medical and Surgical Directory", also tied to the bicycle are "Bandages, Splints, [and a bottle of] Arnica"; a long line of ... more

Incorrigible / Gillam.

Illustration shows Benjamin F. Butler as Topsy from Uncle Tom's Cabin, standing in front of an old woman labeled "Dem." who is holding a switch labeled "Discipline" behind her back. In the background, on the fl... more

Another one gone wrong / J. Keppler.

Illustration shows John Kelly dressed as a woman, threatening New York City Mayor Franklin Edson with a stick labeled "N.Y. Board of Aldermen" and pointing toward jars on a shelf, containing former Mayors Edwar... more

The original political dude out-duded / F. Opper.

Print shows Chester A. Arthur dressed as a dandy, walking on a sidewalk with a young woman labeled "Republican Party" who is carrying a small dog labeled "Protection"; standing behind them, on the sidewalk, is ... more

The good monopoly missionaries and the wicked island / F. Opper.

Illustration shows William H. Vanderbilt, Jay Gould, and Cyrus W. Field in a small boat escaping from cannibals on an island where they have build a railroad, but refused to give the natives a reduced fare rate... more

The death-watch - the execution postponed / F. Opper.

Print shows a woman labeled "Republican Party" in the "Condemned Cell" labeled "To Be Executed Nov. 6th 1883" of a jail, with Charles A. Dana labeled "Jailor" and Henry Watterson labeled "Turnkey"; Watterson lo... more

A played-out tenor - from star to street-singer / F. Opper.

Illustration shows Roscoe Conkling as a street musician singing in the street outside the "Washington Senatorial Opera-House", with him is a small dog labeled "Howard Carroll" who is holding a hat into which Pu... more

Bottled politics / J. Keppler.

Print shows two old men, one of whom may be Uncle Sam holding a glass, sitting at a table in a saloon, on which is a large bottle of alcohol labeled "Regulated Ohio Brand", on a shelf behind them are other bott... more

The two dromios / Gillam.

Print shows an American cowboy talking to a British nobleman who is standing on papers labeled "Brutality, Vulgarity, Insolence, Arrogance, Selfishness, [and] Boorishness", with an "Invitation N. Pacific R.R. O... more

Brooklyn's new champion - the old-timers "knocked out" by the prayer-cure "pounder" / F. Opper.

Illustration shows a boxing ring with Henry Ward Beecher, Thomas De Witt Talmage, and the "Rev. Dr. Monck" who has knocked them both out at a "Tournament of Sensationalism"; he wears a bandana labeled "Holy Hea... more

Hopelessly bound to the stake / Gillam.

Print shows a man labeled "Workman" tied to a stake labeled "Monopoly" and sitting on a flaming pile of logs with the faces of Jay Gould, William H. Vanderbilt, Russell Sage, Roscoe Conkling, Cyrus W. Field, Wh... more

The cave of despair / F. Opper.

Print shows Jay Gould as a giant holding a large club labeled "Monopoly", sitting on rocks, gleefully watching a line of downtrodden people entering a cave labeled "Western Union Telegraph Company - All Hope Ab... more

The temptation / Gillam.

Print shows John Kelly as the serpent labeled "Tammany" in the Garden of Eden offering an apple labeled "Harmony" from a tree labeled "Bossism" to "H.O. Thompson", as Adam, labeled "County Democracy" and Alexan... more

Edson's fix / Gillam after Gehrts.

Illustration shows Franklin Edson lying on a dirt path labeled "Road to Honest Government", hanging onto the tails of two hogs going in the opposite direction, one with the face of John Kelly, labeled "Tammany"... more

Barkis is willin' / Gillam.

Print shows an Irishman man labeled "Democracy" standing at center, holding a small glass slipper labeled "'84 Presidential Nomination", with Samuel J. Tilden and Charles A. Dana as courtiers standing behind hi... more

A trio that must go / F. Graetz.

Print shows a "Church Bell" as a female figure, an injured elephant labeled "Republican Party" with bandages and an eye patch labeled "Nov. 1882", and a Chinese man.

A tail they can't twist / Gillam.

Print shows Samuel S. Cox, Abram S. Hewitt, and William E. Robinson (waving a paper that states "The demands of 20,000,000 Irish-Americans") pulling on the tail of the British Lion who is resting its front paws... more

Coming to the wrong shop / F. Opper.

Illustration shows the Rev. Dr. Howard Crosby holding a paper that states "Petition for the Reduction of the Grog Shops in New York --Dr. Crosby"; he is standing in the "Council-Chamber of the New York Board of... more

Bismarck's boost / F. Graetz.

Print shows a large elephant labeled "Bismarck" lifting "Alfonso" XII high over the head of a soldier labeled "France".

What 's in it? / Gillam.

Illustration shows Uncle Sam sitting at a table in the "Congresssional Lunch Rooms", he is being served a large sausage labeled "Tariff Bill" by a waiter labeled "Republican", another waiter labeled "Democrat" ... more

The protectors of our industries / Gillam ; Mayer Merkel & Ottmann lith., N.Y.

Cartoon showing Cyrus Field, Jay Gould, Cornelius Vanderbilt, and Russell Sage, seated on bags of "millions", on large raft, and being carried by workers of various professions.

He missed the chair, but he has the floor / Gillam.

Print shows Samuel S. Cox, as a court jester, booted off a podium by a man sitting in the "Speaker's Chair" in a congressional chamber, and about to land on the floor; he is holding a stick with balloons attach... more

The rivals in Ohio / Gillam.

Illustration shows Allen G. Thurman on one side of a man labeled "Liquor Interest" and John Sherman on the other side; Thurman represents "The Ohio Democracy is the liquor dealers old friend!!", while Sherman e... more

In memory of our best citizen / J. K.

Illustration shows a female figure holding a "Civic Crown" over the head of Peter Cooper; she is also holding a ledger that states "Peter Cooper died April 4th 1883 Age 92". Among the books and papers at the bo... more

Ireland's evil genius / F. Graetz.

Illustration shows "Britannia" standing on the left, holding "Concessions to Ireland" and "Hibernia" standing on the right in a militant pose; between them is a nasty looking man with two "Dynamite" bombs slung... more

"Me and Jack" / Gillam after a popular print.

Illustration shows James G. Blaine wearing shorts, sitting on a board extending over a pond with John A. Logan, as a dog, sitting next to him; a can labeled "Pro-Slavery" is tied to the dog's tail and there is ... more

Out of a job once more! / F. Graetz.

Illustration shows the entrance to the "Republican Headquarter" with a foot extending out the door, having given the boot to a barrel dressed as a cleric labeled "Clerical Slanders", a bag labeled "British Gold... more

"What are the wild waves saying, sister?" / Gillam.

Illustration shows James G. Blaine, dressed like a farmer with a patch labeled "Vindication" on his pants, standing next to John A. Logan who is dressed as a girl; they are on a beach looking out to sea, watchi... more

They can not stop the wheel / F. Opper.

Illustration shows John Kelly and Benjamin F. Butler struggling against a waterwheel labeled "Cleveland Boom" driven by rushing water from a trough labeled "Popular Enthusiasm" in a millrace outside a "Reform Mill".

Puck's hint for "hospital sunday" / J. Keppler.

Illustration shows a female figure labeled "Charity" holding a bouquet of flowers and standing next to a young boy with crutchers and a bandaged foot; Puck, holding a lithographic pen, gestures toward viewers t... more

The only source from which he gets absolution / J. Keppler.

Illustration shows Whitelaw Reid, as a bishop, absolving James G. Blaine, who is kneeling on a long list of scandals, at a confessional labeled "Tribune Sanctum". Includes a statement published in the "N.Y. Tri... more

Blaine's letter of acceptance / F. Opper.

Illustration shows James G. Blaine, startled, looking out a window in a building labeled "Star-Routers' Head-Quarters", watching as Puck, standing on a ladder labeled "Public Approval", nails a letter labeled "... more

Tammany throws away its "butt", and the monopoly bootblack picks it up / F. Opper.

Illustration shows Benjamin F. Butler as a shoe shiner with his kit, stooping to pick up a smoldering cigar butt labeled "Grady" that John Kelly, on the left, has discarded; they are on a sidewalk in front of t... more

A Wall Street cleaner / J. Keppler.

Illustration shows a woman labeled "Legitimate Business" cracking a whip that spells "Crash", driving a two-wheeled cart drawn by two horses with a large brush labeled "No Over-Certification Clearing House" att... more

The "early-and-often" voter preferred / F. Opper.

Illustration shows New York City Mayor Franklin Edson with his arm around an office seeker holding a paper that states "Application for Office - New York Ward Worker", while gesturing toward another office seek... more

Once the senatorial Apollo - now the court-jester / F. Opper.

Illustration shows Roscoe Conkling and a court jester during proceedings in "Surrogate's Court - Hort Will Case"; papers extending from his pocket state "There's Millions in it" and "Fee".