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President Grover Cleveland

Stephen Grover Cleveland (March 18, 1837 – June 24, 1908) was an American politician and lawyer who served as the 22nd and 24th President of the United States. He was the first Democrat elected after the Civil War in 1885. Grover Cleveland was the only President to leave the White House and return for a second term four years later. He is the only President in American history to serve two non-consecutive terms in office.
Cleveland was the leader of the pro-business Democrats who opposed high tariffs, Free Silver, inflation, imperialism, and subsidies to business, farmers, or veterans. His will for political reform and fiscal conservatism made him an icon for American conservatives of the era. Cleveland won praise for his honesty, self-reliance, integrity, and commitment to the principles of classical liberalism.
As his second administration began, disaster hit the nation when the Panic of 1893 produced a severe national depression, which Cleveland was unable to reverse.
"The United States is not a nation to which peace is a necessity."
For President, Grover Cleveland, for Vice-President, Adlai E. Stevenson
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Grover Cleveland

Print shows Grover Cleveland, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing right, in oval.

"Evacuation day" March 4th, 1885 - a Democratic dream / Gillam.

Print shows the Republican Party, laying down their arms, lead by Chester A. Arthur, with George M. Robeson, James G. Blaine, Roscoe Conkling, Whitelaw Reid, Carl Schurz, John Sherman, Charles J. Folger, Robert... more

A new way of "waking" the Democratic shaughraun / Gillam.

Print shows a small, rustic room crowded with members of the Democratic Party, some dressed as old women, others drinking and smoking clay pipes; one man, the "Shaughraun" labeled "Democratic Party" is lying on... more

Overtraining young horses / Gillam.

Illustration shows a horse labeled "Butlers Policy" ridden by Benjamin F. Butler is kicking up its rear legs startling a horse labeled "Clevelands Policy" ridden by Grover Cleveland at the "Presidential Race-Co... more

Our national dog-show / Gillam.

Illustration shows a dog show where a variety of breeds are competing; in the upper left corner, labeled the "Judges' Stand" are several newspaper editors, among them are James Gordon Bennett, Whitelaw Reid, Mu... more

The political Sam'ls of Posen / Gillam.

Print shows a large group of political peddlers trying to sell their goods to Columbia as mistress of the house. Among those shown are Samuel J. Tilden selling "Tribulation Toys", Benjamin F. Butler with "Elast... more

The Democratic smithy - odd shoes for the mule / Gillam.

Illustration shows the interior of a blacksmith's shop where Samuel Randall, Abram Hewitt, and Benjamin Butler are putting oversized shoes labeled "Protection, Free Trade, [and] Incidental Tariff" on a mule lab... more

Let the political army have new drums also! / Gillam.

Illustration shows Ulysses S. Grant with his "Grant Boom" band comprised of Samuel J. Tilden, Lucius Q.C. Lamar, Roscoe Conkling, William W. Phelps, David Davis, James D. Cameron, John Sherman, James G. Blaine,... more

Who killed Hancock? / Gillam.

Print shows the ghost of Winfield Scott Hancock sitting on a throne in a banquet hall, Samuel J. Tilden pushes a frightened Charles A. Dana, as Macbeth, toward Hancock, Dana makes wild statements while waving a... more

William Tell Cleveland will not bow to the hat / Gillam.

Illustration shows Grover Cleveland, as William Tell, holding the hand of Franklin Edson, as his son, striding past a hat labeled "Tammany" perched atop a stick labeled "Ignorant Voters" around which Samuel S. ... more

"The Mulligan guard lies, but - surrenders" / J. Keppler.

Illustration shows an explosion at the "Claim Agency, Formerly Republican Head Quarters" with William M. Evarts peeking through the opening in the tent to survey the damage; several small kiosks labeled "Machin... more

A moment of anxiety - who is going to get left? / Gillam.

Illustration shows President Cleveland as Santa Claus standing in front of a fireplace where stockings are hung from the mantle; he has a large sack of toys labeled "Navy, Treasury, Interior, Justice, State, [a... more

A lenten dream / J. Keppler.

Illustration shows a mermaid labeled "Presidency" swimming in water with a clear view of the fish that are attracted to her. Depicted are David Davis, Grover Cleveland, Joseph E. McDonald, Benjamin F. Butler, R... more

Those dogs won't fight - they are dying of starvation / F. Graetz.

Illustration shows Charles A. Dana, editor of the "Sun", and Stephen B. Elkins, wearing a plumed hat, attempting to push an emaciated dog labeled "Clerical Slanderer" up steps leading to where Grover Cleveland ... more

Made harmless at last! / F. Graetz.

Illustration shows the Tammany Tiger with the face of John Kelly, sitting in a chair labeled "Board of Aldermen" and slumped over a table, weeping on a sheet of paper that states "News from Albany - Power of Su... more

Grover Cleveland

Print shows Grover Cleveland, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing left.

Crowding the cabinet-making business / J. Keppler.

Illustration shows newspaper editors James Gordon "Bennett" holding up a bust of Roscoe Conkling labeled "Sect. Interior" and a tray labeled "Bennett's Beauties" at his feet; Whitelaw "Reid" holding a tray labe... more

The contest of beauty / J. Keppler.

Illustration shows a beauty contest where "First Prize" is the "Presidency". The presidential candidates, all dressed as women, are sitting on raised platforms around which men have gathered to admire their bea... more

A flag the Independents will fight under / J. Keppler.

Illustration shows the Puck figure for the "Independent" party standing on a raised platform, hoisting a flag that states "For President G. Cleveland" showing a portrait of Grover Cleveland, and a female figure... more

A preliminary set-to / Gillam.

Illustration shows James G. Blaine badly bruised after boxing a round against the "Ohio Secretary of State" who is slumped against the ropes; William W. Phelps and Whitelaw Reid attempt to revive Blaine with a ... more

The end of the republican party After "The Destruction of Jerusalem" by Kaulbach.

After a large painting by Wilhelm von Kaulbach showing the "destruction of Jerusalem", this print shows the demise of the Republican Party with various Republicans, Mugwumps, Democrats, and allegorical figures,... more

Why they dislike him -- he will not prove himself a cat's-paw in the enterprise / Gillam.

Illustration shows Grover Cleveland as a lion with his paw on a monkey labeled "T. Grady" on top of a rock labeled "Civil Service Reform" near a small fire in which are roasting chestnuts labeled "City Spoils, ... more

The political Courtney / Gillam.

Illustration shows a scene at a boathouse where an exhausted James G. Blaine, suffering from "Guano Gout", is being attended to by Jay Gould, Whitelaw Reid, George M. Robeson, William W. Phelps, and Stephen B. ... more

New York. Grand ovation to Governor Cleveland in the city of Buffalo, October 2d. Scene on Main Street / From sketches by C. Upham.

Parade for Governor Cleveland on his visit to Buffalo, New York, crowd along street and fireworks.

"A unit" / F. Opper.

Illustration shows Grover Cleveland shaking hands with Puck's figure for the Independent Party labeled "Independent Voter"; behind them are bell tents with banners labeled "Reform". In the lower left corner is ... more

Thanksgiving day, 1884 - "let us be thankful!" / Gillam.

Illustration shows a glum Thanksgiving Day feast with the downtrodden Republican presidential candidate James G. Blaine and his supporters "W.W. Phelps, [Roscoe Conkling at an open door], William Mahone, Cabot ... more

[Grover Cleveland for president campaign memorabilia fragment]

Print fragment shows a portrait of Andrew Jackson, a tree, and a harp with a banner above stating "Jacks[...]berty" and text below stating "For President of the United States. Grover Cleveland."

The new Democratic eucalyptus tree purifies a political morass / J. Keppler.

Illustration shows Grover Cleveland as a large tree labeled "Eucalyptus Clevelandus" with roots labeled "Honor" and "Honesty", and branches that spread over swamp land from which rise gaseous ghosts labeled "St... more

The opening of the "aggressive" campaign / J.K.

Illustration shows Whitelaw Reid, in the dark shadows of a street, pouring alcohol from a large jug labeled "Tribune Tonic Crooked Campaign Brand" into the open mouth of an Irish man wearing a plumed hat, a cap... more

Out of the frying-pan into the fire / Gillam.

Illustration shows James G. Blaine trying to climb over a wall labeled "National Garden Post No Bills" and "No Admittance to Lobbyists, Jobbers & Other Objectionable Characters"; he is carrying a bag over his s... more

Richelieu's defiance / Gillam.

Illustration shows President Cleveland as Cardinal Richelieu embracing a young woman labeled "Civil Service" as he is confronted by a group of courtiers labeled "Manning, Barnum, C.S. Blackburn, [and] Hendricks... more

The issue / Gillam.

Illustration shows John Kelly holding a shillelagh in one hand and a rope tied to an injured tiger labeled "Tammany" with bandages labeled "1880, 1882, [and] 1884" in the other, standing outside the "White Hous... more

A civil service reform version of an old fable / Gillam.

Illustration shows Grover Cleveland as a shepherd standing among his flock labeled "Treasury, Supreme Bench, Office, [and] Post Office", telling a well-dressed wolf, who has a piece of paper in his pocket label... more

The administration's hardest job / J. Keppler.

Illustration shows President Cleveland and his cabinet officers struggling to push and pull the Democratic donkey labeled "Bourbon Democracy" into a stable labeled "Reform Stables"; on the donkey's hooves, acti... more

"To begin with, 'I'll paint the town red'" / Hamilton.

Cartoon showing "Democracy" portrayed as the devil holding a bucket labeled "Bourbon Principles" and a paintbrush (in which appears a profile caricature of Grover Cleveland), both dripping red paint with which ... more

The resistless march of reform - the "hostiles" must go! / F. Opper.

Illustration shows a large group of politicians, newspaper editors, Tammany Hall bosses, and others, dressed as Native Americans, one carrying a banner that shows a crude drawing of the Tammany(?) tiger labeled... more

Consistent civil service reform / F. Opper.

Illustration shows President Cleveland handing a paper that states "Re-appointment for Honesty and Efficiency" to Henry G. Pearson for his appointment as Postmaster in New York. Pearson is carrying a box labele... more

The carol of the "waits" / J. Keppler.

Illustration shows a group of office seekers labeled "McLean, Pulitzer, Dorsheimer, Blackburn, McLaughlin, Hill, [and] Dana" singing Christmas carols outside the "White House" where President Cleveland is visib... more

The rehabilitation of the Democratic party / Gillam.

Illustration shows a scene inside "Cleveland's Clothing Establishment" where President Cleveland and Thomas F. Bayard are fitting a man labeled "Reform Democracy" with the "Thos. Jefferson Pattern", while cabin... more

Our good ship "National Credit" in danger from a silver-spout / G & Z.

Illustration shows the bow of a ship approaching a waterspout labeled "80ct $" and "$2,000,000 a Month", and a shark labeled "Panic"; along the side of the ship are President Cleveland as captain, and several m... more

Two political paths / J. Keppler.

Illustration shows "Evarts, Reid, Robeson, Logan, [and] Blaine" and William W. Phelps standing on the remains of a bridge "Washed Away by the Freshet of Nov. 1884" labeled "Partisan Civil Service" and finding i... more

No welcome for the little stranger / Zimmerman.

Illustration shows at center Grover Cleveland holding an infant labeled "Civil Service Reform", they are surrounded by a bunch of angry old men as orphans labeled "Hube Thompson, Eddie Hedden, Davy Hill, Hugh, ... more

A petty annoyance / Zimmerman.

Illustration shows President Cleveland walking down a path toward a building flying a banner labeled "Non-Partisan Government"; a diminutive Thomas A. Hendricks, Vice President, is tugging on Cleveland's coatta... more

Harmony and envy / K. after Garnier's "Jour de Fête."

Illustration shows a street scene with three monks, Whitelaw Reid, James G. Blaine, and John Logan, walking a few steps ahead of a band of merry revelers composed of Puck, Puck's figure for the "Independent" pa... more

The new leader and the old chorus / Gillam.

Illustration shows John Logan labeled "New Leader" of the Republican Party, the "party of Reform and Puritee", holding a paper that states "Logan Speec[h] at Boston July 1885", standing in the street between th... more

"Speak out" N.Y. Herald

President-elect Grover Cleveland holds a telephone receiver to his ear. Behind him on the wall is a portrait of President Chester A. Arthur captioned, "Pres. of U.S. till March 4, 1885."

Thanksgiving day, 1885 / J. Keppler.

Illustration shows President Cleveland standing at the head of a table with his cabinet officers around the table at placemats labeled "Bayard, Manning, Garland, Whitney, Lamar, Endicott, [and] Vilas" as Puck d... more

The good samaritan / Gillam.

Illustration shows Rutherford B. Hayes, Chester A. Arthur, and Grover Cleveland as pilgrims on a journey through rugged Middle Eastern landscape; leading the way is Hayes, holding a paper that states "Patronage... more

Foes in his path - the herculean task before our next president / Gillam.

Illustration shows Grover Cleveland as Hercules carrying a large club labeled "Honest Legislation", encountering a group of troublemakers along the "Administration Road" to "Success" seen in the distant backgro... more

Cleveland's entry into Washington - March 4th. 1885 / J. Keppler.

Illustration shows Grover Cleveland riding the Democratic donkey past the "Republican R.R.R. Hotel" on the way to his inauguration; he is surrounded by a host of characters that includes many political figures ... more

Gulliver-Cleveland takes possession of the enemy's fleet and deprives them of their strength / Gillam.

Illustration shows President Cleveland as Gulliver with a rope labeled "Good Policy" tied to the ships of the "Republican Party" and pulling them toward the opposite shore where a group of men, among them Ambas... more

Our government farm -- President Cleveland finds an effectual protection against the twenty-five-year locusts / Zimmerman.

Illustration shows President Cleveland stands directly behind a wall of flames labeled "Civil Service Reform"; behind him, working on the "Government Farm" are members of his cabinet, William C. Endicott with a... more

No barrel, no loaves ; The country backs you, Mr. President! / Th. Nast.

Two cartoons: "No barrel, no loaves", showing chef standing by Tammany range; and "The country backs you, Mr. President!", showing woman, representing the people of the United States, standing by Grover Clevel... more

"Who dares give battle with me?"

Cartoon showing Grover Cleveland dressed as a gladiator holding sword and shield.

A hard job with the hogs / Gillam.

Illustration shows President Cleveland as a pig farmer getting tangled in leashes attached to the hind legs of several hogs, each with a distinctive brand, labeled "Hugh McLaughlin, H.O. Thompson, Higgins, Beat... more

Compulsory baptism / Gillam after a painting.

Illustration shows President Cleveland as Ferdinand V, sitting on a throne, observing as civil service office seekers are baptized at the font of "Civil Service Reform". Among those depicted are Thomas Hendrick... more

Columbus Cleveland and his mutinous crew - "This ship shall not turn back!" / Gillam.

Illustration shows Grover Cleveland as Christopher Columbus holding a map labeled "Route to Reform", aboard ship surrounded by mutinous sailors labeled "Bayard, Whitney, Eustis, Sterling, Hedden, Pulitzer, Blac... more

President Cleveland and his cabinet / J. Keppler.

Illustration shows President Cleveland sitting at a desk between his cabinet members, from the left, "W.C. Whitney, Secretary of the Navy, Daniel Manning, Secretary of the Treasury, A.H. Garland, Attorney-Gener... more

A new declaration of independence in the year 1885 / Gillam.

Illustration shows President Cleveland standing at a table, his right hand on a long document labeled "Declaration of Independence July 4th 1885" that trails off the table, stating "When, in the course of human... more

Puck's notion of the kind of fancy-dress charity ball that would be a real, solid financial success / J. Keppler.

Illustration shows a costume ball with a band of newspaper editors labeled "Herald, Sun, Staats-Zeitung, World, Times, [and] Evening Post" conducted by Puck; among those present are James G. Blaine, Whitelaw Re... more

The old and the new year / J. Keppler.

Illustration shows Father Time presenting the new year labeled "1886" to Puck standing in the foreground, holding his lithographic pencil; behind him are scenes of events from 1885, such as President Cleveland'... more

Echoes from Governor Hill's message / J.A. Wales.

Illustration shows a large parrot, David B. Hill, perched on a stand next to President Cleveland's desk, filling the air with it's cry "A Public Office is a Public Trust", repeating a statement once made by Cle... more

"Two hearts that beat as one." President Cleveland. President Cleveland's bride

Photograph showing President Grover Cleveland and his wife each inside heart shaped cut-outs.

[An exacting housekeeper]

President Grover Cleveland busily sweeps dirt from the front door of the White House. His back is turned toward an angry Columbia, who castigates him for ignoring a garland labeled "Stock Tele[-]" lying beneat... more

The President's wedding / [drawn] by T. de Thulstrup.

Marriage of Grover Cleveland and Frances Folsom.

The Administration sawmill / J. Keppler.

Illustration shows President Cleveland standing next to a large "Reform Buzz-Saw" labeled "Pat. 1884 by G. Cleveland" at a sawmill, where three members of his cabinet "Manning, Whitney, [and] Bayard" are millin... more

The difference between trimming a hedge and cutting it down Uncle Sam, "Now don't come around tellin' me that story about cuttin' down the hedge and bein' eat up by the free-trade b'ars" / / W.A. Rogers.

Political cartoon showing Thomas Brackett Reed as a boy, crying to Uncle Sam, with another boy pulling small wagon "pig iron, Kelley," while President Grover Cleveland trims "tariff, the protection hedge" to re... more

President Grover Cleveland / C.M. Bell, Washington, D.C.

Grover Cleveland, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing left.

The regular Democratic nominations For President, Grover Cleveland of New York. For Vice Pres't, Allen G. Thurman of Ohio.

Head-and-shoulders portraits of Grover Cleveland and Allen G. Thurman, and eagle over U.S. Capitol.

Grover Cleveland, Pres. U.S.

Half lgth., facing right.

The greatest race of the yachting season / Dalrymple.

Print shows President Cleveland at the helm labeled "Congress" of a yacht labeled "Repeal" in a race against British Prime Minister William E. Gladstone who is holding an oar labeled "House of Commons Majority"... more