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Aviation before the WWI

Flying Things 1890-1913Created by: PICRYLDated: 1912
Mrs. G. Curtiss
Glass negatives of everything that was flying between 1890 and 1913.
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A.F. Bergqvist - aerial vessel Patented Oct. 17, 1893.

A.F. Bergqvist - aerial vessel Patented Oct. 17, 1893.

Design drawing for a flying machine invented and patented by A.F. Bergqvist. Pat. no. 506,969. Sheet 1 of 3. Fig. 1. Forms part of: Gilbert H. Grosvenor Collection of Photographs of the Alexander Graham Bell Fa... More

Bleriot-Latham monoplane, in flight
Patten & Lieut. Webb
Passengers in Cooley airship
North, Stanton
Count Erich v. Zeppelin
Curtiss flight Albany to New York
L.J. Bergdoll's aeroplane in hangar
Stratton and Norris in plane
NC-4 being towed -- Ponta Delgado
Farman & wife
Frank Stanton
Harmon in aeroplane
Hamilton flying
J.C. Mars in Curtiss Aeroplane
E. Wilmot, J. Gray, D.M. McBeath, and Bonnard
Cleo Mayfield
Bleriot monoplane
Blimp over police games
Bleriot, tent
Garros in "Demoiselle"
Benjamin Foulois, Army Corps Captain (?) in front of sea plane
Martin Bomber
Sundstedt plane
At Nice, Chaues machine after the accident. Two men at the left are photographing the scene.
Clifford B. Harmon
Bleriot aeroplane
Berliner Helicopter
Bliven's airship (blueprint)
Aviators, Mineola
Capt. T.S. Baldwin flying
Graham White's [i.e., Claude Grahame-White's] aeroplane
Brookins flying
Paulham's aeroplane
Ely flying
Clement-Bayard dirigible in shed, France
4th July
Twining ornithopter, flying machine with bird-like wings
Deck of "Pennsylvania" showing Curtiss biplane
Capt. C.C. Wyllie
NC-3 at Horta
Mascot cat "Spark Plug" [on plane]
Lt. H.K. Bulkley  [plane]
Aviators practicing telegraphy
Barling bomber
Capt. Thomas S. Baldwin
Man posing next to propeller of Wellman air ship, Spitzbergen
Naval Aviation
Clement-Bayard after collapse & fall
Mars. Aeroplane.
Aviators on Cunard Pier
Fusilage of NC-1
Paulhan in aeroplane greets his wife in a balloon, both in flight
Prince Henry of Prussia, Aug. Euler
Blimp, Zeppelin No. 3, in ground shed
Patient on stretcher on army "Hospital Ship"
Cosulich plane -- Marquis Centurione & parents
Lt. W.D. Coney & Spec. DH - 4B Army plane
Rohlfs & his Curtiss "Wasp"
Mille. Dutrieux
Drexel, Latham, Brookins, White
Front view of frame of Cooley dirigible
Count Zeppelin
At Nice, dragging aeroplane of Rawlinson from the sea
Paulhan and Hamilton aeroplanes in flight, Los Angeles
Lts.: Royer & Lersch
Latham aeroplane, on flying field
Lesh trying his aeroplane, pulled by an auto
Lieut. Madon
Geo. S. Russell
Aeroplane Bousson Borguis [driven by Paul Borguis]
Danish Passenger Ship
W.E. Kline & Lt. B.W. Maynard
C.B. Harmon
Chinese army balloon
Jap[anese] army aviators flew 2800 kilo to Choshun
J.C. Mars and Tom Sharkey
H. Latham
Norge Leaving Hanger (blimp)
Delagrange in his aeroplane
Changing propellers -- NC-3
Coming ashore from naval plane
British kite balloon
Zeppelin airship for passengers
Bleriot's Accident at Reims
Official emblem on Army plane
W.E. Kline, "Trixie" (dog) & Lt. B.W. Maynard
R-34 (blimp)
Wrights new machine
NC Type (No. 1)

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