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Olde Nantucket. Nantucket Historical Association.

The mission of the Nantucket Historical Association is to preserve and interpret the history of Nantucket Island and foster an appreciation of its historic significance. We maintain over 20 historic sites, including the Nantucket Whaling Museum.
The Nantucket Historical Association Research Library is a special collections repository of primary resources focusing on Nantucket history. Our collections contain more than 5,000 volumes and 50,000 photographs, as well as archival documents such as ship's logs, account books, family papers, and scrapbooks.
Iced in Steamer
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Wading Women

Two women in waders from the rear, c. 1900s...Image number: A31-14a

Poet's Corner

Elisha Pope Fearing Gardner, standing in front of Poet's Corner, c. 1900s...Image number: MS35-13-2


George Winslow, blacksmith, at work in his shop. He is holding a pipe and wearing a serious beard...Image number: GPN4331

Bon Ton Fish Market

"Bon-Ton Fish Market John P. Taber Proprietor"..Image number: P22077


The Masonic block on Main Street. The first floor is Buttner's store, selling clothing, notions, and dry goods. The second floor houses the Union Lodge hall. 1968..Image number: P12154

Cape Verdean Picnic

A group of Cape Verdeans enjoying a picnic...Image number: SC72

Cyclists on Easton St.

Bicyclists enjoying the island, 1893...Image number: P7130

No 1 Nantucket New South Shoal Lightship

Nantucket New South Shoal Lightship No. 11 was on station from 1854 to 1855; No. 1 from 1856 to 1892; No. 54 from 1892 to 1894; No. 5 from 1894 to 1896. New South Shoal lies 20 miles south of Nantucket...Image ... more

River Queen and Island Home at Steamboat Wharf, 1870s

Image of the River Queen and steamer Island Home at Steamboat Wharf, Nantucket ,1870s..Image number: SC459

Rooftop view, 1870s

View from rooftop of building on Main Street looking over Federal Street, northeast toward the harbor and Brant Point. The Nantucket Atheneum is on the left. Photo by J. Freeman, c. 1870s...Image number: P6440

Capt. Joseph Winslow

Capt. Joseph Winslow in front of the Surfside Lifesaving Station, dressed in lifesaving suit. Francis Life Car in background, c. 1870s...Winslow was the first keeper at Surfside Station, serving from 1874 to 18... more

Surfside Lifesaving Station

Probably shortly after the station opened in 1874, before uniforms were required. ..Image number: P4531

Surfside Lifesaving Station

Surfside lifesaving station. Note the Francis Metallic Life-Car on the boat ramp. Photo by J. Freeman, c. 1878...Image number: P4534

La Petite Cottage

Interior of "La Petite Cottage: Dry and Fancy Goods and Wyer's View & Souvenirs." in Siasconset. c 1880s..Image numbers: GPN4352

Mary Nye Shop, 1880s

Interior, Mary Nye shop on "Petticoat Row" showing three women sitting in shop with souvenirs, andirons, china, etc. Photo by Henry S. Wyer, c. 1880s...In the early and middle years of the 19th centur... more

Platt's Views

Photographer Harry Platt, Nantucket photographer, standing in the doorway of his store, most likely on Centre Street, c. 1880s...Image number: P14431

Mary H. Nye, Dry and Fancy Goods Shop

View of the Mary H. Nye, Dry and Fancy Goods shop, on Centre Street, with Mary posed in the doorway, c. 1880s...In the early and middle years of the 19th century, the preponderance of women merchants, selling e... more

Petticoat Row Shop, c. 1880s

Interior of a Petticoat Row shop, with three shop keepers standing below a large Bric-A-Brac sign. The shop offers general household goods. Note the Nantucket baskets on the left. c. 1880s..In the early and mid... more

Tower Views, c. 1880s.

Tower view from the Unitarian Church, looking south..On the left is Orange Street, right is Fair Street and the Old Mill, c. 1880s...Image number: GPN4252

Leaning against a dory, c. 1880s

View of three women and four children at the beach,.sitting and leaning on a dory. Beach unknown. c. 1880s...Image number: F4802

India House

A yard filled with diversions, c. 1880s...Image number: GPN3903

Surfside Lifesaving Station

Lifesaving crew, c. 1880s. This station was built in 1874 and closed in 1921...Image number: P16232

Covic & Pease, Main Street

Covic & Pease's grocery store on Main Street, c. 1890s..Image number: F700

Nantucket Employment Society

Nantucket Employment Society, 50 Main Street, c. 1890s..Image number: GPN2077

Kenney's Choice Groceries & Fruit, Fishermen's, Gunners' & Yacht Supplies

Kenney's grocery on the south side of Main Street, c. 1890s..Image number: F6523

Folger Block

The Folger Block, 60 Main Street, with Bezazian Brothers Oriental Rugs, c. 1890s..Image number: GPN2079

Main Street, c. 1890s

North side of Main Street. Businesses in the background are the Covic & Pease Fruits; F.J. Crosby, First Class Groceries & Table Supplies; Troy Laundry; and the Hatch & Co. Express Office...Image nu... more

The Boston Store

The Boston Store, at 54 Main Street, offering dry and fancy goods for sale, with a group of women and two children posed in front. Most likely, several of the women are employees of the store. Note the Nantucke... more

Sankaty Head Lighthouse

Sankaty Light was a popular destination for island visitors. 1890s, photo by Harry Platt...Image number: PH34-3

Umbrellas at Jetties Beach, c. 1890s

A large crowd at Jetties beach, both spectators and swimmers. Many umbrellas are in view and one carriage is parked on the beach. c. 1890s...Image number: GPN4279

Jetties Beach, c. 1890s

Cyanotype of crowd at Jetties Beach. c. 1890s...Image number: P10301

Sconset Gully, Cary's Fish House

Two men, seated outside a shanty in Codfish Park, one is playing the banjo, and the other the fiddle, c. 1890s...Image number: GPN4062

`Sconset Baseball Club

Baseball players, 1890s..Image number: P1669

Steamship Island Home Stuck in the Ice

Steamship Island Home stuck in the ice. A dory is being hauled towards the steamer, to transport freight back to shore, 1893...Image number: F3059

Dry Goods Store

62 Main Street, 1895..Image number: GPN4492

Brant Point Lighthouse, black

The eight Brant Point Lighthouse was built in 1856 and was painted white around 1895. Photo by J. Freeman, probably taken in the 1880s...Image number: P6409

Beer, Ale, Light Wines & Cigars

Looking south on South Water Street from the intersection of Cambridge Street, c. 1900s...Image number: F3019a

33 Main Street

The shop at the 33 Main Street, decorated with bunting and flags...Image number: GPN2447

Siasconset Central Market

Maria T. Folger Holden, seated at her desk in the Siasconset Central Market, September 1900...Image number: GPN4024

Patrician Specialty Shoppe

View of the store window of the Patrician Specialty Shoppe on Petticoat Row, Centre Street, c. 1900s...Image number: GPN3179

Bathing Beauties at Jetties Beach, c. 1900s

Group of four women and one man in bathing costumes, at Jetties Beach. c. 1900s.

Easy Street, c. 1900.

Old North Wharf, Steamboat Wharf, and the Brant Point area. Note the railroad station on Steamboat Wharf. Taken between 1896 and 1901...Image number: P16334

Line of Taxis, c. 1900s

Horse-drawn taxis and train at Steamboat Wharf, c. 1900s...Image number: F706

Lifesaving Drill

U.S. Lifesaving Service crew on drill, c. 1900s...Image number: P16214

Clinton Folger's "Horsemobile"

Clinton Folger's "Horsemobile" delivering mail, on South Beach Street, at Hayden's Bath House entrance...For nearly twenty years, from 1900 to 1918, Nantucket was the only place in the nation that suc... more

Crowd at Jetties Beach, c. 1900s

Crowds at Jetties Beach, with a few people in bathing costumes. Note the baby carriage in the center of the image. c. 1900s...Image number: P3498

Tourist Baggage, c. 1900s

The Steamboat Wharf baggage shed, with a large crowd milling through numerous trunks, c. 1900s...Image number: F6490

Bicyclist on Adam's Slip

A young woman with a bicycle on Adam's Slip, off Steamboat Wharf, c. 1900s. ..Image number: F6497

Siasconset Casino

View of the Siasconset Casino tennis courts with many spectators watching the games, c. 1900s...Image number: p9353

Jetties Beach, 1900s

Jetties Beach with a crowd onshore and in the water. Photographer: Henry S. Wyer. c. 1900s...Image number: P15979

Brant Point Lighthouse, white

The eight Brant Point Lighthouse was built in 1856 and was painted white around 1895. This photo was probably taken between 1895 and 1901...Image number: PH34-12

Muskeget lifesaving crew

Lifesavers pulling in a boat, c. 1900s...Image number: P16266

Brant Point Lighthouse, white

The eight Brant Point Lighthouse was built in 1856 and was painted white around 1895. This photo was probably taken between 1895 and 1901...Image number: P11713

Tennis players

Seven girls, ready to play tennis or badminton, probably in Siasconset...Image number: P12595

Red Rover?, c. 1900s

Boys and young men in the water at Jetties Beach. c. 1900s...Image number: F13

Tower View, 1900s

Looking northwest from the Unitarian Church, also known as the south tower. Main Street runs through the center of the image. The large building on the left is the Atlantic Hall. Academy Hill school is in the b... more

Nantucket Railroad, c. 1900s

Nantucket Railroad; train leaving for Siasconset on Easy Street. ..Image number: F614

Nantucket Railroad Engine "No 1", 1901

Nantucket Railroad Engine "No 1", leaving Steamboat Wharf via Easy Street on its first run on July 5, 1901, bedecked with flags for Independence Day.. .Image number: GPN3921

Nantucket Shoals Lightship no. 66

1904, photo Alanson S. Barney...Lightships were "floating lighthouses." Between 1820 and 1983, 116 lightships were established by the U.S. Government...Image number: P14137

Family at Jetties Beach, 1906

A group of people at Jetties Beach, some in bathing suits. Label states: "Mother in the black suit with white collar, and her sister, Aunt Fan, in all white dress. Fat Aunt Fan never appeared in a bathing ... more

Surfside Lifesaving Station

1906..Image number: A11-32

Central Market, Siasconset

The Central Market on Broadway in Siasconset, 1907..Image number: GPN4165

Monument Square Grocery

The Monument Square Grocery, 106 Main Street, Whittemore Gardner, proprietor, and delivery wagon, c. 1910s...Image number: GPN4019

Congdon's Pharmacy, c. 1910s

Interior view of Congdon's Pharmacy, showing the soda fountain, employees, and a patron. c. 1910s..Image number: F6811

Siasconset Book Store

Siasconset Book Store at Post Office Square in Sconset, c. 1910s...Image number: F6655

Congdon's Pharmacy

Interior view of Congdon's Pharmacy, showing the soda fountain, employees, and a patron, c. 1910s..Image number: F6811

Captain Albert Rohdin

Life Saving Captain Albert Rohdin, of the Muskeget Station, 1910. Rohdin was reassigned to the Surfside Lifesaving Station in 1915, where he would serve until it closed in 1921; he was then reassigned to Coskat... more

The Bug and the Birdcage

The Bug and the Birdcage. From 1907 until 1913 a tiny gasoline-powered car and its companion baggage car (affectionately known as the "Bug" and "Birdcage," respectively) plied the rails to '... more

Surfside Life Saving Station

The Surfside Life Saving Station, with two boats on wheeled cradles, c. 1910s...Image number: P16233

Muskeget Lifesaving Crew

Lifesaving station captain and crew from Muskeget, with some of their equipment. Includes Capt. Albert Rohdin (d. 1935), standing second from right is Arthur P. Dunham; far right standing is Erastus Chapel; sit... more

The Bug and the Birdcage

The Bug and the Birdcage. Two railroad cars with passengers, stopped at the head of North Wharf on Easy Street. ..From 1907 until 1913 a tiny gasoline-powered car and its companion baggage car (affectionately k... more

New Railroad Cars, c. 1910s

Nantucket railroad: arrival of new cars. Arrival and unloading of the the new railroad cars, watched by a large crowd, c. 1910s...Image number: F1376

Sleigh on Main Street

View of a horse drawn sleigh, pulled by two horses, stopped at Main and Federal Streets, 1911...Image number: F4306

Iced in Steamer

Steamer Nantucket in ice off Brant Point in February.1912...Image number: P16109

"Motor Vehicles are Excluded from this Street," 1913

Orison Hull (left) and Joseph Terry posting an automobile exclusion notice on a tree at the corner of Federal and Broad Streets. The notice reads: Motor vehicles are excluded from this street, 1913...Image number: P14804

Ye Olde Curiosity Shop

Ye Olde Curiosity Shop at 9 Pearl Street, 1914...Image number: A69-16

Henry Todd's Ice Cream and Confectionery

Henry Todd's Ice Cream and Confectionery store,.formerly located at 3 Lower Pearl Street, 1914. The Nantucket Atheneum is on the left...Image number: F6264

Tower View, 1915

View from the Unitarian Church tower overlooking Old North Wharf, Steamboat Wharf and Brant Point. Note the end of the railroad tracks on Steamboat Wharf, left center. Several houses on the Easton Street shore ... more

Sunday School Picnic Ladies

Close up of five women at the Congregational Church Sunday School Picnic held at the fair grounds. Seated on a bench, l to r: Eunice Brooks, Ann W. Chase, Elizabeth Davis (wife of James), Lydia Bunker Gardner,... more

Muskeget Lifesaving Station

1917..Image number: P16230

Easy Street, 1918

View looking northeast over Easy Street basin shows cars and tracks of the Nantucket Railroad...Elevated view of the Steamship Wharf railroad station, Adam's Slip (right), Brant Point Light, the Coast Guard sta... more

Brant Point Seaplanes, 1918

A crowd gathered at Brant Point to see the first landing of aircraft, two seaplanes. 17 April 1918..Image number: 4286

Mason's Picnic

Masons picnic, man eating melon other watching, 1920s...Image number: P1751

Sunbathers, 1920

Jetties Beach, 20 August 1920. Sunbathers, with a few swimmers and the jetties in the background...Image number: F4673

Siasconset Baseball Team, Jr.

Baseball team of unidentified children, c. 1920s..Image number: A21-7a

Breeches Buoy

Man riding breeches buoy at picnic, 1920s...Image number: P1755

Coffin's Dry Goods

Main Street looking east from Fair Street. Coffin's Dry Goods store in the foreground, 1928...Image number: A71-88

Siasconset Beach House Hotel Staff

Five young women and one young man in bathing suits, summer staff at the Beach House Hotel in Siasconset. 1929...Mabel Peterson Bristol, front center..Image number: P21664

Walter Coffin Hardware, 1930s

Marguerite Jewett Roy and Myrtle Thurston Jewett talking in front of Walter Coffin Hardware...Image number: P19193

Brant Point Lighthouse, c. 1930s

The ninth Brant Point Lighthouse was built in 1901 and remains there today. ..Image number: SC628-8

Cross Rip Lightship

c. 1930s..Image number: P16269

Great Point Lighthouse

Great Point Lighthouse and keeper's house, c. 1930s...The first lighthouse at Great Point was wooden, built in 1784, with Captain Paul Pinkham as the keeper. It burnt down in 1816, and this stone tower was buil... more

Tower view, 1930s

Tower view of downtown Nantucket, 1930s, showing Main Street, the Skipper Restaurant, and Brant Point...Image number: P21975

Picnic, 1931

Group of women on the beach in casual attire having a picnic, summer 1931, third bend on Coatue. ..Left to right: Shirley Carpenter, Nettie Carpenter, Kay Bruce, Kay Davidson; Miss Williams (seated). ..Image nu... more

First Surfboard on Nantucket, 1932.

Constance Viola Greene Haroldson (1906-1996?) posing with a surfboard on Siasconset beach. 1932...Image number: A72-4

Cady's Food Shop, 1933

Walter and Anna Cady behind the counter of their store, Cady's Food Shop at 25 Main Street. Store is decorated with many signs and baked goods are behind the counter. 1933..Image number: SC472

Harvey A. Young's Bicycle Shop

Harvey A. Young's bicycle shop on Broad Street. Pictured from the left are Mr. Haskell, Harvey and Roger Young. The shop sign reads: Harvey A. Young's Bicycle Shop the cycle-logical way to see Nantucket - Renti... more

Flight Students, 1939

A group of women posed around an airplane - summer 1939. Dave Raub's female flight students...Left to right: (standing) Jean Adams Cook (airport manager), Anne Beach, Grace Larkin Coffin, Edith Jenney, Kathryn ... more

Atlantic & Pacific (A&P), c. 1940s

View of the interior of the Atlantic & Pacific market, at 45 Main Street, with manager Melford Small standing by the counter. Note the Christmas decorations. c. 1940s..Image number: F6247

The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co.

The A & P grocery on the north side of Main Street, 1940s...Image number: F1425