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Most Images are from the collection assembled by the New York physician Thomas Addis Emmet (1828-1919)Created by: PICRYLDated: 1800
New York in 1660
The images in this digital presentation offer an extensive array of visual documentation-in portraits, scenes, and views-of the people, places, and events that shaped the new American nation. They represent a holding of 10,240 visual items that is part of even larger collection of some 30,000 items assembled by the New York physician Thomas Addis Emmet (1828-1919), and donated to the Library in 1896 by trustee John Stewart Kennedy. Emmet developed a passionate interest in American history after a boyhood visit to Philadelphia, when he first saw the original Declaration of Independence, and went on to collect, for some fifty years, drawings, engravings, maps, and manuscripts relating to the American Revolution and the early history of the United States.

Like other 19th-century collectors, Emmet presented his pictorial Americana as "extra-illustrations," binding them, in his case, into classic American history texts to illustrate relevant passages and to enrich the texts visually and intellectually. In the same way, he also assembled images and manuscripts to document the published proceedings of the Albany Congress and the Continental Congress.

Other portions of the Emmet Collection not offered in this digital presentation are manuscripts, in the Manuscripts and Archives Division, and maps, in the Map Division.

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Carte de la Nouvelle York : y-compris les terres cédées du N. Hamp-Shire, sous le nom d'etat de Vermont.
A plan of New York Island with part of Long Island, Staten Island & East New Jersey with a particular description of the engagement on the Woody Heights of Long Island, between Flatbush and Brooklyn, on the 27th of August 1776, between his majesty's forces commanded by General Howe and the Americans under Major General Putnam
Attaque de l'armé des provinciauz dans Long Island du 27. Aoust 1776. Dessin de l'Isle de New York et des Etats
Position der Königl; Grosbrittanischen und derer vereinigten provinzial Armée in New York und dem Jerseys in Nord America im Jahr 1780.
A plan of the operations of the King's army : under the command of General Sr. William Howe, K.B. in New York and East New Jersey, against the American forces commanded by General Washington, from the 12th of October, to the 28th of November 1776, wherein is particularly distinguished the engagement on the White Plains, the 28th of October.
[An original sketch by an English officer on board one of Adml. Howe's fleet, while at anchor in the Lower Bay, previous to landing on Long Island at Graves-End.]
An original sketch by an English officer on board of one of Adml. Howe's Fleet while at anchor in New York Harbor, just after the Battle of Long Island
Burns' Coffee House, in which the first non-importation agreement of the colonies was signed on the 31st of October, 1765, by the merchants of the City of New York.
View of New York from the north, 1679.
Battle of Long Island.
Washington Irving, Esq.
Nieu Amsterdam al New York
P. Stuyvesant
George Bancroft
D. T. Valentine
Mansion House (Bunkers) Broadway, New-York
Genl. Hamilton
Peter Stuyvesant and his counsel preparing the charter for the city of New York in 1652
Section of the city wall erected in 1653
View of the site of the present battery in 1656
Gov. Stuyvesant's house, erected 1658, afterwards called The Whitehall
The Stadthuys of New York in 1679 corner of Peal St. and Coentijs Slip
View of New York from the North, 1679
North-eastern view of Provincetown, Mass.
Montauk Point
View of Hell Gate the entrance from Long Island Sound to New York
The flag of the Dutch West India Company
[Charles II.]
Picturesque America - East Hampton, L.I. - view from the church belfry
Plymouth Rock, as it now appears
The West India Company's house, Haarlemmer Straat, Amsterdam
P. Stuyvesant
Landing at Jamestown
One of the oldest houses now standing in New York cor. of Cherry & Roosevelt Sts.
Henri IV
Trenton High Falls
Ferdinand Magellanus
Interview of Hendrick Hudson with the Indians
Arms of Henry Hudson
Hartford, Connecticut
Sa Ga Yeath Qua Pieth Tow King of the Maquas (2nd state)
The eminent burghers Manheers Tenbroek and Hardenbroeck disputing about the plan of the city of New Amsterdam
Nieu Nederlandt
The Governor's House and the church in the fort under the Dutch
A view of Plymouth Fort and St. Nicholas's Island from Mount Edgcumbe
Christofel Colonus
Henry Hudson
Novum Amsterodamum
Witte Corneliz de With Vice Admir: van Hol. en West-F.
Communipaw, New Jersey
Maurice, Prince d'Orange
A view of the Admiralty at Amsterdam, of the store houses, wharfes and docks belonging to it and to the East India Company
Jacob van Heemskerk Admiral
Albany, from Van Unsselaens Island
Old house cor. Peck Slip & Water St.
James I, King of Great Britain, France and Ireland, Defender of the Faith &c.
Gustavus Adolphus
The West India Company's House Haarlemmer Straat Amsterdam
[Hen. C. Murphy?] Minister to the Netherlands
General Gage
Henri VII
Trinity Church as enlarged
[Stuyvesant passing through the streets of N.Y.]
View in New York, 1746
No. 2 Broadway cor. Marketfield St., 1798
Broadway & Grand Street, N.Y. as it appeared about 1818
South St. from Maiden Lane 1828
Jeremias van Rensselaer
Burtus House, corner of Peck Slip & Water Street, in 1867
The De Peyster mansion in Queen Street.
Great seal of the province of New York 1718
Queen Mary
Rt. Rev. Samuel Provoost D.D.
Serenissima Maria D.G. Angliae Scotiae Franciae & Hiberniae Regina &c.
Old Blue-Bell Tavern, Kingsbridge Road
William Penn first proprietor and founder of Pennsylvania
Etow Oh Koam, King of the River Nation (2nd state, trimmed)
William Burnet
Trinity Church west front
James the Second, King of England, Scotlan, France and Ireland &c.
Edward Hyde Lord Cornbury afterw. 3rd Earl of Clarendon
Van Cortlandt Manor-house
Rip Van Dam
Will. Vesey
His royall highness James Duke of York & Albany &c.
Trinity Church, N.Y.
Serenissima Maria Beatrix D.G. Angliae Scotiae Franciae et Hiberniae Regina &c.
Interieur de la ville d'Albany, maison de l'ancien gouverneur hollandais
Pieter Schuyler, first mayor of Albany
Jacques II
General view of Chatham St. 1858 looking down from Chatham Square
The First Presbyterian Church, Wall Street
King James the IId
Guillaume III
The south view of Oswego on Lake Ontario

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